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Guide to The Best-in-Class AI Tools for Story Writing

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Apr 06, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

What is necessary while creating a story?

Typically, the answer for that is the premise, the idea, and the outcome- one should be clear about these points to properly frame the content around it. Some people take another approach of preparing the characters and proceeding. However, either way, the idea is essential.

But sometimes, more than having the story idea in mind is needed to prepare a perfectly structured story. In these cases, people can take the help of an AI story writer to prepare these content pieces instantly. Here, you will learn about the best options for this process.

AI Tools for Story Writing
  1. Top 10 AI Story Generator Tools You Should Give a Try
    1. NovelAI
    2. Filmora- AI Copywriting
    3. Toolbaz AI Story Generator
    4. Toolsaday Story Generator
    5. Canva AI Story and Plot Generator
    6. TinyWow
    7. Jasper AI
    8. Scalenut
    9. Inferkit
    10. Writesonic

Top 10 AI Story Generator Tools You Should Give a Try

In the market now, multiple software choices are available that operate favorably well as an AI Story Generator. Here are 10 of these top-rated options available to you. 


NovelAI for Story Writing is very simple to use as a story generator AI because it has many AI-made template options and modules. You can tap on the AI modules for previous writers to get story content in a similar style. Plus, you can also provide your points to create a good quality story.

Cost: Free with priced plans starting at USD 10/month

Compatibility: online


  • It works with advanced NLP technology for smooth text generation.
  • Get theme options to add to the content.
  • Add keys to the content for story generation.
  • Utilize AI modules to compose in a similar prose pattern to previous renowned writers.
  • The technology keeps 2048 memory tokens in place.
  • Encryption-based protection for the available data.
  • Get 100 TTS-based generations for free.
  • Free plan users do not get unlimited text-based content generations.
  • Only Pro versions users get Advanced AI TTS support.

2.Filmora- AI Copywriting (Beta)

Filmora AI Copywriting for Story Writing
Free Download
Free Download

Filmora comes with an AI Copywriting tool that you can use to create an exciting piece of text-based content. You must add your question regarding copywriting, and the AI will generate an answer you can copy. Then, you can create a video script or storyline using this functionality.

Cost: Free with priced plans starting at USD 19.99/month

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS


  • You can activate it separately from the software homepage or while exporting it.
  • Add the explanation with 200 characters.
  • Users get 20 questions for explaining the content with ChatGPT support.
  • Add an explanation in the text and generate images as well.
  • Specific AI-powered tool within Filmora.
  • Creates different kinds of content types, like for marketing or social media.
  • It is possible to customize multiple times.
  • The function works well for video editing.
  • You can create short stories with 100 words using this tool, not long-form ones.

3.  Toolbaz AI Story Generator

Toolbaz AI Story Generator

It is simple to use this AI story generator tool for most users. You only have to add the topic premise into the text field, like what type of story you want to create. Then, verify your identity with the reCAPTCHA button and proceed with the generation process. Next, after some moments, the tool will present the whole story- copy it to paste the content into your offline document.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: online


  • Explain the story topic in the text field.
  • You can adjust the creativity level.
  • Get an innovative spin on your story idea.
  • Captcha-based checking is available here before proceeding.
  • Easy to use online tool for content generation.
  • No hidden costs here.
  • No limits to how many sessions you can run here.
  • The generated content quality could be more accurate.
  • Limited editing features are available.

4.Toolsaday Story Generator

Toolsaday Story Generator

Toolsaday Story is another good-quality AI novel generator you can depend on to create a high-quality story. With this online platform, you will also get other writing improvement tools, like Tone Checker, Grammar Checker, and more. Just add the plot summary, mention the purpose of creating the content, and then use other tools to refine it. 

Cost: Free with priced plans starting at USD 5.99/month

Compatibility: online


  • Add the purpose of the story generation.
  • Explain the plot summary for AI-based story writing.
  • Get plagiarism-checking functionality.
  • A paraphrasing tool is available for further content analysis.
  • You can generate content in parts like chapters.
  • Save specific changes as Favorites.
  • Quickly access the history section to see the changes over time.
  • Free plan users have limited support of 10,000 characters to use each month.
  • The paraphrasing function is allowed for only 700 characters.

5.Canva AI Story and Plot Generator

Canva AI Story and Plot Generator

In the context of AI-based story writing, Canva also provides a high-quality tool for this process. The feature is named Magic Write, which users can operate to add their prompt or story. Then, the software will instantly produce a narrative using keywords related to the genre, characters, etc.

Cost: Free with priced plans starting at USD 6.07.

