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Best Paid and Free AI Copywriting Tools for You to Use

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Apr 12, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Content creation is beneficial for companies to market their brand to the public. This is made easy across digital media platforms, and professionals use different types of content for this purpose.

Typically, to ensure that the content you produce is of high quality, you need expert help. However, getting professional copywriting support is not accessible to lots of people. In such a case, you can get high-grade AI copywriting tools for this process with digitalized support. Let’s learn about the options you do have.

In this article
    1. Writesonic
    2. Rytr
    3. Filmora- AI Copywriting
    4. AI Writer
    5. Wordtune
    6. Smart Copy
    1. Jasper
    2. Bertha AI
    3. SEO Content Machine
    4. Hypotenuse AI
    5. Copysmith AI
    6. Outranking
  1. Conclusion & FAQ

Part 1: 6 Best Free AI Copywriting Tools Available

The work of a copywriter technically involves creating high-quality, engaging content that highlights and promotes the brand properly. A copywriter AI technology does the same task using technologies like natural language processing and machine learning to analyze and create user-oriented content.

The following are the best tools to try out for free AI copywriting.



One of the best tools for free copywriting is Writesnonic which comes with ChatGPT-style personalized chatbot for easier usage. You create content with 10,000 words or upgrade to a paid version to increase your limit here.

The software comes with one-tap WordPress export during copywriting processes, especially with the 100+ AI-made templates available.


  • Get SEO-optimized content with this tool.
  • Choose between varying 25+ language types.
  • Get more than 100 AI templates.
  • Adjust the content quality range.
  • The AI can create a title directly, or you can prepare one.
  • Link sharing is available as an option.
  • Download the file in DOC or PDF formats.
  • Free plan users do not get bulk processing support.
  • GPT-4/GPT-4+ technologies are not available for free users.

Cost: Free (upgraded plans with pricing are available starting at USD 12.67)

Compatible OS: online



The Rytr copywriter AI free tool runs with a high-grade modern AI solution that detects the commands and keywords the user gives to create top-notch, unique content. You can access and utilize out of the 40+ use cases here and 20+ tone options for editing. The software here supports formatting features for content checking as well.


  • Get more than 40+ templates and use cases.
  • Use around 10,000 characters to use for copywriting per month.
  • More than 30 languages are supported here.
  • An in-built plagiarism checker is also available.
  • It works with high-grade AI technologies for instant AI copywriting.
  • Get access to a premium community.
  • More than 20 Tone options are available.
  • You cannot create customized use cases.
  • The dedicated type of account manager feature is available for paid plans.

Cost: Free (paid versions are also available with costs starting at USD 9/month)

Compatible OS: online

3.Filmora- AI Copywriting

Filmora AI copywriting

If you want to create a high-quality video script with free AI copywriting functionality, Filmora’s AI Copywriting feature is useful. People can access this new Beta-version AI tool after downloading the Filmora software and then a short description for content generation. Then, the tool immediately detects the prompt and prepares a unique video script for short videos.


  • Add a prompt for the free copy AI to process the AI information.
  • You can ask 20 questions maximum per day.
  • Get many variations of results.
  • Access via the homepage or during the export process.
  • It is suitable for creating short scripts for video content.
  • Copy and paste functionality for the generated script.
  • Simple to access from the homepage.
  • The AI generation speed is slow.
  • Free users cannot create their videos on Filmora with high-quality changes and still use this tool.

Cost: Free (with paid plans for using the video editing version).

Compatible OS: online

ChatGPT is now available in Filmora 12!
Free Download
Free Download

4.AI Writer  

AI Writer is one of the best online software types available currently as a high-grade AI copywriting tool free. Using this platform, people can add the title of their content in English. The AI algorithm here will take time to prepare a high-quality AI-based article for the user.


  • Robust AI for copywriting with SEO optimization supported.
  • Get access to different verifiable sources for citation.
  • SEO Editor is available for content checking to make it suitable for SERPs.
  • SubTopic Discoverer helps with easier topic planning and ideas.
  • You can create longer content with this tool.
  • Fast processing of content within minutes.
  • An in-built text rephrasing is available.
  • It would help if you upgraded to very high costs to get more articles to edit/create.
  • Only Power plan users get to add around ten users to one plan.

