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Top 12 Evil Cartoon Characters of All Time

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 18, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
Top 12 Evil Cartoon Characters of All Time

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The time when Incredible 2 hits thetheatres, family of Super-starshad to face off against the new villain ‘The Screen Slaver’, he was a villain who make use of hypnotism to get the people do what he want to. Perhaps, only the time will tell us if any upcoming bad-guy will be brutal enough to gets added in the list of great cartoon animated villains throughout the history.Your favourite cartoon superhero would not be a super hero without a villain to battle. So, it’s the villain who set the stage or fire and plot in a motion.Many cartoon evil cartoon characters from the past shown us their presence with genuinely memorable moments and crimes that were both exciting & exhilarating to watch on the screen.

Presenting you the list of fifteen most incredible villains of all time when it comes to cartoon characters.

01Cruella De Vil, From 101 Dalmatians

Name of the cartoon character: Cruella De Vil

Your next villain on the list alone includes the words like Devil, Cruel, Evil, but you don’t need to spell each one of them in order to prove how wicked and cruel this female character is. A person don’t need to be a pet lover to know about the obsession of scalping puppies for the fur in terms of sick & twisted, however for the evil cartoon character ‘Cruella De Vil’, it is not just the horrible hobby but also a whole way of life. Aside from having penchant for the puppy murders, she loves to sit in home alone. Cartoon Cruella devilis the central antagonist of the animated series one hundred and one Dalmatians. Her death’s head-face, schizoid black &white head of hairsas well as her cheekbones which looks similar to a holding position of double-pointed arrows inside her mouth are enough to kill you. Her satanic, go-for-broke craving to grab those spotted puppies are always ready to bring Goosebumps. Cruella Deville cartooncharacter is one of the scariest and fantastic characters of that era.

02Hades, Disney’s Hercules

Name of the cartoon character: Hades

James Woods’ anachronistic Hollywood style "sweetie baby" patter and fast-talking, probably is not that far-off exactly from what you would like to hear in real life for TinselTown. In one of the episode of spin-off TV series by Disney: Hercules featured Jafar’s ghost in Strangers on the Train-style of plot to switch the enemies, Aladdin for the Hercules. Hades cannot believe in his guest’s melodramatic-histrionics & then indulges in few more wisecracks at the Jafar’s expense.

03Tasmanian Devil

Name of the cartoon character: Taz

Tasmanian devil or Tazharbours a very special craving for the rabbits and talking about its cruel acts, he always love to crave for his favourite food ‘Bunny the rabbit’. He is a strong murderous-beast with jaws as brutal as a steel trap. With his ravenous appetite he is capable of eating tigers, buffaloes, lions, elephants, donkeys, giraffes, rhinoceroses,octopuses, moose and of course Rabbits. In the animated character "Ducking the Devil", a warning is show which describe TASMANIAN DEVIL as the most powerful, evil-tempered, vicious brute who is hungry for food every single time. He comes among the list of Tassie devil cartoonfor his killing abilities.

04Gru, Despicable Me

Name of the cartoon character: Gru

Gru is the central character of the movie franchise ‘Despicable Me’ and he is both villain & hero at once. He never seems to put any of his loved ones in danger physically but his villainy comes more in terms of mega-pranks. Thanks to his latent cuddliness and goofball horde of Minions won’s the heart of millions.

05Jafar From Aladdin

Name of the cartoon character: Jafar

Jafar always managed to put himself one step away from other townspeople who are searching for Aladdin. He is Sultan’s evil advisor, and having lots of negative qualities that goes beyond his questionable facial-hair. In the entire episodes of Disney’s classic Aladdin, Jafar always attempts to overthrow sultan, and forces Princess Jasmine to marry him and even plans to kill Aladdin.

06Ren Hoek, The Ren and Stimpy Show

Name of the cartoon character: Ren Hoek

He is the evil cartoon character who tortures & kills animals, but why? Well, there is no reason behind it, he just love to murder poor animals & one of the episodes of ‘The Ren and Stimpy Show’ he nearly whacks somebody's eyeballs out. With his psychotic characteristics he is still among the list of dangerously wicked villains of all time. He is theEvil dog cartoonfor all the puppies.

