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Top 10 Software Choices That Do Wonders as an AI Blog Writer

Mario Bütner
Mario Bütner Originally published Apr 12, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Writing an entire article or blog on your own is a skill that many people possess or intend to learn. But honing this skill set can take a long time, which is unsuitable for people with more pressure to handle now.

In such a situation, you can instantly use digital AI blog writer tools to produce content quickly and efficiently. Here are the best tools currently available with this feature.

AI blog writing tools
Top 10 AI Blog Writer
  1. Writesonic
  2. Bertha AI
  3. INK AI Writer
  4. for Bloggers
  5. Filmora- AI Copywriting
  6. Longshot
  7. Toolbaz AI Blog Writer
  8. Simplified AI Blog Writer
  9. Writecream
  10. Headlime

Best Options for AI Blog Writer in 2024

Indeed, the AI blog writer tool types are typically online-based solutions that operate with high-grade AI content composition technology. Based on some sharp points you add regarding the potential blog content you want; these tools will prepare high-quality content instantly.


AI blog writing tools-Writesonic

Writesonic is one of the best AI-based blog writing tools with high-grade technology and features. You can get various usage benefits in the free trial version like 25+ languages, Sonic Editor support, and more.

You can upgrade to paid versions smoothly for extra benefits and use the app with simple steps, especially with one-click integration available for many features.

Cost: Free with in-app upgrades starting at USD 19/month (Long-form)

Compatible OS: online


  • Add the top title for analysis.
  • Choose between varying languages.
  • Select the quality type for the content.
  • The AI technology here detects and removes any plagiarised parts.
  • Link sharing is supported here.
  • You can download the final file as PDF or DOC file.
  • Share the final output directly online.
  • Free plan users do not get API access benefits.
  • You can customize the total number of words or users for the plan when you upgrade.

2.Bertha AI

AI blog writing tools - Bertha AI

Bertha AI is a capable AI blog writer that works with the ChatGPT module. This allows the software to interact with the user and understand their needs for content generation interactively.

Using this software, you can prepare different content types, like short stories and web blogs. You can rephrase the generated content if you get stuck at any part.

Cost: Many plans begin with the Starter plan at USD 20/month.

Compatible OS: online


  • Generate one or more blogs within the 30,000-word limit per month.
  • Create around 20 images per month.
  • Get high-quality priority customer support.
  • Pay-as-you-go models are also available for pricing.
  • Speedy content generation process here.
  • ChatGPT support is noticeable.
  • Use Chrome extension options here.
  • It would help if you upgraded to very costly plans to get unlimited website access support.
  • Additional pay-as-you-go models are available for Bertha AI subscribers.

3.INK AI Writer

AI blog writing tools -INK AI Writer

When it comes to high-grade AI-based content generation, INK AI Writer is a powerful software to use. You will get many keywords to select from here and even add instructions on your own.

Based on the inputs from your side, the algorithm will take some time to detect and then prepare customized content. You can also make your own changes here and use the AI tool in an assistant-type manner.

Cost: Professional- USD 49/month; Enterprise- USD 119/month

Compatible OS: online


  • Use the keyword research functionality here.
  • Add royalty-free images inside the editor to enhance the blog content.
  • You can do 360-degree competitor and SEO keyword-based analysis processes.
  • Get 130+ template options for short copy content.
  • Start off with 4000 credits with the lowest cost plan.
  • Plagiarism checking support is available to users.
  • Get AI content protection with Shield support.
  • No free plan is available here.
  • Only Enterprise plan users can add more users after activating their plan. for Bloggers

AI blog writing

If you are looking for a high-grade AI blog writer, is one of the top service providers to depend on. Indeed, on this platform, you can access the free account and your information on what type of content you are creating.

Preset templates are also available to choose the structure of the blog you are preparing. Plus, use the in-built tools for further customizations.

Cost: Free; Pro- USD 49/month; Enterprise- custom pricing

Compatible OS: online


  • Set the goal for blog generation.
  • Add the title of the content.
  • Insert many keywords for instant AI-based content preparation.
  • Set the specific tone for the content.
  • Create an unlimited number of blogs with this software.
  • 90+ copywriting features are available.
  • Get help from Blog Wizard-named assistive tool.
  • The free plan is only available for one user each.
  • You can create 2000-word blogs only in 1 month with the free plan.

5.Filmora- AI Copywriting (Beta)

AI blog writing tools - Filmora

The video editing software of Filmora comes with AI Copywriting functionality now. With this tool, you can prepare marketing headlines, a video content outline or script, or a short article.

Filmora also allows users to add a description with the AI Image function to create interesting pictures as well.  

