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YouTube Monetization: Techno Gamerz YouTube Income 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 07, 22, updated Jan 17, 24

Gone is when playing video games was strictly for entertainment. These days, you can record and share your gaming skills on YouTube and earn a fortune. A good example is Techno Gamerz. This YouTube channel has over 29 million subscribers, and it's believed to be among the fastest-growing channels in India. In fact, the channel recently crossed the 1 billion views mark.

techno gamerz income ujjwal chaurasia

Now, this begs the query; what is the Techno Gamerz income on YouTube? This article discusses everything you need to know about the young YouTube gamer, from his monthly and yearly payments to his net worth.

Meta Description: This article discusses the brains behind the popular Techno Gamerz YouTube channel. You'll learn about the Techno Gamerz income, age, gender, nationality, and more.

In this article
  1. Summary Box on Techno Gamerz
  2. Techno Gamerz YouTube Earning and Stats
  3. Why Is Techno Gamerz Trending on YouTube?
  4. Bonus Tip: How To Be a YouTuber and Make Videos Like Techno Gamerz
  5. Hot FAQs on Techno Gamerz

Part 1: Summary Box on Techno Gamerz

Name Ujjwal Chaurasia
Net worth in USD (2022) $2 million
Monthly income and salary RS.15 Lakh+
Yearly income and salary 1.5 Crore
Age 20 years (born January 12, 2002)
Gender Male
Nationality Indian
Height 5.5 inches
Profession YouTuber
YouTube channel Techno Gamerz
Awards and recognition Diamond, Gold, and Silver play buttons

Up to this point, you should have a brief overview of who Techno Gamerz is and what he does to earn such staggering figures on YouTube. So, the next section discusses his income in detail and what makes this YouTuber so famous. Keep reading!

Part 2: Techno Gamerz YouTube Earning and Stats

Ujjwal Chaurasia, alias Techno Gamerz, was born and grew up in New Delhi, India. The charismatic vlogger first joined YouTube on August 13, 2017, and uploaded his first gaming video on January 2018. Initially, Ujjwal used his elder brother's phone to post gaming tutorial videos. This obviously limited his input on YouTube as he also had to set aside time for studying.

techno gamerz youtube marketing

But after seeing potential in what Techno Gamerz was doing, his brother encouraged him to post more often. His first viral video was for Dragon Ball Z, a downloading tutorial. This video garnered a massive 250K views, boosting his channel's profile. The young YouTube star has never looked back since then.

Meantime, you must be asking yourself how YouTube generates income in India. It's simple; via AdSense! YouTube's RPM (Revenue Per Mile) metric per 1,000 views varies between countries. In India, the video-sharing platform pays $0.50 per 1,000 views. This means that Indian YouTube teachers and influencers can earn $500 after garnering 1 million views.

But nothing is cast in stone on YouTube. Most Indian channels can earn between $800 and $2,500 after reaching 1 million views. However, this depends on where you get the most views from. For example, if at least half of your views are from the US, you'll earn at least $1,500. Techno Gamerz YouTube income per 1,000 views is approximately $1.21.

Remember that there are some conditions to meet before you start earning money on YouTube. First, the channel must be active for at least a year and have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. That's not all; you'll need nothing less than 4,000 watch hours to be on YouTube's payroll.

With that said, below are some YouTube stats about the Techno Gamerz monthly income, number of views, and more:

Estimated Monthly earnings in USD/Indian rupees $167K
Estimated Yearly earnings in USD/Indian rupees $8.6 million
Total video uploads 858
Type of videos Gaming tutorials
Subscribers 29 million
Video views 7.5 billion
Last 30 days' views 7 million

As expected, Ujjwal Chaurasia has a massive following on other social media platforms, especially on Instagram. Here, the 20-year-old has more than 2 million followers and over 250K likes on "ujjwalgamer." He usually posts selfies, pictures, and a few gaming contents on Instagram. Ujjwal's engagement rate on Instagram is around 12.5%.

techno gamerz instagram

He also has another Instagram account called "Techno_Gamerz," which has over 1M followers and over 120K likes. Ujjwal uses this account to keep his followers abreast of what's happening on his YouTube channel and give hints of future releases. He also posts subscriber milestones. His Twitter account is "Ujjwal Chaurasia," with over 116K followers and around 290 posts.

techno gamerz instagram and twitter homepage

Ujjwal is also venturing into music lately, specifically Hip Hop. He partnered with one of India's most prominent producers, Sez on the Beat, to release Game On. This music tells a tale of how Chaurasia started from zero subscribers to more than 10 million. Currently, this single boasts over 62 million views.

Part 3: Why Is Techno Gamerz Trending on YouTube?

The Techno Gamerz earnings are certainly no fluke. Many YouTube careers come crashing down before they even start. You'll even need to congratulate yourself for earning just $100 on YouTube. So, what makes Techno Gamers a darling to many YouTubers?

