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A Roster of 8 Best Color Match Generators

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 18, 22, updated May 20, 24
A Roster of 8 Best Color Match Generators

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Did you face difficulty in putting a bunch of colors together and making them work well in a visual design? Yeah! It is not easy and complicated as throwing colors here and there. No doubt, for creating a graphic design, a story with imagery is delivered. To highlight things, the colors and the text are essential parts. This is where perfection is needed, so there are many color palette generators to make these tasks easier. A color match generator generates a random color palette or helps users create a selection of colors. This selection will define a specified shade. So, what makes an excellent color matching, and how can it be made? We've put some best color match generators together.

Color Match Generators

From today's discussion, you'll learn some must-know color match generates solutions. So, browse through mentioned eight-color match generators and create your color combinations and matching colors generator. Let's get started!

Part 1 8 Color Match Generators

Let's check out our well-researched findings on the 8 best color match generators for creating the perfect color combination and matching color with these matching colors generators.


'Coolors' help users create the perfect palette. Along with an intuitive and robust color match generator, it offers thousands of beautiful color schemes. 'Coolors' tool is available as an iOS app, Instagram page, and Chrome extension. You can also find this accessible and ad-supported tool on the web. You can easily use this tool to explore palettes based on keywords and create your color palette from an uploaded image. Users will find the option to see the RGB, HEX codes, and CYMK color values. It will help them ensure that they have used the exact color shade while choosing and working with the available colors.


Generate the palettes by exploring popular palettes.

Easily pick up option for taking palette from photo.

Create a collage.

Explore gradients and create a gradient.

Contrast checker.

Coolors Color Palettes Generator

02Adobe Color

Adobe Color offers several free outstanding color shades that allow all users to show creativity. Adobe Color offers the color wheel to create color schemes as the wheel has different color harmony rules. Adobe Color helps extract themes from pictures, create gradients from uploaded ones, and create color palettes individually. Users can take subscriptions or not to Adobe products. Users can have color choices to ensure their shades for colorblind people as a background for text. Adobe Color extracts a color theme as well as a gradient from images. You can save the color themes if you have accessed Adobe's Creative Cloud and use those themes directly in your projects.


Create accessible themes by checking the background and text colors contrast ratio.

Easily compare themes to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Colorblind safe themes to ensure better experiences.

A large number of Color Harmony Rules to apply.

Accessible theme suggestions and color education availability.

Adobe Color Accessibility Checker

03 Palettton

Paletton offers a different approach compared to most color matching tools. This quite technical-looking and free color match generator is backed. Paletton can be seemed intimidating because of its interface. You will also get a few base colors set by brand guidelines in web design. This tool is excellent for adding a base color and tuning the gradients until a smooth color scheme. You can modify selections individually to know the shifts of shades. It can take the presets that create adjacent and monochromatic options. To choose the shades to match the primary color, you can adjust the color wheel distance.


All color palettes have an offered base color.

Eyedropper tool to extract a color or two from any of the selected images.

Multiple color combinations.

Using Paletton's feature for vision simulation.

Presets option available according to the base color.

Paletton Color Generator

04 ColorHunt

Color Hunt offers a vast collection of color palettes. This designer's color palettes individually include a large number of colors shades. This tool contains different color palettes to explore according to popularity or trends. The tool has an option to let users create their color palettes. Other designers do craft these color palettes. The palettes are so visual to users to pick a palette easily and begin your design. Here, a little experience will assist you more in selecting the best color for the pallet. This artist-generated color palette library offers trendy, new, or random tools access.


Allow discovering the newest hand-picked palettes.

Create your four-color palette.

A sheer number of created color palettes.

Copy the HEX values for the colors or generate an image.

Sharing options to get your colleagues.

ColorHunt Color Palettes Generator

05 BrandColors

BrandColors has the most extensive collection of several multiple brand color codes. This color-exploration tool offers much more than a good color palette generator. Serially there will be numerous color shades to choose from. This free tool shows the official brand color shades in purpose to use for hundreds of sports teams, companies, and other firms as well. For organizations, BrandColors has well-featured tools to develop their brand identity. You can scroll through the options to use color shades for applicable brands. You can easily select the color codes to quickly mimic or share a link.


