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Top 5 Gaming Headsets for YouTube in 2024

Feb 20, 2024• Proven solutions

Need a gaming headset? The number of gamers is growing every day, and that means more and more people are looking for content from experienced gamers on YouTube and Twitch. To produce great YouTube gaming videos, you’ll need a lot of gaming knowledge and a few pieces of high-quality equipment, including a good headset. Without a headset, it might be hard to keep track of in-game audio cues while entertaining your audience.

Most hardware manufacturers are actively targeting the gaming market, releasing specialized headset models for 2024. Here is a quick overview of the five best candidates for the title of the best gaming headset for 2024:


1. Razer Man O'War 7.1

2. Audio Technica ATH-ADG1 Open Air High Fidelity Headset

3. Logitec Surround Sound Gaming Headset G430

4. Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Gaming Headset

5. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset


1. Razer Man O’ War 7.1

Razer Man O'War 7.1 Headset

Price: $222.48

Compatible with: PC, Mac (with USB), PlayStation, Xbox

This wireless headset has an impressive surround sound engine that allows for an immersive gaming experience and convincing positional audio. The headset features a modern ergonomic design with earcups that fit very tightly and completely seal off the outside world. Razer Man O’War looks bulky, but it weighs just over 330 grams and uses an analog 3.5 mm connector.

The microphone boom extends from the left ear cup and can be easily adjusted or retracted. Most importantly, microphone controls are very sophisticated allowing for in-game switching between channels without disruption. When used for talking, the microphone will ensure absolute clarity, which comes handy for those who broadcast their games on YouTube.


     - Wireless setup for maximum freedom

     - Minimizes ambient noise with cushion-like ear cups

     - Lightweight and comfortable to wear

     - Fully retractable, high-quality MEMS microphone

     - Long-lasting batteries – up to 14 hours


     - Occasional loss of connectivity

     - Slightly expensive for a plastic build


2. Audio Technica ATH-ADG1 Open Air High Fidelity Headset

Audio Technica ATH-ADG1 Headset

Price: $299

Compatible with: PC, PS4, iPad, iPhone, Xbox (with adapter)

For a gaming headset, this model boasts a really impressive audio quality. This characteristic is a huge strength, especially when coupled with its broad compatibility and innovative design. The structure of this headset is unique, with an open-air setup that allows for the circulation of air under the set, which is useful during long gaming sessions. This comes at a price since the isolation against ambient noise is less than perfect and the feeling might be a bit awkward until you get used to it.

As for the microphone, it is permanently attached to the left side of the headset with a flexible stem, so it can be easily adjusted to the desired position. This implies that ATH-ADG1 was made specifically for those who need to communicate while receiving the high-quality audio feed, such as gaming streamers.


     - Extremely light and uniquely built for comfort

     - Top-notch audio quality above its class

     - Innovative, self-adjusting frame

     - Comfortable ear cups


     - Analog headset, so the quality depends on the connected device

     - Specialized product with a narrow range of applications

     - Fragile build that can easily be damaged

     - Very expensive


3. Logitec Surround Sound Gaming Headset G430

Logitec G430 Headset

Price: $79.99

Compatible with: PC, PS4

Logitec is well known for producing high-quality peripherals, and this model lives up to that standard despite its affordable price. Its most touted feature is the surround sound system, which is not common in this price range. This allows for very realistic in-game audio, particularly because the headset has an excellent bass channel. In addition to solid audio performance, the Logitec gaming headset is characterized by low weight rotating ear cups with a protective cloth and vibrant coloring.

A standard 3.5 mm connector is used for the microphone, which is conveniently positioned and capable of clearly capturing speech while blocking out other sounds. Unfortunately, the microphone can’t be easily manipulated and doesn’t offer the option to be muted automatically, although a manual switch is available to turn it off. For a budget gaming headset, that’s a fair compromise.


     - Realistic, immersive sound

     - Smart design optimized to decrease weight

     - The Durable cloth covering the ear cups

     - Surround effect on a cheap gaming headset

     - Excellent price-to-quality ratio


     - Lack of programmable commands

     - Poor protection against ambient noise

     - Less than impressive visually


4. Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Chroma Headset

Price: $96.77

Compatible with: PC, PS4

If you are looking for the best gaming headset with a microphone, this is a very b candidate. It is pretty affordable compared to the other Razer headset on this list (the Man O’ War), but it is equally robust when it comes to performance, including high-quality surround audio. This is a rather large headset with thick ear cups decorated with a glowing logo of the brand, but its size is not a problem since Kraken is very comfortable even when worn continually for hours.

Kraken’s fully retractable and flexible microphone can be hidden under the left cup when not in use, giving this model a bit of versatility. It picks up your voice even when it’s bent sideways, so YouTube professionals won’t have to worry about the exact positioning while engaged in a fierce battle. It’s also possible to use a toggle switch to mute the microphone quickly.


     - Excellent audio for its price range

     - Surround audio contributes to the more complete gaming experience

     - Completely isolates any ambient sounds

     - Flexible mic that can be moved out of the way

     - Access to Synapse 2.0 software


     - USB only, no 3.5 mm jacks

     - Lack of preset settings for gaming

     - A sensitive microphone that sometimes picks up unwanted sounds


5. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II Headset

Price: $99.88

Compatible with: PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Mobile

Well designed, packed with advanced features and moderately priced, this gaming headset offers a lot of value to the YouTube crowd. It comes with optional surround audio that can be plugged in via sound card, or disconnected when this effect is not needed. The headset was originally designed to work perfectly on the Xbox, but it retains compatibility with most desktops, laptops, and consoles.

The detachable microphone is very solid and particularly effective in filtering noise and eliminating echo. It can be easily moved into any position or removed altogether when the headset is used for any purpose other than game streaming.


     - b and elegant aluminum frame

     - Advanced audio control box

     - Virtual 7.1 surround audio

     - Interchangeable ear pads

     - Premium look and feel at an affordable price


     - Inconveniently positioned mute switch

     - Relatively short cord limiting movement


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