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Guide to the AI Usage Experience of Spotify

Want to know how Spotify as a platform works with AI technology? Read ahead to know all the necessary details.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 17, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

In the current digital ecosystem, some apps have heavily influenced the user experience of millions of users globally in different fields. In the context of music streaming, one platform that revolutionized the process was Spotify.

Indeed, after the app was introduced, people globally could access and listen to many songs and playlists without extra costs. The software is integrated with AI technology to analyze user behavior and interests and provide curated content for their taste.

In this context, how does Spotify Uses Artificial Intelligence in its entirety at this time? Read this post to know the answer.

ai usage experience of spotify
In this article
    1. Best Features of Spotify
    2. Advantages of Spotify
    3. Disadvantages of Spotify
    1. Hyper-Personalized Song Recommendations
    2. Natural Language-Based Search
    3. AI-curated Playlists
  1. Part 3: Acquirement of Tech Firm Support for Service Enhancement by Spotify
  2. Part 4: Future of AI with Spotify
  3. Bonus: What is the Best Spotify Alternative with AI functionality?

Before discussing the different variations of Spotify's artificial intelligence concepts and other details, you should get an app overview.

Spotify is one of the top streaming service providers currently that targets global music to users. It is free to use and includes a diverse library of songs, playlists, etc., or top artists from global locations. You can create your account and search for songs that you can set under the liked category as well.

The AI Spotify will detect the listening experience on your account to give accurate suggestions on other songs or artists to listen to. While the platform allows users to set their own playlists of songs and podcasts, it also provides an auto-generated list of users' preferred songs in specialized playlists for easy access.

Best Features of Spotify

Here are the best features you can expect while using Spotify and all that attract users to the app.

  • Get different categories of music across genres, preferences, etc.
  • Access and find songs from global locations.
  • Create personalized playlists for yourself or share them.
  • Find podcasts on different concepts, topics, and genres.

Advantages of Spotify

The following are the top merits of the app.

  • Easy to access on any device.
  • Constantly upgrades its music library.
  • Simple to use, browse, and adjust settings here.

Disadvantages of Spotify

While the advantages are many here, some issues are also noticeable for users. Here they are.

  • You need to upgrade to a paid version to download the songs for offline listening.
  • Free users get too many ads.

Part 2: Use for AI under Spotify- What are the focus points?

Certain points are notable in the context of How Spotify Uses Artificial Intelligence. Here are the core areas where the platform mainly utilizes AI technology to improve the user experience of its subscribers, whether free or paid.

1. Hyper-Personalized Song Recommendations

The AI in the Spotify platform detects the Spotify subscribers' user experience to know the users' song preferences. Then, it provides personalized recommendations.

2. Natural Language-Based Search

With this solution in place, Spotify users can search for content on the app using their language. All options are easily accessible.

3. AI-curated Playlists

The use of Artificial intelligence makes it possible to create personalized playlists for users based on information on their usage statistics.

Part 3: Acquirement of Tech Firm Support for Service Enhancement by Spotify

To improve service quality with artificial intelligence, Spotify as a brand focuses on tech company acquisition as a step. It has done so over the years, with noteworthy improvements to service quality.

For example, in 2017, Spotify took over Niland. With the company's tech support, the brand used machine learning and API-centric solutions it got to improve user experience with song discovery. Indeed, people could search for content they wanted in a better manner and get relevant recommendations that perfectly aligned with their taste.

In the same year, it acquired Mediachain Labs to improve the song attribution process with decentralized database support from the blockchain-based startup. This was done to improve the licensing agreements for songs and connect with more artists, all in an improved capacity.

As for recent acquisition news, Spotify AI focused on acquiring Podsights and Chartable for their tech support with podcast management and content generation. All of it was in an effort to improve service quality for users.

Part 4: Future of AI with Spotify

In the future, Spotify will continue to expand its AI usage to highlight and expand service quality. The aim of the brand has not changed- it still wants to support artists with their creative endeavors and make music accessible to the global audience. Its adoption of AI resources is useful for upgrading the user experience of the users of the current digital age to get a high-quality AI-based user experience.

The company will continue humanizing the data insights it gets through AI mediums to understand user behavior and provide suitable benefits to them. The company adjusted the privacy policies to listen to the wants of its users, reiterating that it did not utilize individual user data without permission when the question was raised.

Currently, it is still being determined what exactly Spotify intends to do in the future in terms of innovation, as no new information is available on its next updates. However, the company is expected to rely on using artificial intelligence, Spotify algorithms, machine learning, and big data.

Bonus: What is the Best Spotify Alternative with AI functionality?

All things considered, Spotify AI is a powerful software to use for a long-term, high-quality music streaming experience. Like this one, you can also utilize TIDAL Music if you want to switch to another option. Here’s all you need to know.

Overview of TIDAL Music

You can access the TIDAL Music software and stream various musical files from different locations in one place. Here, it is possible to listen to the songs in different qualities, like normal, Hifi, and Master levels, with resolution upgrades per level.

Accessing various videos and songs on this platform without blocks and no ad issues during usage is possible.

tidal music interface


  • Dolby-based music quality is supported.
  • Choose between different audio formats.
  • Select various available songs across diverse genres.
  • Download the content for offline listening.
  • Easy to connect and stream audio.
  • No ads during playback.
  • Make an unlimited number of skips mid-streaming.
  • Song interruption is possible in low connectivity areas.
  • Only pro users can get usage insight reports.

Compatibility: online

Cost: Free with an upgrade at USD 9.99/month.


Overall, Spotify is one of the top apps available that has expanded heavily regarding usability with AI integration. The company used AI to invigorate different levels of music streaming and personalized organization on this platform. In fact, it is expected that Spotify will continue to expand its reach with AI solutions, so give a note of that.


  • 1. How do I know my Spotify usage experience?
    Spotify has AI algorithms that produce a full report of user data like the amount of listening time, most played songs, etc. So, you can access this information curated from the app, like the Wrapped data.
  • 2. Is Spotify free to use?
    Spotify is typically free to use, but upgrades are available that require payment. With these updates, you can remove ads and get offline access benefits and other features.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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