Offer a helpful reference for the brand color codes.

More than 600 brands, including 1600 colors.

Featured by CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine, Tuts+, Web Design Depot, and over 2 million page views.

Offers color shades serially and views in letter form.

Best to avoid conflict with a competitor while finding a color that will look different.

BrandColors Match Generators


'Culrs' color match generator offers customized features so that you can be able to customize your color palette fully. 'Culrs' can generate color shades from a randomly selected image using Flickr. It offers free and simple-to-use color shades library along with different colors. It allows searching more than 17K color schemes and helps you to match words according to the color relativity. It serves methods including contrasting, monochromatic, or complementary. You will find the easiest way to explore color from the monochromatic palettes. There is not necessary to put pressure on your brain to find the right color combinations.


Work can be curated and fashioned into quality palettes.

Find must-have color by copying the HEX code.

Mix colors up and warm shades and blend well.

Explore categories from analogous, monochromatic, triad, and tetradic.

Multiple hue options to see beautiful palettes.

Culrs Color Match Gallery

07 ColourCode

'ColourCode' will offer you multiple color shades to create palettes and harmonies. The color shading options remain side by side, and you can choose the brighter or lighter versions of your chosen colors with others. And there are options for creating palettes and exporting formats in several image formats. 'ColourCode' will offer several palettes so that you can generate harmonies. You can get several file formats to export and download with the most straightforward interface. All available options are easily accessible from its main interface.


Click and add the color on the screen browser

Create palettes on the same cursor according to the previous site's interface.

Generate color palettes in analog, triad, quad, monochrome, complement, monochromatic light, etc. categories.

Export image files and save themes in LESS, SCSS, and PNG formats.

The created color schemes are downloadable in multiple languages.

ColourCode Match Generators

08Colour Lovers

Color Lovers helps create patterns and palettes for matching color generators with a vital social component, offering multiple numbers of color palettes and over a million colorful user bases to match. ColourLovers is a creative cornerstone of the online color community for artists to share their created palettes and patterns, including multiple design elements. You can generate extraordinary color editing tasks with palettes, patterns, shapes, and more. A basic generator version is more straightforward, and its free color palette is quite technical.


Create and share colors, palettes, and patterns with offered color shades.

Palettes like Fugitive Colour, Son of Ariel, etc., are available.

Patterns include Southern Hemisphere, Wonderment, The Limbic System, and more.

Multiple shapes, groups, trends, etc., are available.

Guide through several blog posts on multiple topics like wedding, home, fashion, web, etc.

ColourLovers Match Generators

Part 2 The Best Solution of Color Match Generators: Filmora 11 Video Editor

While it is the topic of color match generators, how can we avoid the most well-known and used tool, Filmora, under matching color generators? Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is an all-in-one combination of many color shades generating tools and multiple other features. 

Filmora 11 lets you transform your video into a piece of unique and most attractive art with a drag and drop interface, simple and powerful arts, colors, and editing tools. This color match generator has numerous functions to help you generate your own story with color perfection. You will find several effects to edit and other basic and advanced tools to beautify your videos. This powerful editor and color generator provide quality performance and ensure the appropriate color and editing match your expectations. You can use its color matching features and color palettes to match color accurately. Take a brief overview of features:

3D color grading pallets.

Enhance videos' beauty with more than 800 stunning effects

Unleash creativity with offered Hollywood effects.

Adjust the color tuning balance and dynamic range of the clips.

Overlays and filters to transform a video into something spectacular.

Clip adjustment with color tuning option.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Key Takeaways from This Episode

From our today's discussion in this article, we have got overviews of the below things:

We learned about 8 top Color Match Generators.

Offered features of Color Match Generators

The best solution for matching color generators is Filmora 11 and its proposed features.

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