07Scar, The Lion King

Name of the cartoon character: Scar

He is the central most antagonist of the Disney's 1994 most anticipated and most interesting animated feature movie, The Lion King. He is the 2ndson of Uru & Ahadi, who were in past, the King and the Queen of this Pride Lands. He is also a younger brother of Mufasa,&uncle of Simba.

He is yet another glib feline from the Disney’s villain and ready to show his evilness with famous song "Be Prepared". With Jeremy Irons’ outstanding delivery & sarcastic personality is all you need to watch as Scar always imagines himself asa fuehrer in another famous song ‘Triumph of the Will-style’.

Scar look at the things with his sinister approach and even one step further by convincing his nephew Simba for his father’s death after murdering her younger brother to gain access to the throw of king.

With his gang of hyenas, he take over his new-kingdom & ruled the same with his wicked leadership skills which is as horrible as Scar’s morals. He is always ready to show you his sinful supervillain approach who destroys everything in and around you.

08Sher-Khan, The Jungle book

Name of the cartoon character: Sher-Khan

With George Sanders’s sophisticated, urbane voice the role of Sher-khan was one of the most brilliant performances anevil cat cartoon can ever have. It was the kind of performance that can’t be replicated. SherKhan’s above-it-all voice delivery is just an incredible as well as an interesting alternative to voiceless predator who usually threatening hero in this Disney film.

09Mojo Jojo, Powerpuff Girls

Name of the cartoon character: Mojo Jojo

He was the one with tough cookie, a booming voice &different diabolical schemes as compared to what he knew in terms of what next to do. The bad monkey of animated cartoon characters always in a hurry to ruin the lives of Powerpuff Girls for different occasions, & eventually succeeded in doing so in various episodes of ‘Powerpuff Girls’. A successful villain is always memorable, but one who is hyper-intelligent sometimes wins few more brownie points.

10The Joker, From Batman Animated Series

Name of the cartoon character: The Joker

He is the most anticipated TV villain that you can’t forget to add in the list, he is the villain of the villains. The Joker from the Batman animated series and comic books is the most iconic villains of all times. Every single iteration of this ‘Clown Prince of Crime’delivers a new reason to love him. You can’t end the list of evil cartoon characters from 90’s without including MR. J. He has an intent of turning the ‘Gotham City’ into his petrifying playground. It takes immense pleasure to watch him in each & every single moment while torturing with his killing performance to others. He love to create chaos at each place where he goes.

11Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty

Name of the cartoon character: Maleficent

With her icy elegant looks and great entrance with a blaze of eldritch flame makes her a supreme contender of the most evil cartoon face. She has an impeccable fashion-sense also with spiky black &purple robes and not to forget her headpiece shaped-like set of elegantly curved-horns.

She is the self-described "mistress’ of all devils.With being a nasty babe, she is sarcastically evil with her taunts and tortures of shooting lightning-bolts at her own cartoonish-minions. She is the bad-ass and always manages to sneak-peak a naughty word into the Disney toon at the time of turning into one of the coolest-looking cartoon-dragons ever.

12The Evil Queen, Snow White

Name of the cartoon character: The Evil Queen

The evil queen’s performance in Snow white is way more than even the 21st century’s standards and she is still the scariest devil cartoon character. There is always a pair of ‘excellent’ shots in the Snow white movie that never fails to impress anyone. The elegant evil queen downs the area that will transform the queen into the withered hag with both foreground &background elements framing the queen, suddenly slides intothe opposite directions & at the end dissolve into the blur when the room starts to spin around her-this is something powerful multiplane-effect. She always manages to tell you about her evil acts with breath-taking moments of visually appealing storytelling.

The Final Words

When we mix up golden ages of animation & villainy, we will get amazing galleries of animated baddies, this list also have those baddies with mix of emotions & love for them.

The Devils described demonstrating us about the level of creativity.

You can refurbish your classic moments with those characters from this list with successfully greatest villains.

Also keep this suggestion of learning about the ways to simply turn yourself into one of your favourite Evil anime character through the use of filters and little understanding of anime.

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