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Popular Female & Male Disney Cartoon Characters To Empower You

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 18, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Popular Female & Male Disney Cartoon Characters To Empower You

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Making your Disney cartoons is easy with various applications. Learn about cute Disney princess cartoon characters. See new look of old Disney characters.

Popular Female and Male Disney Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters are not only favorite to the small age group kids or toddlers, but they are loved by the elders also. We all have grown up watching our favorite cartoon characters like Cinderella, Jasmine-Aladdin, tom-jerry and snow white. These cartoon characters have been like a friend to the kids at their growing ages. Most of the Disney channel cartoon characters are known for their courage, strength, intelligence and many other attributes. These characters help the kids to learn so many things along with fun.

Part 1 Top Pick for the Cutest Female Disney Characters

Cutest Female Disney Characters

No doubt HD techniques and animations have brought some new and amazing cartoon characters that can make anyone fall in love with them. But the craziness of kids for old cartoon characters has not changed yet. You or your kid may not be familiar with all characters of cartoon world, so here is a compilation of some of the best and well-known cartoon characters in both male and female characters. Let's see first female disney cartoon characters:


Voice actor: Idina Menzel

Film's Year of Release: 2013

Imdb Ratings: 6.8/10

Character Story Description: Elsa is one of the beautiful and strongest characters of Disney. The specialty of this cute character is that she can freeze anything and make ice. Not only pretty but she is also good at heart. The only thing which makes her different is that she cannot control her power, so she needs to be away from people. Her sister helps her to get back to normal state.

02Jasmine – Aladdin

Voice actor: Mena Massoud

Film's Year of Release: 2019

Imdb Ratings: 6.9/10

Character Story Description: If Aladdin is favorite character of boys, Jasmine is adored by girls. Although from a royal family, she loves to do silly things that make her happy. Small girls love to dress up like Jasmine and act like her. She is no doubt a beautiful female Disney cartoon character. 

033. Belle – The Beauty and the Beast

Voice actor: Emma Watson

Film's Year of Release: 2017

Imdb Ratings: 7.1/10

Character Story Description: Belle is a sweet gild and fond of books. Being a simple and kind hearted does not make her weak and it's not like she cannot protect herself. In the movie Gaston tries to be flirty with her, but she remained strong and kept him away from the home number of times. She always sees the good nature of a person than the appearance of a person.

04Snow White – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Voice actor: Adriana Caselotti

Film's Year of Release: 1938

Imdb Ratings: 7.6/10

Character Story Description: Snow white is the first princess cartoon character from Disney that appears on the big screen. As her name suggest she is as beautiful like snow. But she has a bad step mother who hates her and tries to mess all the things related to snow white. The story is about how snow white gets a way to be free from her step mother and live happily ever.

05Helen Parr – The Incredibles

Voice actor: Holly Hunter

Film's Year of Release: 2004

Imdb Ratings: 8.1/10

Character Story Description: Helen Parr in the movie has super power to be elastic as she wants. She can change her body shape to anything as she desires. She is having a special and powerful suit that she wears while fighting with the other supers. She is also known as Mrs. Incredible. Eventually her suit gets damages but she gets it back and once again becomes a super power.

Part 2 The 5 Hottest Disney Animated Men

Hottest Disney Animated Men

Male Disney cartoon characters have varieties like some of them are king, while some are the super heroes and some are cute to be loved. With the changing trend of the cartoon world, kids are more inclined to super heroes and marvel heroes. But we have some of the top old Disney cartoon characters along with some new ones. Here is the list.

01Simba- The Lion King

Voice actor: Mathew Broderick

Film's Year of Release: 1994

Imdb Ratings: 1/10

Character Story Description: Simba was the main character of the movie, which left the kingdom of his father thinking that he is the reason for his father death. The misconception of his father death was created by a bad character in the story called Uncle Scar. However, Nala, a popular cartoon character inside the movie encouraged Simba to return back and conquer the kingdom.

02Prince Eric- The Little Mermaid

Voice actor: Christopher Daniel Barnes

Film's Year of Release: 1989

Imdb Ratings: 6/10

Character Story Description: Prince Eric is one of the sweetest cartoon characters of Disney. The movie narrates a story of mermaid who wishes to live her life with human and falls in love with Prince Eric. Eric is handsome and charming guy. He is unaware about the mysteries of sea world. His life chances when he was saved by mermaid Ariel in a storm. It's all about how they fall in love with each other.

03Aladdin- Aladdin

Voice actor: Scott Weinger

Film's Year of Release: 1992

Imdb Ratings: 8/10

Character Story Description: Aladdin is probably one of the cute disney cartoon characters. His charming smile makes him more attractive. The way he handles the adverse situations makes him a great hero. He inspires the people from his deeds. He has a magical lamp called genie that fulfill his wishes. He tries to impress the princess Jasmine and at last marries her.


Voice actor: Tate Donovan

Film's Year of Release: 1997

Imdb Ratings: 3/10

Character Story Description: Hercules is a cartoon character with good physical structure. The way he reaches Mount Olympus is inspirational for the kids. Hercules is son of God, but he was taken away by Hades and was living a life of half god and half man. He is a strong man and fights with evil creatures in the earth.


Voice actor: Tony Goldwyn

Film's Year of Release: 1999

Imdb Ratings: 3/10

Character Story Description: The character of Tarzan is more like a Jungle man. He is an orphan, spend his childhood in jungle. His life turned when he moved away from jungle. He struggled to live a normal life. The story of this cartoon character is inspiring and motivates others. This character is so memorable and lovable.

Part 3 Is It Possible to Use Disney Cartoon Material in Wondershare Filmora Video Editor?

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Now the kids of present time not only enjoy watching the cartoon characters but they love to draw them also. One can easily learn Disney cartoon characters to draw in simple and easy steps. There are number of applications which can be used to learn drawing your favorite Disney Cartoons. One of them is Filmora. Let's know about it.

Introduction & Description: Filmora is amazing software used for making pictures, videos, animated pictures and video editing. It is a good application and software for those who love creativity. This software is very helpful in film making and performing necessary editing works. One can not only create pictures and videos but can also add special effects in them. The application can be easily downloaded and can be run on phones as well as personal computers. Trail version of the application can help the beginners to know more about the application and how useful it is.

Filmora can also be used for Disney cartoon characters drawing. There are various ways one can learn to draw Disney or other cartoon characters. Some of them are Cartoon Character Sketches, Drawing cartoons with colors and Disney cartoon characters drawing. Among all Disney cartoon drawing are the simplest and easy to learn as it uses only geometric shapes. Those who are beginners, they can start drawing Walt Disney cartoon characters from this application.

Ending Thoughts

Cartoon characters are the most fascinating part of any person. They grow and get inspire with those cartoon characters. Although there are many cartoon characters, but disney cartoon characters names are always on the top of people favorite list. They are loved by everyone.

The Disney cartoon characters are categorized into male and female characters. Disney princess cartoon characters and superheroes are some of the best one from Disney house. Some of female Disney cartoon characters are Elsa from Frozen, Jasmine from Aladin, Belle from The Beauty and the Beast and Helen Parr from The Incredibles. The best male animated cartoons Simba from the Lion King, Tarzan from the movie Tarzan and Aladdin.

Filmora can be the best platform to learn and draw cartoons. The Disney cartoon characters can be used as a material for creating some amazing pictures and videos. One can easily download the application and learn to draw cartoon characters with free Video Tutorials.

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