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Text-To-Video Generation With - A Simple Guide

Gianni Originally published Mar 12, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

Text-to-video generating tools have emerged as popular tools providing a good content creation utility. There are multiple tools that exist, providing different utilities throughout the digital industry. With no restriction on user accessibility, such tools help make quality videos with AI. text-to-video is one efficient option that helps generate video from simple text.

This article is based on providing a detailed overview of the VEED text-to-video feature along with other practical adaptabilities. You will also get hold of a top option that helps create professional video content.

In this article
  1. Part 2. How To Do the Text-to-Video?
  2. Part 3. Reviews, Ratings and Features 2024
  3. Part 4. How to Shift to Offline Tools for Text-To-Video Generation? Use Wondershare Filmora!
  4. Conclusion

Part 1: An Online Video Editor Making Text-To-Video Efficient

If you wish to bring your ideas to life, is one of the renowned online editing tools offering unique features. This online video editing and generating facility provides some exceptional features. Apart from discussing its VEED text-to-video utility, there is much more you can find in This service makes video editing easy on online platforms, making it a commendable option.

Starting with its essential editing tools, these features are found across good video editors. Upon adding a video, you can easily include effects, filters, transitions, and other elements. Coming straight to its AI adaptation, has added multiple features to its overall system.

veed io editing platform

Part 2: How To Do the Text-to-Video?

As we extend our discussion to the text-to-video functionality offered by, there is much to learn. Firstly, comes with a simple interface that demands a single prompt. With a single line of video topics, you can generate a proper video with's online utility. VEED text-to-video is a one-of-a-kind service that also comes with the option of generating AI example prompts.

However, the results are then opened across the video editor, where the user can make edits. Following this, the dedicated personalization tools offered by enable you to create unique content. To know how the VEED text-to-video function can used to perfection, look ahead into the steps:

Step 1. You need to access the AI text-to-video feature of on your browser. As you open it, continue to add the topic in the provided space. Conversely, you can select the "+Try an example" option to generate an example from AI prompts. Once you've added a topic, select the "Generate video" button to continue next.

access ai text to video veed

Step 2. This automatically generates a video within a few minutes, which can be opened across its editing window. To do so, click the "Open in Editor" button to proceed to

proceed to editor of veed

Step 3. You will then be navigated into the editing window, where you can make further edits to the video. Then, click the "Done" button on the top right and export your video with the proper settings.

export final video from veed

Part 3: Reviews, Ratings and Features 2024

After a quick assessment of how the text-to-video feature operates in, you might need some further endorsements. This first comes with the pros and cons of using text-to-video, which are provided as follows:

  • You can find an extensive range of video file format support in This enables users to manage wider options in video editing across
  • There are versatile editing options available in, which includes enhancing the entire video. You can add transitions, animations, stickers, and more to improve your video's overview.
  • supports direct export options to different social networks. It allows you to avoid the longer routes going across social media channels.
  • This service does not provide a batch editing service for video editing.
  • You are entirely dependent on the internet connection to use’s video editing service.

Rating: 5.6/10 (TrustRadius) - 3.4/5 (GetApp)

Real Customer Feedback of

“This software has the potential to be really good, there are a lot of great features that are helpful in creating content that will trend online.” (GetApp)

“Love using VEED. It's an easy to use editor with lots of cool AI features! Great for editing TikTok and reels.” (Product Hunt)

“The frustration and the inability to contact anyone to fix a problem is annoying. Again, please do not trust your content with them.” (GetApp)

Other Features of

To know more about some of its prominent features, look ahead to the essential pointers:

  • The online video editor provides the option of AI translating your video into other languages. This helps interact with a broader audience for better reach and overall growth.
  • You can also clone voices into the video with the help of the dedicated tool in This is the next level of personalization offered in the online video editor.
  • Create automatic subtitles with extensive language support with It helps reach a better audience and interact through subtitles.
  • Another option is cleaning the background noise from the video with With a single click, it removes all noise from the video to make it professional.
overall interface of veed io

Part 4: How to Shift to Offline Tools for Text-To-Video Generation? Use Wondershare Filmora! is an entirely online option for editing videos and generating videos from text. However, you need a versatile option that works under any circumstances. Wondershare Filmora is a renowned service offering text-to-video services to a diverse audience. This service is not only a simple VEED text-to-audio alternative but is a complete video editor.

Wondershare Filmora provides a comprehensive set of video editing features with quality results. You can do everything from adding effects to including filters in your videos in Filmora.

AI Text-To-Video Feature

This video editing utility provides a complete text-to-video generation service with professional results. While other tools do not promise high-quality, unique, and professional videos, Filmora does otherwise. After giving a simple video script manually written or added through AI, you need to make some other adjustments. With a language setting and AI voice selection, you can get a complete video instantly.

Text To Video【Filmora AI Function】

Free Download
Free Download

Other Prominent Features of Wondershare Filmora

There are several other features of Wondershare Filmora which stand out among the top options. A brief list of its features is mentioned as follows to make your video management easier:

  1. AI Vocal Remover: If you wish to create a karaoke or instrumental of your favorite music video, AI Vocal Remover makes it possible. This unique feature breaks down and divides the instrumental and vocals of a video or audio.
  2. Silence Detection: The silence detection feature provided by Wondershare Filmora is exceptional in removing unwanted video portions. This AI feature removes video parts without audio to make the video concise.
  3. AI Copilot Editing: As a beginner, you need to go in the right direction in video editing. This is achieved with the help of Wondershare Filmora AI Copilot Editor. Provide simple prompts and get detailed answers to how to manage your video properly.


You have known enough about the VEED text-to-video feature in this article. Along with its top features and other prominent points, it is evident why is a good option for video editing. However, you should shift to Wondershare Filmora for best results for text-to-video generation. This service provides extensive support for video editing along with this dedicated feature.

Gianni Mar 27, 24
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