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Why Does Facebook Suggested Videos Not Showing Up?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 04, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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In the early years, Facebook was merely to connect with your friends and family and to get entertained, whereas today, Facebook is a market with a huge customer influx. Facebook is the best way to promote your startups. Facebook is that platform that provides you with the customer, product, and product owners, all at the same place.

In this social media world, Facebook has gained great popularity. Today, Facebook is the most used platform, the biggest hub for entertainment, and the biggest sale purchase platform. With Facebook, you can connect with others and get entertained by the suggested videos. One reported problem is that Facebook Suggested videos not showing. Let’s discuss this with you.

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Part 1. Reasons for Facebook Suggested Videos Not Showing Up.

Facebook has various tabs and features that the user can access and use. Facebook has a Feed that is always full of fun stuff, your friend’s status and life updates, etc. You can also message, call and video call your loved ones who are far away from you.

reasons for suggested videos not showing up

There is another section on Facebook that holds a variety of videos. The section keeps an eye on you. It only consists of videos for fun and entertainment. It has been reported sometimes that the Facebook suggested videos not showing up. In any such scenario, we always figure out a way to watch the videos, but no one bothers to know about the reasoning factors that have caused this problem.

In this section of the article, we will highlight the various reasons why Facebook suggested videos are not showing up.

1. Improper Launching

One resulting factor that might cause your Facebook suggested videos not to show up is the improper launch of the application. Sometimes improper launch hinders your way and blocks the view of suggested videos.

You should always try to treat the problem on time. You are suggested to follow the given solutions for this particular problem because you never know what might work for you. First of all, you should log out from Facebook, and you can also delete the browser completely. After that, you should install it fresh. You should also restart your system. Then give it some time to work properly.

2. Poor Network Signals

A very common reason observed for FB suggested videos not showing up is the weak connection. This is the most accurate reason for many Facebook problems. Not just this issue but with poor network signals, you might also face some other troubles.

The best thing to tackle this problem is selecting a good and strong connection environment. With this solution, you can avoid many other problems as well, including this problem. With a stronger network connection, refresh the page because it increases the chance to view the videos.

3. Insufficient Space

As we mentioned earlier, there is a complete section of random entertaining videos. It consists of hundreds of videos that it has to buffer at once. Facebook videos need buffering to get played, and for that, they require quite the space.

If you don't have sufficient space, this might be the resulting factor for Facebook suggested videos not showing up. This is the reason that causes the delay in loading the videos on time.

4. Cache problems

A corrupt cache is another big reason why your Fb suggested videos don't show up. Cache or even the cookies also slow down the performance of your favorite application. As with corrupt cache and cookies, the application does not work like it usually works efficiently.

For this scenario, the suggested solution is to stop Facebook forcefully. Once that is done, now it’s time to clear and empty the cache for applications' better performance.

5. Update Required

The last reason that might be causing this problem is the old version of Facebook. This tip is specifically for iPhone and also Android users. This trouble is very common as most people forget to Update the applications, which in return causes some problems.

One such problem is FB suggested videos not showing up. In this case, all the Android and iPhone users should update Facebook and then check the suggested videos after an update.

Part 2. How Does Facebook Determine Which Videos Are Suggested for You?

As mentioned earlier, Facebook has a section where various hundreds of videos are available. You can easily access that tab and enjoy and entertain yourself with those videos. We also mentioned that this video section keeps an eye on you.

The coming section of this article will walk you through several factors on the basis on which the suggested videos are displayed. Let’s get started.

1. Videos Popularity

The number 1 reason that how could some random videos make their way to your suggested videos is the popularity of any particular video. If you find any unusual video in your videos section, then the first thing that should come to your mind is that the video is popular all over Facebook and the internet.

Any video that offers entertainment, good and quality content, motivation quotes or speech, some kind of love-hate poetry. Even compilation videos of different sports, matches, funny moments, and a lot more things can fall in this category that gets the fame.

So, any famous or trending video that a lot of Facebook users have viewed, shared, liked, or commented on will automatically make its way to your and others' suggested video tab. This is how random videos show up in your suggested videos.

2. People and Pages You Follow

Another factor that aids in bringing random videos to your Facebook suggested videos section is whom you follow and like. Like the real world, Facebook is that platform where every person has their own identify, their accounts. Every business, different startups have their pages. Influencers have pages from where they can spread their voice through their content.

Being Facebook users, we follow different pages and follow different people as well. We add different friends on Facebook as it is the social media platform that aims to provide connectivity. So hence, in simple words, we are surrounded by many different personalities who have entirely different approaches, preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Several videos in your suggested video section come from the people and pages you are surrounded by. The pages and people whom you follow there liked and viewed videos end up in your videos section too.

Part 3. How Can You Customize the Suggested Videos Yourself?

Whenever we sit and scroll on Facebook to kill, sometimes we actually end up killing hours of our day. Facebook is that hub where you will find unlimited entertainment in all categories. Once you involve yourself in that, you cannot easily get out of it.

Sometimes we love one video so much that we want to see more of such videos. For that, what could possibly be done? Search for videos? Search for related pages? These solutions sound quite impossible.

If you want to customize your suggested videos and get more of your favorite videos, then this section of the article is going to share the steps to get this customization done.

For Mobile Devices

If you want to customize the suggested videos section on your mobile, then it is very simple. We suggest you follow the steps given below, and you will easily customize the videos.

Step 1: The first and basic step for this customization is opening Facebook on your mobile device. Then, locate the ‘Watch’ option from the Facebook shortcut bar.

access facebook app watch

Step 2: In the watch section, you are supposed to head over to your favorite video. You will see three-horizontal dots on top of every video; click on that. Upon clicking, a drop-down menu will show up on the screen.

tap on three dots

Step 3: From that drop-down menu, you are required to select the ‘See More’ option. With this option, you are more like following that page and telling Facebook that you prefer to watch these videos, and this is how your favorite videos are customized to stay on top.

click on see more button

For Computer

For computer Facebook users, you can also customize your suggested videos with 3 easy steps. Given below are the steps to guide you for this type of customization.

Step 1: Start with opening the browser and logging in to your Facebook account.

login your facebook account

Step 2: Now, head over to the ‘Watch’ section and scroll down and look for your favorite video. Once found, you first have to ‘Open and Watch’ it. When the video is played, you will see three horizontal dots on the screen.

access facebook watch

Step 3: If you click on those three horizontal dots, a drop-down menu appears in front of you. You will see an option of 'Follow' in that menu. You simply have to click on it to follow the page. This way, you have customized your videos section, and your favorite videos will always stay on top.

tap on follow option

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Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier that this article has everything one would want to know about Facebook suggested videos. The entertaining feature of Facebook can sometimes cause trouble. It is very much possible that you face the problem of Facebook suggested videos not showing up.

This article has provided you with various reasons that cause this type of problem and create such a scenario. Not just the resulting factors, but we also shed light on the reasons that how random videos end up in your suggested video section. We have also shared the steps needed in case you plan on customizing your videos.