Compatibility: online


  • Magic Write tool is available for instant high-quality text generation.
  • Describe the foundation of the story for easier AI-based creation.
  • Add keywords to the story to refine the content.
  • Quickly proofread the content.
  • The smooth editing process.
  • Set a timer for content generation.
  • Edit the text formatting easily.
  • No copywriting protection benefits for original creators- others can use your generated content legally.
  • Education plan users only get this tool for a fee.
ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
Wondershare Filmora 12


TinyWow AI Tools for Story Writing

If you are looking for a high-grade free AI story generator, TinyWow is the one for you. You must add the topic information to the online tool and mention how many paragraphers you want for the storyline. Then, the software will generate a unique story for you to download.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: online


  • Explain the topic of the story.
  • Mention the number of paragraphs.
  • You can save content via QR code as well.
  • Editing the content is possible here.
  • Rate the generated content.
  • You can copy the AI-generated story here.
  • Easily download the final file offline.
  • The word limit of 60 words for topic explanation is minimal.
  • Slightly slow loading process.

7.Jasper AI

Jasper AI for Story Writing

Jasper AI is one of the best software types with premium-quality AI for writing stories. In this platform, you will get many templates to select from, and then you can add specifications about the content. Then, activate the story processing action to get high-quality content.

Cost: Free with priced plans starting at USD 29/month

Compatibility: online


  • You can prepare both short and long-form content.
  • Users get more than 30 AI template options to try out.
  • Jasper Chat support is available.
  • It supports 25+ language types.
  • It allows collaborative usage during editing.
  • Get unique ideas for content.
  • It is possible to use a Chrome extension version of this.
  • You must upgrade to a higher-cost Boss Mode version to write longer scripts, like stories.
  • The initial free trial period with 10,000 credits is for five days only.


Scalenut AI Tool for Story Writing

Scalenut is a suitable app for an instant and effortless AI-based story-creation process in the context of AI story creation. You will get many high-quality templates with AI technology to use as the content base. Then, the story generator AI will analyze and create a storyline.

Cost: Free with priced plans starting at USD 19

Compatibility: online


  • Many AI templates with SEO-supported formatting are available to select.
  • The software gives recommendations on keyword usage.
  • Check the SEO score of content in real-time.
  • Get Smart AI-based commands.
  • Create new AI-generated content and refine older ones.
  • High-quality NLP key terms are available for users.
  • Start off with 100,000 AI-made words.
  • The lowest plan allows users to generate only five articles monthly.
  • It would be best to upgrade to higher-cost plans to use keyword clusters.


Inferkit AI Tool for Story Writing

If you want a simple but efficient plot generator AI, Inferkit is a good platform. You will get many characters within which you can create compelling short stories. For this, you must add small information about the topic, and the algorithms handle the rest.

Cost: Basic- USD 20/month; Premium- USD 60/month

Compatibility: online


  • Developer-friendly API support is available for users.
  • One request equal to 100 characters minimum.
  • Auto-refill functionality will ensure the character purchases are automated.
  • Users get 600,000 characters monthly.
  • It is possible to keep a note of the used amount.
  • The input will not matter in the place of generated characters.
  • You can buy additional characters at specific prices.
  • If you do not use the given characters, they will not roll over into the next month's plan.
  • No free version is available for users here.


Writesonic AI Tools for Story Writing

A high-quality AI text story generator is Writesonic, especially with its ChatGPT-based chatbot support. You can use the tool to create instant and high-quality content after just mentioning the story tone, topics, etc. The AI writes a story based on the added specifications instantly.

Cost: Free with priced plans starting at USD 19/month

Compatibility: online


  • It recognizes 25+ global languages.
  • You can input the character, story, goal, and other information.
  • Mention the story quality type.
  • Add a complete description of the story.
  • One-click integration is supported here.
  • You can get 100+ AI templates.
  • It is possible to set the tone of the content.
  • Free plan users do not get GPT-4 support.
  • No bulk processing for free users.


Overall, multiple AI-based apps and platforms are available to create high-grade stories, as mentioned instantly. It would help if you gave them all a try to understand how they work and see which suits your story writing style or needs.

Also, read the generated content to study the writing quality. Then, you can make an adequate choice for yourself.


Can I post the AI-generated content as it is without checking it for errors?

Many of the AI story generators mentioned in this list and some other options are capable of creating relatively high-quality content. You only need to mention the topic and keywords for it to start the creation process.

 However, regarding accuracy, the AI-generated content may have some errors, whether minor or not. So, you must read through the content, look for nuance-based errors, and then fix them.

What is the AI technology typically used in AI writing tools?

The technologies commonly associated with AI writer tools include Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT)-based algorithms and models. The AI short story generator types run with variations of this technology, like the GPT3 language prediction module or ChatGPT.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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