Cost: 1-week free trial + Free for two months with yearly plans (the cost versions start with USD 29/month for Basic plan users)

Compatible OS: online



Wordtune is another high-quality online software for copywriting AI-free, this time mainly available as a browser extension. Thus, when you activate this, you can access your email account or many websites, and the extension will activate immediately. Then, on the website, you can choose specific text sections, and the extension will provide an AI-based rewritten prompt.


  • It works as a Microsoft Edge or Chrome browser extension.
  • It supports collaborative team-based usage.
  • The extension is compatible with different sites, like Google Docs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, etc.
  • Activate rewriting functionality for specific parts of the text.
  • Easy to use across different websites you access through your browser.
  • It supports many languages.
  • There is a version that works directly in Microsoft Word documents.
  • No offline mode yet.
  • Free version users have limited rewrites to use per month.

Cost: Free (upgraded paid versions are available starting at USD 9.99/month)

Compatible OS: online

6.Smart Copy

Smart Copy

One of the best free AI copywriting tools you can utilize is the Smart Copy tool. Users can write their content after choosing one of the available AI-based templates and setting their language. Then, creating the content with AI-based copywriting assistance from the software for content editing is simple.


  • This supports 30+ language types.
  • Users get 45+ copywriting templates to select from.
  • Grammarly integration while working on the files.
  • High-quality community support for users here.
  • Multi-functional software for online and app-based usage.
  • You will get a browser extension version.
  • You will get 40 credits to use per month.
  • Free plan users can only access and work on one project.
  • No copy insights are available for users.

Cost: Free (upgraded plans are also available with USD 9+ costs per month)

Compatible OS: online, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Part 2: 6 Best Paid AI Copywriting Tools Available

While you can benefit from the free tools for marketing copy AI favorably well, some limitations are common regarding the range of services. Comparatively, you can use a premium app version that you can use with cost upgrade options. Learn about these paid tools for copywriting with AI that you can trust.



Regarding copywriting AI, Jasper AI is one of the premium service providers to consider. Depending on categories, you will get many content types to choose from among the templates, like Blog Post Introduction or Long—Form Assistant versions. Then, you can activate the AI algorithm here to create customized content based on your chosen specifications.


  • High-quality Jasper Chat for interactive content generation.
  • Start with 20,000 words with the low-cost version.
  • 50+ types of AI templates are available.
  • Around five users can utilize one license.
  • Use Edge and Chrome extension versions.
  • Email support is available for queries.
  • 30+ languages are compatible with copywriting processes here.
  • Only the Business plan users get a knowledge base/style guide learning ability.
  • It would be best to upgrade to a higher-paid plan for custom template support.

Cost: Starter- USD 24/month; Boss Mode- USD 49/month; Business- customized cost

Compatible OS: online

2.Bertha AI

Bertha AI

Bertha AI is a top-notch AI copywriting tool with high-grade AI technologies for content generation, including ChatGPT. You can rephrase the parts of the content you create and use this online tool to prepare AI images. Here, a history section is available to check all saved files for later editing. 


  • Creates images and text with AI technologies.
  • Add a description for the copywriting AI
  • High-quality ChatGPT module for chat-based interaction to generate content.
  • Instant Content Rephraser feature for fixing erroneous texts with AI.
  • Fast processing for AI-based content.
  • The Chrome extension version is available.
  • Get priority customer support.
  • It would help if you got a higher-cost plan to get one website support for Chrome-based extensions.
  • Upgrading to a higher-paid plan is necessary to get 100,000+ words each month.

Cost: Starter- USD 20/month; Pro- USD 45/month; Pro Unlimited- USD 150/month

Compatible OS: online

3.SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine is a high-grade AI copywriting tool that people can use to create hundreds of content pieces with some keywords. You can also adjust the size of the article, setting the entire range of paragraphs, variations, and other customizations during this editing process. The chat-style AI support here makes the app simple to use as well.


