Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives and similar programs

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What’s Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro is video-editing software introduced by Adobe manufacturers mainly used by journalists, video editors, students etc. It allows the user to edit videos and its user interface is such that it is a time-line based editing software, providing more flexibility to the editor.

The latest version of the software to be released is Adobe Premiere Pro CC which supports Windows 7 and above as well as OS X Yosemite and later. Before Premiere Pro the company had launched Adobe Premiere, Premiere Pro was a renewed and improved version of the former editing software and was first launched by Adobe in 2003.

Some of the softwares main features are listed below:

    The latest version of Premiere Pro however, provides high resolution video editing in RGB as well as YUV.
  • It allows you to edit videos using a timeline based interface.
  • It provides the user with a versatile workspace.
  • It allows the editor to manipulate videos and adjust levels and add or subtract hues.
  • It is professional level software allowing the user to flip, rotate footages, shorten or cut videos, edit them to be played in slow or fast motion or even in reverse mode.
  • Premiere Pro CS6 was the last version of CS6 suite bringing it to an end. The software has now been moved to Creative Cloud with the latest version Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
  • This latest version provides features such as morph cut, color workspace, multi project work flow, GPU optimized playback, search bins, creative cloud libraries etc.

Other than this Adobe Premiere Element was yet another video editing software designed by the company which was initially released in September 2004 and an upgraded version being released every year ever since. Premiere Element is a bit scaled down from Premiere Pro but it gets the basic video editing job done. It provides many basic editing features such as motion titles, slow motion effect, smoothing out shakes from a hand held camera recording etc.

Amongst the company’s main competitors are Sony Vegas Pro, Light Lab and Corel Video Studio along with other softwares as well. “Wondershare Filmora Video Editor” is another video editing software that has been introduced to allow users to edit videos from home with much more convenience. Filmora is a widely recommended alternative as it is a lot easier to use and has a more user friendly interface providing professional quality results but simpler methods for beginners.

Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives

Now, with the complexity of Premiere Pro, one might start to see what other options there might be as an alternative, these include video editing softwares that support different operating systems along with providing more or less editing options and also different user interfaces. As Premiere Pro is professional software it requires expert level user experience and hence is not recommended to beginners. It is also time consuming unless you have a good enough hold on the software, hence different softwares which are comparatively more user friendly are recommended as alternatives.

A few of the alternative software supporting different operating systems are listed below:

  • Alternative softwares that support all operating systems i.e. for Windows and Mac and Linux
  • Premiere Pro is supported only by Windows so the following might be a smarter option as they support both Windows and Mac OS and are hence a lot more versatile.

    1. Filmora WonderShare which is a simple video editing software and a convenient option for beginners. It simply allows users to edit and manipulate videos as required but using easier methods that are also time saving as well. It provides all the basic features required to get the job done without compromising on quality. It is now vastly being promoted and recommended for beginners or the less experienced users.

    Download Win Version Download Mac Version

    2. OpenShot which is a powerful editing software that provides a free open source to the user for video editing. The latest version of OpenShot was released earlier this year, OpenShot 2.1 and it has a lot more new features, big fixes and improvements. Fun animations can be made using this software, some of the new features include Audio Waveform Support, Improved Property Editing, New Selection Dropdown and much more.

    3. Lightworks which is a more professional NLE software supporting resolutions as high as 4k. it is also quite complex and is hence not highly recommended unless you are an experienced video editing professional, in that case this software is very handy and provides many useful high res options.

    4. Last here to mention but not the least at all is Corel Video Studio which simplifies the whole process into three baby steps, capture, edit and share.

  • Alternatives that support only Mac OS and iOS
  • These are important alternatives as Adobe Premiere Pro is only supported by Windows hence the following can be very useful if you are a MaC OS or iOS user as they are designed primarily for apple users.

    1. Apple iMovie which was released by apple in 1999, the aesthetics of the software are of course top notch and the interface is simple and minimalistic as required but the software is not as flexible as one might imagine.

    2. Apple Final Cut Pro X. This was released later by Apple and it has a wider range of video editing options including a magnetic trackless timeline, solid organization tools, tagging etc. The only problem being that it cannot import files from previous versions without a third party plug-in.

  • Alternatives of the Adobe Premiere Pro that are supported by only Windows OS
  • 1. Sony Vegas Pro (the more expensive option)

    This is a more professional level software but it also provides you with more options and high resolution results up to 4K.

    2. Windows Movie Maker

    This is very simple software which allows users to edit videos in simpler ways. It is a part of the “Windows Essentials” software suite. It is a very basic and beginner level editing software but gets the time done a lot faster than most software and is a successful product of Microsoft.

    3. VideoPad

    This is a video editing software for Windows which provides easy video editing for beginners. It is time saving and efficient and provides all basic video editing features required.

    4. Cyberlink PowerDirector

    This is a more professional level video editing software that supports Windows only. The latest version provides high resolutions of HD, 4K and 360o. It also supports Blu-ray.

    5. Avidemux

    This is a free and open-source video editing software which allows the user to edit and process videos easily. It is designed for very basic and simple video editing tasks such as cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It also supports many file types including MPEG, MP4, ASF, DVD, AVI etc. using a variety of codecs.

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