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[Review] Lumen5 Text-To-Video Operations: Realizing the Details

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Originally published Mar 11, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

Many tools are providing text-to-video functionality at the highest levels. Not only has the competition increased, but the diversity of the tools has increased. This profound increase is visible across tools like Lumen5 Text-to-Video.

Lumen5 has been offering quick AI tools that sit at the top of the list of AI text-to-video tools. This review offers a quick overview of the text-to-video feature offered by Lumen5, along with a top alternative serving better results.

In this article
  1. Part 2. Step-by-Step Instructions To Create Video From Text Prompts in Lumen5
  2. Part 3. [Alternative] Making Videos From Text Using Wondershare Filmora
  3. Conclusion

Part 1: Reviewing Lumen5 Online Video Editing Service: An AI Overview

The digital world has emerged with the basic need for branding through videos. While creating these videos was time-consuming through conventional methods, the results were not progressive. Through conventional video generation techniques, growth was observed to be very restricted among brands. Seeing this, Lumen5 stands among the top-rated video creation tools that provide easy generation.

The Lumen5 text-to-video is a convenient facility that helps create proper video content. Users can ensure proper video generation with an interface that is not difficult to comprehend. Furthermore, Lumen5 is not restricted to basic video file formats. The extensive support of popular file formats helps in making your AI videos readily accepted.

add text to video lumen5

Overview of Some Exceptional Features Offered by Lumen5

  • AI Video Script Generation

After adding the textual content, which serves as the outline, Lumen5 generates a proper video script. It is divided into proper topic areas that serve as the video's different aspects.

  • Quality Enhancements

To enhance the overall quality of your video content, Lumen5 offers different overlay enhancements. You can utilize callouts, lower-thirds, and other enhancements to improve video.

  • AI Voices

With other improvements, Lumen5 comes with a dedicated option for AI voices. Out of 40+ voices available in Lumen5, use any option that seems the best.

Part 2: Step-by-Step Instructions To Create Video From Text Prompts in Lumen5

After having a clear overview of the Lumen5 text-to-video function, you might want to learn its operations. For this purpose, we’ve provided a proper instructive guide on creating video from text in Lumen5:

Step 1. From the Lumen5 dashboard, tap the “New Video” button and choose the desired template.

select template in lumen5

Step 2. After choosing the template, tap on the “Text on Media” tool. You will have to add the idea that you want to convert into a script and click the “Compose Script” button.

add script to content lumen5

Step 3. Lumen5 will provide you with a detailed script on your screen with multiple script spin-offs to check. If you are satisfied with the script, press the “Continue” and “Convert to Video” buttons.

get detailed script and convert video

Part 3: [Alternative] Making Videos From Text Using Wondershare Filmora

While Lumen5 provides good video results, they are imperfect, as with Wondershare Filmora. This AI text-to-video facility serves as the best available option in the market. As with its operations, you only have to add the relevant textual content to create proper videos. You can also use its dedicated AI script generator if you do not have a complete video script.

The overall functionality of AI text-to-video in Wondershare Filmora makes it a good utility. Instead of giving long textual prompts like in Lumen5 text-to-video, you can make better videos with shorter scripts. Wondershare Filmora also looks for setting the video aspect ratio to cover your video size requirements. Furthermore, you can also set any language out of the 20 options in this text-to-video innovation.

Text To Video【Filmora AI Function】

Free Download
Free Download

Other Robust Tools of Wondershare Filmora

Apart from the expressive text-to-video feature in Wondershare Filmora, other superior options are available. Wondershare Filmora is a complete video editing platform with unique video management features. Provided below are some proficient features of Wondershare Filmora that make it special:

Other Prominent Features Offered by Wondershare Filmora:

1. AI Audio Stretch

This feature lets you stretch the audio according to video duration without compromising the quality. In short, AI Audio Stretch is helpful if you are unable to find the original version of your desired audio. This helps extend the audio of a video you are creating without looking for new options.

ai audio stretch filmora

2. Color Correction

With Filmora, you can also correct the colors of your videos with its 40+ color presets. It even allows you to import 3D LUTs or perform manual color correction to make videos more engaging. Manual color correction includes options like White Balance, 3D LUT, Color, Light, Hue, and Saturation.

color correction filmora

3. AI Thumbnail Creator

You can perfect the AI thumbnails for your YouTube videos using this AI feature. It takes the 3 best shots from your videos and provides you with 58 preset templates for various themes. You can also manually customize the thumbnail according to your video theme.

ai thumbnail creator filmora

4. AI Image

Are you out of ideas for creating pictures for your videos, or don’t want to buy expensive stock images? Use the AI Image generator of Filmora to generate high-quality images using different art styles. It even provides you with 3 different aspect ratios from which you can choose according to your choice.

ai image filmora

Wrapping Up

As we reach an end, it is clear that text-to-video is changing the industrial dynamics. Lumen5 is one of the top-rated AI text-to-video tools providing an explicit video-generating facility. Combining the discussion with Wondershare Filmora, you can find dedicated options to generate perfect videos. You can find impressive results with Filmora and Lumen5 text-to-video.

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Mar 27, 24
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