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Top 6 DJ App and AI Mixer Software for Artists Today

Want to try out the best DJ app and AI mixer? Here is a list of the best apps with that functionality now, with details on their features, uses, etc.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Apr 18, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

Remixing a musical piece's sound can give it an entirely new life. Whether it is about adding a surround sound or stereo-quality effect to a song or revising it for nightclubs, many music producers focus on this process heavily.

However, the conventional route of carefully rearranging the instrumentation, adjusting sound effects, and other such steps take much time and effort. You can use a reliable DJ App & AI Mixer for automatic and high-quality sound editing.

In this post, you will learn about the top software choices available with this functionality.

sound mixing introduction
In this article
  1. Mixonset
  2. edjing Mix
  3. DJ Studio 5
  4. djay Pro
  5. RaveDJ
  6. Pacemaker - AI DJ app

What are the Best DJ App & AI Mixer Options Available?

Indeed, some software types are available that work with high-powered and modern artificial intelligence for adjusting music composition style, structure, and more. Here are some of the top DJ App & AI Mixer types options that you should seriously consider.

1. Mixonset

In the context of the best DJ App & AI Mixer to use, Mixonset is one of the apps you should consider trying out. The software integrates with top streaming providers like iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. Users can instantly activate the Smart Mix function to work on their playlists using smoother transitions between clips through this connection.


The AI functionality here easily detects song highlights and prepares suitable crossfades automatically. Plus, you will get filters to apply for customized editing as well.

Compatible OS: iOS

Cost: Free with upgrades starting at USD 4.99.


  • Smart Mix functionality instantly analyses selected songs from top streaming apps for automatic mixing.
  • Use filters for DJ beat adjustments.
  • Adjust sound parameters with features like BPM.
  • High-grade AI creates smooth crossfades.
  • The processing of tracks for mixing takes some seconds.
  • Easily share your final files online.
  • Compatible with major apps, like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud Free, etc.
  • Only iOS users get to use this app.
  • The slightly complex learning curve here.

2. edjing Mix

edJing Mix is one the best apps available for high-quality music mixing processes online. You can access the app to set multiple handpicked tracks for instant mixing or connect your audio playlists or tracks from other accounts.

edjing mix

The software includes advanced DJ mixer features for high-grade customization, like FX options and Smart EQ functionality. Overall, you can use advanced features like a key lock, pitch control, and automated BPM detection here.

Compatible OS: Android, iOS

Cost: Free with upgrades starting at USD 7.99.


  • Compatible with high-grade service providers for music access, like Soundcloud and TIDAL.
  • Smart EQ feature for instant vocal and instrumental sound isolation.
  • Wide Audio Spectrum and Little Audio Spectrum are supported.
  • Get high-grade audio FX options, like Filter, Reverse, Steel, etc.
  • Get a community of experts and resources available.
  • Many high-quality tracks are available.
  • Cloud support for music importing and exporting.
  • Features like Automix and Smart EQ are not free-plan features.
  • It would be best if you upgraded to get more song selections.

3. DJ Studio 5

Another top-quality DJ App and AI Mixer option that you should consider is the Android-based DJ Studio 5 application. Here, users get a dual virtual turntable structure with cross-fader support. Plus, more advanced features are here, like a unique scratch engine, etc.

dj studio 5

You can access your connected music library for songs and browse by filtering the artist, album, etc. Activate them for automatic mixing and customize them using the tools and effects available here.

Compatible OS: Android

Cost: Free


  • A build-in recorder is available for live recording.
  • Get ten types of sample pads that you can customize.
  • Beat-centric and IN/OUT loops.
  • Eight types of sound effects are available.
  • High-quality live view of the sound spectrum with zooming and beat detection functions.
  • Automatically shifts between landscape/portrait modes.
  • Easily share the finished files via connected social media accounts.
  • Only available for Android device users to utilize.
  • The ads can hamper user experience here.

4. djay Pro

The DJ Pro AI Windows app, alongside its versions on operating devices, is a high-quality native DJ mixing software. You can access foundational-level DJ-oriented functions and advanced four-deck mixing functions here.

djay pro

The software also includes an in-built music library, where you can listen to songs, save queue/history, and view in expanded mode. Advanced-level DJ tools like looping, cue points, slip mode, etc., are also available.

Compatible OS: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Cost: Free with upgrades starting at USD 6.99.


  • Works to provide an immersive experience for users with low-latency sound files.
  • Automixing support here for transition adjustments, etc.
  • Robust DJ interface with a sampler, waveform, turntables, and more.
  • Instant preview of songs in the music library.
  • It comes with surface dial support.
  • Works for varying devices with an intuitive UI.
  • No extra setup is necessary.
  • Only records in WAV format on Windows version.
  • It is incompatible with DRM-protected audio files.

5. RaveDJ

If you want to use a straightforward DJ AI, then RaveDJ is one of the best ones to try out. This online tool allows users to add two or more songs from Spotify or YouTube for integrated mashups or DJ set prep work.


You can even add a full playlist and then activate the combination process, which the intuitive AI will carry out with precision.

Compatible OS: web-based

Cost: Free


  • Add songs from YouTube directly or via URL.
  • Create a mashup of two songs.
  • Add many songs and create a full DJ set.
  • See other mashups on the platform.
  • Easily activate watch parties with other users or share your mixes.
  • Simplified interface.
  • Compatible with other social media platforms, like Facebook, Spotify, etc.
  • The processing speed can be long.
  • Limited editing options are available.

6. Pacemaker - AI DJ app

Pacemaker AI DJ app is another noteworthy software to consider when looking for a high-quality DJ AI mixer. Here, users can sync the Spotify or Apple Music library with the app and easily create high-grade mixes with other users.

pacemaker ai dj app

Users find it simple to view the tracks from top record labels and utilize waveform-based settings to adjust. For detailed editing work, you have to access the Studio section.

Compatible OS: iOS

Cost: Free with upgrades starting at USD 4.99


  • High-quality library of varying tracks.
  • Get Live Effects like 8-bit, Whitenoise, Loop, etc.
  • Precise sound mixing and editing parameters like beat, bar, and phrase.
  • Easy to adjust waveforms for audio mixing.
  • Browser the Hot List to see others'mixtapes.
  • Easy to share content.
  • It works on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices.
  • Some live effect options are specific to one type of device, like Beatskip in the iPad version only.
  • Studio-based complex editing work is available for paid subscription users.


Overall, multiple software types are available that make it simple to create high-grade sound remixes using AI technology. You should study the features of the AI-based DJ mixers carefully to understand what benefits you can expect from them. Try them out for the best results, and then make your choice.


  • 1. How does an AI mixer typically work?
    An AI DJ mixer typically analyses the original track like a human DJ would and then plan the next record that will play in continuation. After choosing the form, the algorithm in such programs processes the notes to make changes like tempo, beat, pitch, and other adjustments.
  • 2. What are the main features of DJ mixers?

    You need to know the important features of DJ mixers to choose the right software for the task properly. The following are some points to prioritize:

    • Equalizers
    • Cross-fader
    • Channel fading feature
    • Master fader
    • Effects library
    • Transition filters
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Jul 18, 24
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