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Best 7 Color Match Paint Apps

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 18, 22, updated May 20, 24
Best 7 Color Match Paint Apps

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

In today's digital world, applications make tax more manageable, efficient, and labor-intensive. In addition, when it comes to the painting of the house or paint match, this application will allow you to do everything digitally by testing out different colors on your own to match a color in your favorite picture.

color match paint

You can find paint color from photos to make your choice on matching paint color, and also, there are several ways you can match paints to your desired color. There is a famous saying that Color is Life, and the house is the place where you live in your life. So, the proper color matching will bring brightness to your life. Isn't that? Using the appropriate paint color finder will enable you to make a wise choice to paint your house effectively.

Part 1 Steps for Matching a Paint Color

Become a paint match Pro by following these steps below to match paint color. Here are five steps. Paying attention to these steps shall make choosing the correct color control system much more accessible and provide a more comprehensive understanding of matching colors:

matching a paint color

01Step 1: Identify the desired color/hue

Eyeball the color and choose a match closest to the color you want, but this method is likely to match existing paint in a noticeable area. In addition, it is a perfectly acceptable option when you want to choose a closer color.

02Step 2: Select an Application

Please make use of paint matching applications to make it easier. Oh, they work differently but provide the same solution. 

Just download the application to your smartphone, 

Take a picture of the painted surface you want to match in natural light, 

Upload it to the heart. 

The app will get you the closest cousin, and more so you can preview recommended accent color and design from the comfort of your home.

Alternatively, you can take a picture with your phone in natural light without using a caller app and take the photo to your favorite paint store. They will match the color very closely with their installed spectrophotometer. Although there might be variations in color display on phone cameras, we most assuredly get a satisfactory result.

03Step 3: Paint store

When you are out of options or other options to use and need a perfect match for an already painted wall, you need to collect samples and take them to the paint store. Using a sharp utility blade, scrape a small square on a section of the painted drywall

if you want to match a pale yellow, bright blue, or stormy sky grey furniture or wall. All you need is to head to your favorite paint store and gather up a selection of paint chips close to the hue you are trying to match. After that, bring the trip home and hang them on the surface which color you want to duplicate, then observe multiple lights using lamp light and daylight, whichever chip matches most closely.

Part 2 What's the Best 7 Color Match Paint Apps

One of the essential tips to making a design come alive is choosing the right color combination, and when you want to make your audience feel something, you can achieve this with the use of color. Whether you choose the perfect color combination for your logo or website or choose a color for a flyer, business card, and photograph, everything remains the same. Most times, it isn't easy to match colors together. Thus, we compiled a list of the best mobile application you can use in matching colors at a go.

Here are seven (7) auto paint matching applications that we recommend when you want to tackle an exterior and interior painting Project:

01Paint My Place

color match paint apps 01

The Paint My Place application is a fantastic virtual reality for Android and iPhone devices. It allows you to experience different colors on your walls without picking up a brush. You need to upload an image of your space, choose your paint brand, and swipe with your fingers.

Cost: Basic Free, advanced $2.99


Access to thousands of color palette

The app is handy

Easy to use


Painting around furniture or design details is difficult

It is sometimes not accurate

Advanced features need a subscription

02ColorView Finder

color match paint apps 02

ColorView Finder is handy for iPad and iPhone users. It is used for the first house painting stage when looking for an inspirational area of color palettes. Focus your camera on an object that dries the attention, and the app will automatically generate an array of five color combinations.

Cost: Basic (Free), $1.99 (Pro)


Provides you with a continuous selection of color palettes to mature image inspiration

Lots of customization feature

It has a creative layout feature


The free version has a watermark

To access the thousands of features, you will need to upgrade to the pro version

Auto-generation sometimes avoid selecting color choices

03Paint My Wall

color match paint apps 03

Paint My Wall is an effortless and easy-to-use application available for iOS devices and allows you to use images to explore color options or upload your photo to test. It will enable you to paint with your finger digitally or use the intelligent feel to feel a wall completely.

Cost: free


It is easy to use

It is quick to test various color option

The nice erase function gives a chance for modification.


There are a few ads that you must skip to move on

It has limited customization features

Edge detection does not working properly


color match paint apps 04

ColorSnap is the best color palette creator that allows you to explore all of the paint colors and gives you the ability to create your color palette. Choose the color you like and see coordinating and similar colors to take it to the next level. Accessible to both Android and iOS devices.

Cost: free


It is easy to use

It is the best color palette creator

It is a good app for getting started on your painting project


The amount of paint options available in the application is a bit overwhelming

It has limited customization features

It does not give a real vision of the color as compared to digitalized look.

04Paint Tester

color match paint apps 05

The Paint Tester app is available on Android and iOS devices and provides a quick way to find my paint color and purchase it right away. Choose your paint color from the two options, test the color on your surface and then select the cut button to be taken to the retailer.

Cost: $2.99


The app is easy to use

It is quick to use for fast projects and to find a paint color

Can save color combination to photo album.


It has limited customization features

Ads showed up in between.

Contain certain bugs

05Home Harmony

color match paint apps 06

Home Harmony is a perfect all in 1 tool for iOS devices for designing an exterior room. The app is straightforward to use and makes switching between paint brands easier.

Cost: Free


The app is easy to use

Lots of customization options

You can try multiple color options.


The app is a bit slow compared to others

Ads under Free Version.

Sometimes crash or freeze out.


color match paint apps 07

ColorPic is a color hub for Amazon lovers and is available on Android and iOS devices. It gives you a view of your new paint and an easy order button straight from Amazon. A building loan calculator tells you the total number of cans you should purchase for your project.

Cost: $2.99


You can explore the entire color from the main menu

The before and after images shows how pressure paints look

Color-changing wheels give a quick option to choose from.


The sample images in the harp gallery are not downloadable

No free version

Sometimes color changing does not work well

07The New Filmora 11

Note: If you want to have a color match function from your PC, there is one ultimate solution. Yes, we are talking about the latest Wondershare launch, Filmora 11. The new Filmora 11 can do color correction, matching in a batch.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

You can opt for customized color correction

The color setting, degree adjustment

Comparison preview function and a lot more.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

The article covers how to get paint color matching

Steps to match paint color

Some of the prime application that assists in color matching.

The color match in Filmora allows you to color correct the clip as a badge instead of editing it individually.

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