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Top 10 Facebook Video Players

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Feb 28, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Facebook plays an important role in entertaining us when we are in the mood. Moreover, it offers some credible news to create awareness among the masses. Most people like to download Facebook videos to access them offline. The Facebook video players have huge workability in this regard. Without them, playing videos would be hard and make us stressed. Don't you agree?

Facebook doesn't directly allow users to play the videos without downloading them first. For this very reason, the article offers a detailed insight into the best Facebook video players for PC and Facebook video apps for Android. Therefore, let us wait any longer and get to the main part of the article. Shall we?

Part 1: 5 Best FB Video Players for PC

With 2021 coming towards the end, it is important to jump into the new decade with the best Facebook video players for PC. The Facebook video can be downloaded with so many online downloaders but knowing the right FB video player is a myth, don't you agree? Henceforth, the article offers five impeccable Facebook video players to launch videos on the computer.

Wondershare UniConverter

Creating a revolution in the media industry and the life of creative professionals, Wondershare UniConverter has made a name for itself. It acts as the best software to play Facebook videos without complications. Moreover, it can also be used to download videos from Facebook.

Essentially, the users are expected to drag the Facebook link to the interface of the "Downloader" feature and make history. You can also play the video or switch to the "Player" feature. It means that UniConverter is an all-rounder to handle your media usage and video downloading process.

uniconverter interface

As a downloader, UniConverter allows you to access the "High-Speed Download" to make the process effective. As for the UniConverter Player feature, you can drag the video or browse from your system. Moreover, use the full-screen option to enjoy the experience. You can add subtitles as well.

GOM Player

The second workable Facebook video player for PC lets us introduce you to the GOM player becoming popular day by day. It is the best FB video player in the market for many reasons. Short for Gretech Online Movie Player, the software is also available for iOS and Android devices.

gom player

GOM Player can be counted upon for high video and audio quality. The Facebook videos can be played in GOM Player effortlessly. The convenient user interface offers sliding menus with intuitive screen options to lubricate the process. The advanced settings allow the user to navigate different Facebook videos without slowing down the process.

One con of using GOM Player is that it comes up with sudden crashes that can ruin the effortless playing experience. Operating the software is free to use.

VLC Player

The next Facebook video player for PC is VLC Media Player. Apart from iOS and Android devices, VLC Media Player is supported by Windows to make the video playing process frictionless. As a FB video player, VLC offers multiple functions and advanced features. The important thing to note is that Facebook videos are played without losing quality.

vlc player

VLC Player doesn't mind what formats are being opened in it. This feature enhances the usage of VLC multifold. Being completely free to use, you can count on VLC to make the entertainment hour a treat. However, there are some volume issues connected with the player.


Taking the Facebook video lovers to the edge of their seats, all me to present MPlayer as the Facebook video player to you. MPlayer was recently updated to eliminate the bugs and improve the user experience exponentially. Offering a friendly interface and displaying Facebook videos smoothly, one can rely on this software without hesitation.

interface of mplayer

The different videos can also be added to the playlist. Moreover, the dynamic playlist creation helps modify the playlist and keep it organized. However, there are some drawbacks to using MPlayer. The user can experience video malfunction at times.


UMPlayer acts as the powerful cross-platform multimedia player where you can play all types of videos without facing any delay. It is a FB video player, which means that you can open downloaded Facebook videos via this player.

umplayer interface

UMPlayer is also light on the system resources and tailors itself based on different formats. There is only one negative pointer associated with the player. There is no video editing feature.

Part 2: Top 5 Facebook Video Player App for Android

As mentioned above, Facebook videos have to be downloaded first to enjoy them in any targeted media player. For an Android user, it is important to have access to impeccable video downloaders that also play Facebook videos. The sub-section of this write-up presents a review on Facebook video player Android. Let us have a look at five Facebook short video apps.

Download Manager

The first Facebook video player app for Android takes full control over the effortless downloading process and its playing. You can download all types of Facebook files on your Android. Moreover, Download Manager detects links from the browser, so you do not copy or paste them.

download manager android

Additionally, large files are downloaded in chunks to accelerate the downloading speed. The Facebook videos can be downloaded based on the user's priority. However, there are some cons associated with its usage. The buffer size is not appropriate, making Facebook users go insane.

Get Them All

Serving as the perfect Facebook video downloader and player, Get Them All takes its brand name seriously. As the Facebook short video app, Get Them All has been designed for professionals in the field. This software has revolutionized the downloading process as it gives impressive results.

get them all app for android

The Facebook video can be downloaded and played in this application with effortless navigation between the different stop and play buttons. However, the app is heavier, and it drains the battery life of an Android. Crashes are also common on this platform.

MediaClip Video Downloader

MediaClip Video Downloader has to be your first choice if you are an Android user with an extreme love for Facebook videos. The user can download the Facebook videos and look like an expert. This Facebook video app supports an extensive range of media formats and acts as a leading service provider.

mediaclip video downloader

Furthermore, MediaClip Downloader allows vast site support, so downloading process presents minimal restrictions and limitations. However, some ads can annoy a potential Android user.

FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook

While we are on Facebook video player Android, how can we forget about Video Downloader for Facebook? The platform facilitates faster Facebook video downloading. The process is simple and requires no beforehand technical knowledge. With numerous video-sharing sites and supporting a wide range of formats, this app would never leave you in a lurch.

fastvid downloader for facebook

With a built-in video player, the downloaded videos can be watched effectively. The high-quality videos are downloaded via the platform. You can also decide the download location of the file using FastVid.

Advanced Download Manager

Last but not the least, allow us to introduce you to another amazing Facebook video player and downloader. It offers accelerated downloading of Facebook videos using multithreading. There is a smart algorithm for enhanced downloading speed, which is the best of all. The platform supports files that are larger than 2GB.

advanced download manager android

The in-built player of Advanced Download Manager offers a context menu for effortless management. Offering a clean interface, the application will not be hard to understand for you.

Part 3: How to Make Your Facebook Video Viral

There are multiple tricks to make the Facebook video viral, and they are needed, especially if you are a content creator. The right tips at the right time can make your video go viral. The section offers some effective pointers to achieve the goal.

  • The user is recommended to use the Facebook featured video. It is more likely to have your video seen and shared when it is featured than when uploaded in the "About Me" section.
  • It would be best if you created a Facebook playlist as it allows you to gather similar videos together. In this way, you can stay more organized and attract the audience with one interest. Do consider adding video as your Facebook cover.
  • Wondershare Filmorais a phenomenal Facebook video player in the market with advanced features. The advanced features allow you to add transitions, effects, and elements to make the video output engaging and compelling for the audience. You can also change the background to fire up your imagination. In short, Filmora is there to handle all your Facebook video editing needs.

Final Thoughts

The market is filled with FB video players and downloaders to access Facebook videos in seconds and watch them without facing any complications. The different Facebook video players offer unique features to make the process easy for beginners and advanced professionals.

For this very reason, the article offered a deep insight into five Facebook video players for PC and five Facebook video apps. Choose the players as you deem necessary based on your priorities.