Cost: Free with upgraded plans starting at USD 19.99/month

Compatible OS: Windows, Mac, iOS


  • Access AI copywriting as a separate feature.
  • Customize the video script with the AI feature.
  • Strong ChatGPT support for question-and-answer-based content generation.
  • Create short 100-word essays.
  • Make changes to the AI-generated image or text.
  • Fast processing speed.
  • A total of 20 questions come up for the algorithm to analyze what you want to create.
  • There are better apps for longform blog writing with AI technology.
  • You must describe your question within a limit of 200 characters.
ChatGPT is now available in Filmora 12!
Free Download
Free Download


AI blog writing tools - Filmora

In the context of choosing a high-grade long-form AI blog writer, Longshot is a noteworthy name. You can write or paste your content into the platform and get help from the in-built AI technology here to adjust the quality.

You can research the keywords and content here and run instant fact-checks.

Cost: Pro- USD 29/month, Team- USD 59/month, Agency- USD 399/month

Compatible OS: online


  • Run a fact check for selected content that it generates.
  • Tap on Instruct Me icon to get suggestions on how to proceed.
  • Get a word count starting at 50,000/month from the lowest cost plan.
  • Choose between different use cases.
  • See Flesch's reading score while you continue making changes.
  • Easy to make font changes and formatting.
  • Get Chrome extension support.
  • Even the 5-day trial version requires a USD 1 payment.
  • Pro users can only run 200 plagiarism checks.

7.Toolbaz AI Blog Writer

AI blog writing tools-Toolbaz AI Blog Writer

Toolbaz AI Blog Writer is one of the simplest platforms to check for high-quality blog generation. You can add specific information about the blog topic in the text field and then adjust the level of creativity.

After authorizing the content generation process, the algorithm will instantly create a high-grade blog for download.

Cost: Free

Compatible OS: online


  • Add the topic for the blog content you want to create.
  • Get formatting suggestions in the app, like for bullets, headings, etc.
  • Adjust the creativity level for content generation.
  • Make an unlimited number of blog content here.
  • Easy and smooth content generation.
  • No hidden costs here.
  • The algorithm checks for grammatical issues.
  • There are some hidden errors that the software may not have noticed- you still must edit the content.
  • Limited advanced benefits are available here.

8.Simplified AI Blog Writer

AI blog writing tools-Simplified AI Blog Writer

Simplified AI Blog Writer has a simple-to-use Dashboard from where users can set the use case for the content. Then, after you press the Generate Copy command, you can add specifications about the content, like the tone, language, and topic.

After you choose a template for the formatting structure of the blog, you can generate the blog immediately. The result is relatively close to the instructions typically.

Cost: Free, Small Team- USD 24/month; Business- USD 40/month; Growth- USD 100/month

Compatible OS: online


  • Create different types of content, like 10,000-word long-form content, with simple taps.
  • Free editing templates are available.
  • Collaboration support is present with guest users.
  • Users can add design elements to the content.
  • Fast editing processes in the tool.
  • You can save the file after editing in PDF format or copy-paste sections.
  • Get 1 GB of storage support here.
  • You can get 1000 words for blog generation for free per month.
  • Instant content publishing based on scheduled timing is not available to free users.


AI blog writing tools-Writecream

Writecream is a high-quality content generation tool that runs like an AI-based machine learning mechanism. This helps detect the instructions and creates proper blog text based on those settings.

It is simple to choose the content tone here and create different types of files as you need.

Cost: Free with in-app costs.

Compatible OS: online, Android, iOS  


  • High-grade machine learning functionality to detect and create text based on short instructions.
  • Set the tone of the content.
  • Prepare 1000+ content and introduction with this tool.
  • Choose between different use cases for blog type.
  • Fast editing and creation process here.
  • Not complicated to use.
  • Supports 75+ language types.
  • You have to explain the blog topic within 300 characters only.
  • Only the first 10,000 words are available for free; more will require upgrading.

10. Headlime

AI blog writing tools-Headlime

Headlime is simple to use as an AI writing tool that you can utilize for writing automated blogs. You must add the headliner and description for the content and then compose the content as you require.

You will rewrite the sections in the content and fix the grammar. It is possible to download the final file after final checks easily.

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 59

Compatible OS: online


  • Add a topic and a short summary of the content type.
  • Tap and rewrite selected sections instantly.
  • Fix grammar with one tap.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Trained on 175 billion parameters for superior-level analysis power with content generation.
  • Easily adjust the font style on the platform.
  • Fast processing speed for the edits.
  • Only Business plan users get Whitelabel support.
  • Limited blogs you can instantly create with the Individual plan.


Overall, various apps and online platforms are available centered around creating high-quality blog content. Study the features of these online solutions and then choose the option that provides the best user experience for you. You can use some of them for your regular work, and then finally, choose one that fits your requirements the best.


  1. Which is the best AI blog writer tool that utilizes ChatGPT functionality?

Bertha AI is a high-quality AI writing tool incorporating ChatGPT and’s algorithms for high-quality content generation.

  1. What tool provides premium-quality AI blog generation benefits for free?

Toolbaz AI Blog Writer is a top-notch and easy-to-use software that you can access to get AI-based blogs for free. The software is also simple to utilize, which beginners and professional copywriters enjoy.

Mario Bütner
Mario Bütner Mar 27, 24
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