  • Get 10,000 AI-based writing credits and higher.
  • Trial users get 100,000 AI-centric paraphraser characters.
  • Instant updates are available for all users.
  • Additional plans for specific functions, like AI rephraser.
  • Add article keywords for the generation process.
  • Tutorial videos are available to know how the functions work.
  • Choose between varying supported languages.
  • The free trial version is available only for five days.
  • Users do not get simultaneous login support on different devices.

Cost: Monthly- USD 27; Quarterly- USD 57; Yearly- USD 120; Fallback- USD 197

Compatible OS: Windows, Mac, Linux  

4.Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI

If you want to get a high-grade and user-friendly copywriting AI tool, Hypotenuse AI is a suitable app to use for that. You can set up the title for the content types you create here and specify some keywords. Based on this information, the AI generates suitable content based on the outline you set.


  • Create product descriptions with AI in bulk amounts.
  • Get 200+ AI images with 50 generated ones.
  • Get an assistant wizard for article writing from the beginning to the end of the file.
  • Start with 100 credits under the Starter plan.
  • No watermark is visible on the AI image options.
  • High-quality resolution of the images and clarity in text output.
  • Left-over credits roll over to the next month if not fully used.
  • The lowest cost plan is available for one user only.
  • Only the higher cost plans like Growth give plagiarism checking support.

Cost: Starter- USD 29/month; Growth- USD 59/month; Enterprise- custom pricing

Compatible OS: online

5.Copysmith AI

Copysmith AI

Copysmith AI is one of the best AI copywriters available today for top-notch command-based content creation. Here, you can add the instructions for the file and adjust the language, tone, creativity, and various parameters based on your preferences. Then, run the AI to generate suitable content instantly based on your requirements.


  • Supports robust GPT Turbo technology.
  • Select between varying use cases.
  • Choose between long-form content, product description, and ad copy options for AI copywriting.
  • Set your preferred tone, variations, language, etc.
  • Additional five use cases for product description.
  • Directly publish content to Google Docs or Zapier.
  • Share as an editor or viewer with other contacts.
  • A free trial is available only for seven days.
  • It works on one device per license.

Cost: Starter Annual- USD 19/month; Pro Plan Annual- USD 41/month; Custom Enterprise- customizing pricing

Compatible OS: online (via browser)



Outranking is another high-quality copywriter tool you can use online for artificially made content. You can set an outline for the content you are creating and edit the documents. Here, you can set the headlines and subsections with the proper formatting.


  • The AI technology detects the available text and upgrades in 5 or lesser minutes.
  • Get content briefs with SEO optimization.
  • Create an AI-based first draft of SEO-friendly content.
  • A Prompt Writing feature is available for users.
  • Get research help during the copywriting process.
  • Different tracking and optimization reporting functions are available.
  • High-grade collaboration support for users.
  • The higher-paid plans allow unlimited AI character choices for users.
  • You must pay separately to get AI-powered advanced clustering/keyword strategy support.

Cost: Starter- USD 7 + USD 49 from the following month; Solo- USD 79/month; Pro- USD 149/month; Company- USD 219/month

Compatible OS: online


Overall, there are multiple top-range AI copywriting tools available in the market. All have standard functions and specific unique elements that make them stand out compared to most options.

Therefore, learn about the features and benefits of these choices appropriately to know which one best serves your personal copywriting AI needs.


  1. What are the common types of copywriting?

Various types of copywriting processes are available, helpful in creating varying content types. These include versions like B2C or B2B content, digital copywriting, SEO copywriting, creative copywriting, social media copywriting, digital copywriting, Ad copywriting, and more.

  1. What is the leading technology behind AI copywriting?

The AI-based copywriting tools can handle tasks related to writing and reading text with human-like behavior. These tools are conditioned with deep learning mechanisms to study standard copywriting processes and behavior. The technology used in these tools for this content generation process is NLP or Natural Language Processing.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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