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How to Watch Facebook Live on Roku

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 14, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Many social media platforms have introduced live stream options to help users interact with their friends. However, live streams on Facebook are more popular than on any other platform.

But in case you're using Roku, one of the main problems you will be facing is how you can watch Facebook live on a big screen. If yes, follow up on this blog to watch Facebook on Roku.

In this article
  1. Can you directly get Facebook live on Roku?
    1. Way 1. Using iPhone
    2. Way 2. Using Android
    3. Way 3. Using a PC or Mac
    4. Way 4. Using screen mirroring tools to watch Facebook Live on Roku
  2. Bonus Tips: How to record your Facebook Live on a Desktop?
  3. FAQS

Part 1. Can you directly get Facebook live on Roku?

Let's start with a definition of Roku. Roku is a company that makes devices for watching media streams from various networks. To function, all of the devices rely on the Roku software.

Before we get into the solution, you may wonder if we can use Facebook directly on Roku. Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Because Facebook is not available in the Roku app store. So, screen casting is the only way to watch Facebook live on Roku.

Part 2. How To Cast Facebook Live to Roku?

So, the very first solution is to use your device's default screen mirroring feature to watch Facebook live on Roku.

Tips: You must connect the device and Roku to the same Wi-Fi.

Way 1. Using iPhone:

Step1 In your iOS device, open the Control center, and enable the Screen Mirroring option.

Step2 Select the Roku app you want to connect with and open the Facebook app.

select the roku app

Way 2. Using Android:

Step1 Open the Notification Panel on your android device and click the Cast or screen recorder option

Step2 Select the Roku device you want to screencast on and open Facebook live stream.

open facebook live stream

Way 3. Using a PC or Mac:

Step1 Open the notification tab on your PC or Mac and click the Connect/Screen Mirror tool.

Step2 Choose the Roku device and then open Facebook to watch it on Roku.

choose the roku device

Way 4. Using screen mirroring tools to watch Facebook Live on Roku:

The above method is straightforward, but your default screen recorder app may sometimes be unstable. In such a situation, you can switch to some external apps.

1. Web Video Cast | Browser to TV:

This app enables your android or iOS device to share any browser video to a big screen. You need the Web Video Cast Receiver app installed on the Roku device to use it. According to user reviews, the app is an excellent choice for casting but has some bugs that need attention while playing.

Download: Android | iOS


Web Video Cast App is free, but the free version has ads. However, a premium version with more extensive features is available, which is also free of ads.

  • Built-in browser to cast any online platform to the TV screen
  • Free version available
  • Free Version contains Ads
  • Stuck and connectivity issues sometimes
  • Limited features in the free plan

2. Cast Web Videos to Roku TV:

Cast Web Videos for Roku contains its video player, browser, and many other valuable features for screen mirroring. It is a good choice because it is mainly for mirroring on Roku. The app works great, but some promotional interruptions are so disturbing.

Download: iOS


You can use the app free on your iOS device but with limited features and some ads. However, you can switch to premium to unlock more features and enhance the user experience.

  • Free version available
  • Specially designed for Roku
  • Easy to use
  • Run in background
  • Paid features
  • Ads Interruptions

3. TV Cast for Roku®:

You can play videos, m3u8 files, and live streams from its browser and any file from your gallery. The browser has a robust ad-blocking capacity too. Moreover, this is another app primarily built to work with Roku Devices. TV Cast for Roku works almost very well, even in the free version, but still, some users have faced issues.

Download: Android | iOS


The app has a free version with some ads and a pro one with some extensive features.

  • Easy Interface
  • Specialized in Roku TV casting
  • Ad blocker does not work all time
  • Paid features

4. Cast Web Videos to Smart TVs:

Cast Web Videos to Smart TVs helps you get any web content on your Smart TV. The app works well with Roku. The app has good features, but the interface is a bit hard, and some users have reported connectivity bugs.

Download: Android


It is usually free to use, but you can still buy it for a better experience.

  • Available free
  • Works with Roku
  • Paid version for a better experience
  • Connection issues

Bonus Tips: How to record your Facebook Live on a Desktop?

If you watch the Facebook Live streams on your desktop. Then, you can use Wondershare Filmora Screen Recorder to record the stream and edit it professionally.

Free Download
Free Download

With a variety of advanced features, Filmora Screen Recorder makes it more attractive is that you can edit your video after recording. Also, as a video editor, Filmora contains almost all the pro features and is incredibly easy to use. You can click the video below to learn about Filmora’s advanced features.

People also want to know:

1. Can I get Facebook Live on Roku?

You can't directly watch Facebook Live on Roku as the Facebook app is currently not available in Roku Store. However, you can use screen mirroring to get Facebook live from any other device to Roku.

2. How do I screen mirror my Roku?

The first technique is to use the default screen casting app on any device and connect it to Roku TV.

The alternate way is to use the apps to mirror your device to Roku. Download the app, install and run it, then connect with Roku to watch anything on the big screen.


If you are facing issues with watching facebook live streaming on Roku, I hope the methods discussed above can be helpful to you. All of them have their benefits and flaws. However, I’ll suggest using the default screencast app on your device. If you are having problems with it, you can try any of the apps listed above. Moreover, the bonus tip is that if you're looking for something to record Facebook Live on a desktop, then Filmora Screen Recorder is the best choice.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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