1. Engaging and interactive videos

YouTube is a very competitive video-sharing platform, and Techno Gamerz knows this fact quite well. Techno Gamerz adds funny and interactive commentary to his YouTube gaming videos to make them more interactive. Many YouTubers also love his confidence and composure in front of the camera.

2. Captivating story and continuity

One major thing you'll see about all of Techno Gamerz's videos is continuity. The YouTuber churns out new content every couple of days, keeping his fans entertained at all times. Also, Techno Gamerz always does a recap on his previous episodes to ensure that viewers can keep up with the pace. He even admitted in an interview that it's critical for his audience to follow the storyline, making watching series like GTA V more interesting.

3. Single and multiplayer tutorials

Techno Gamerz's tutorials consist of single and multiplayer games. He says that single-player games bring out his character's awesomely powerful and superior side. He also admitted that he loves multiplayer games' unpredictable and challenging nature.

Something about Techno Gamerz's most loved videos

As said before, Dragon Ball Z was the YouTuber's first upload on the platform. Then in January 2018, he went ahead to upload PUBG videos, but his breakthrough came when he switched to GTA. Up to now, he has posted 140+ GTA 5 episodes, which are famous for their unique storylines. Interestingly, each of his GTA videos has 5+ million views.

But to be one of the most popular YouTubers, you'll need diversity. Techno Gamerz has this in abundance. His "Grandpa and Granny Two Hunters" video has 10+ million views. It's a horror game where Techno Gamerz plays the scary granny with insane tricks.

His other videos, "BeamNG" and "Just Draw," have more than 12 million and 13 million views, respectively. GTA V is the most loved by his audience, with over 30 million views.

Bonus Tip: How To Be a YouTuber and Make Videos Like Techno Gamerz

Evidently, you need to create compelling videos to increase your chances of getting over 1 million views and matching the Techno Gamerz salary. So, what makes a great YouTube video? The perfect YouTube videos should have a catchy intro, voice overlays, picture-in-picture effects, background audio, and more. You can also include elements like timers, subtitles, and effect overlays.

Thankfully, Wondershare Filmora comes with all these features and many more. It's a macOS/iPadOS/Windows program that allows you to record Techno Gamerz-like videos with a live microphone commentary. After recording the video, add it to the editing timeline to customize it with stunning plugin effects, texts, transitions, subtitles, background music, and more. You also can explore features like motion tracking, key framing, speed ramping, and split screen if it's a fast-paced video like GTA.

Let's learn how to create and edit a YouTube video on Filmora 11:

Free Download
Free Download
Step1 Start a new video project.
techno gamerz income start a new video project

Install and run Filmora 11 on your computer and choose the 16:9 aspect ratio for YouTube videos. Then, start a New Project.

Step2 Import the YouTube video tutorial.
techno gamerz income upload video

Now click the Import Media button to open a video file from your local storage. You can add multiple media files before moving them to the storyboard.

Step3 Edit your gaming video.
techno gamerz income trim and split video

Start by trimming your video to remove the noisy or unwanted parts. To trim and split a video, place the playhead where you want to cut and press the Split button. Repeat the same procedure to cut out a clip and delete it.

techno gamerz income export video

Your YouTube gaming tutorial also needs subtitles to stand out from the crowd. Select the YouTube video clip and click the Speech-to-Text button. Once the Speech-to-Text feature is active, select the translation language to start creating subtitles. Remember, you can edit and download the subtitle tracks as a .txt or .srt file.

Step4 Convert the video and upload it on YouTube.

If you're satisfied with the edited video, click the Export button, then select MP4, WebM, or MP4 AV1 as the target format. Now name your video, choose a folder path, and export it. Remember that you can also directly upload videos on YouTube by clicking the YouTube tab.

Hot FAQs on Techno Gamerz

1. Who earns more between Techno Gamerz and Carry Minati?

Techno Gamerz is not alone in Indian YouTube vlogging. CarryMinati is another top YouTuber in India, with 36.90 million followers. This YouTuber earns more than 25 Lakhs per month with annual revenue of at least 3 Crore Rupees. According to reports, Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar) has over $5 million in net worth.

2. How much does Techno Gamerz earn from one video?

It depends on the number of views. According to reports, this popular Indian YouTuber earns over $1.21 per 1,000 views. He has over 7.5 billion views currently.

3. What does Techno Gamerz do for a living?

Techno Gamerz's primary source of income is YouTubing. This is where the 20-year-old earns most of his dollars.

Final Words

YouTubing can pay top money as long as you do it professionally. But it may need a lot of hard work and patience to start earning on YouTube. Also, invest in a powerful, all-in-one video editor for vloggers like Filmora 11. So, are you ready to start making the Techno Gamerz monthly income from YouTube? Give it a try!

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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