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22 Christmas Vlog Ideas for You

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 26, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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It's that time of year once again! Just a handful of days remain till the most important gift-giving day of the whole year. Aren't you all thrilled with anticipation? If you are a content creator wishing to send a wonderful video to your audience on this special occasion, here are some amazing ideas that may help you. So, here are 22 Christmas Vlog Ideas to get you started:

Christmas vlog ideas

1. Christmas decorations vlog

Home decorating vlogs for Christmas are without a doubt some of my favorite YouTube videos to watch. In addition to receiving a sneak peek inside the homes of their favorite authors, viewers will also get home décor ideas for their own place. You may video yourself while shopping for holiday decorations and then record yourself styling each item you find. Finalize the vlog by filming a tour of your Christmas-themed house, which will be shown in a big finale.

2. Decorating Christmas Cookies

If you're a gourmet like me, creating a Christmas cookie decorating video for Vlogmas is a necessity. You may purchase plain sugar cookies, icing, sprinkles, and other delectable toppings to prepare ahead of time, and then start decorating by pressing the record button. Reindeers, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and decorations are all great ideas for stenciling onto cookies to make them more festive.

3. Christmas Morning vlog

Some vloggers like adjusting their morning routines to coincide with the changing of the seasons. If this describes you, it may be worthwhile to record a video of your Christmas morning ritual. You might include your favorite holiday breakfast dish, a Christmas coffee recipe, comfortable morning basics, and whatever else you want to include in the video to make the ideal Christmas morning vlog.

4. Christmas Giveaway

If you're on the verge of reaching a subscription milestone, or if you just want to spread holiday happiness, consider hosting a holiday giveaway. You may keep it simple and give away gift cards, hot chocolate, candles, and potpourri as an inexpensive holiday-themed giveaway to make it more reasonable. Create rules for entering, such as clicking on the subscribe button, and you're good to go! This is also a wonderful way to increase the number of subscribers to your channel.

5. Christmas Present Haul Video:

If you're comfortable with revealing your presents, a Christmas present haul is a simple way to conclude your Vlogmas series. In addition, you may do a product evaluation of each item, try on new outfits, and test out exciting devices for a live demonstration of their functionality.

6. Vlog of Christmas Carols

A Christmas caroling vlog is a great way to show off your vocal abilities. When getting ready to brave the chilly weather (if that is applicable in your area), you may record vocal warm-up methods and provide a little introduction for each caroler before walking out into the neighborhood with your friends and family.

7. Christmas Playlist

When Christmas music begins to play in stores and advertising, you know the holiday season is here. Profit from the situation by sharing a Christmas song for 2021 with your mailing list members! To avoid copyright infringements, the majority of YouTubers will get in their cars and play brief snippets of each song. You may even decorate your shooting environment with tinsel, lights, and decorations to get into the Christmas mood while simultaneously sharing your soundtrack with friends and family back at home.

8. Vlog of Christmas Baking

Prepare to put your baking talents to the test with a full vlog devoted to the process of creating sweets. Make your kitchen seem like the set of a cooking show by searching for the greatest Christmas cookie, cake, cinnamon roll, and cupcake recipes available. To get a better understanding of your guests' emotions, have them taste test your meal.

9. Shopping for Christmas Presents

Take to the streets to document a day of shopping while crossing things off your Christmas shopping list. You may record a movie that you're listening to as you travel, an OOTD, and any pauses you take in between stores to relax and eat while you're out shopping.

10. Christmas Storytime Vlog

Since its inception, storytime videos have proven to be a huge hit. YouTubers have the opportunity to tell jaw-dropping experiences, and viewers are ready to hear every juicy detail. While these films are entertaining to watch, it is critical to keep identities and locations private in order to protect yourself and anyone else involved in the story.

11. Christmas Get Ready with Me

The iconic "get ready with me" video is a YouTube fixture, and for good reason. It's perfectly OK to continue with your regular routine while adding festive Christmas music, or to dress up in festive holiday attire for a lunch date or night out to dinner, a holiday party, or even just to run errands. Get ready with me videos may be made for any occasion or for no purpose at all.

12. The Christmas Gift Guide

It may be difficult to find gifts for family and friends over the holiday season. Time-consuming and psychologically taxing is the process of trying to discover the right present while also trying to please a wide range of interests, styles, and personalities. A Christmas gift vlog might be of assistance to viewers in this situation. You may create gift guides for a variety of recipients, including significant others, parents, closest friends, and others.

13. Build a Gingerbread House

You may make a gingerbread home for Vlogmas whether you're by yourself or with a group of people. You may either bake the gingerbread pieces for a full day of baking or get a gingerbread decorating kit to get started right away.

14. Holiday Look book

Christmas is traditionally a time for gatherings with friends and family, as well as traveling to see loved ones. If your schedule is equally jam-packed with Christmas gatherings, create a lookbook to show off what you want to wear to each occasion.

15. Unboxing of the Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are becoming more popular as more and more companies make use of them. You may select from a variety of themes, including luxury, beauty, Disney, and even toy-themed advent calendars. Record an unboxing to disclose the contents of each door on the calendar while holding it in your hand.

16. Christmas Wishlist

By creating a wishlist video, you can double-check your Christmas wishlist. This might provide viewers with suggestions for their wishlists while also dropping clues to relatives and family members who happen to be watching your films.

17. Ice skating vlog

Ice skating is a Christmas season bucket list item that makes for a fun video to share with your friends and family. Capture the glides, slides, and falls while you have a good time laughing and making memories with your friends.

18. A vlog about city lights

With a city lights vlog, you can capture all of the beauty that your city has to offer at night. In most cases, downtown is an excellent location to photograph all of the sparkling string lights, Christmas trees, and other decorations that illuminate the buildings at night. After you've added gentle background music to your video, you can let the scenery do the talking.

19. Preparations for Christmas Eve

Declare to the world what you're doing to prepare for the Christmas Eve festivities on December 24th. With all of the Christmas shopping, meal preparations, huge family get-togethers, and other activities, it can get rather chaotic. Instead of posting this vlog on Christmas Eve or even the day before, speak about how you manage to withstand the Christmas rush and bustle on Christmas Eve.

20. A Christmas Childhood Memory

When we were children, we all had a particular Christmas memory that we cherish today. What do you think it is? Explain to your audience what it was about the video that made it unique. While your viewers will be able to identify with your tale, they will also have the opportunity to get to know you a little bit better.

21. Naughty or nice?

Let's take a look back at your year. Was it a year filled with good actions or a year filled with bad deeds? What did you accomplish that earned you a spot on Santa's nice list, and how did you get it? This is also an opportunity to make a list of things that you wish you had done differently. You don't have to be very imaginative here; just be yourself, and your visitors will appreciate it.

22. Games for the Christmas celebration (Family and Friends)

Spend time with your family and friends in front of the fireplace. Allow your audience to get to know you and your family by introducing them to your relatives. One method of doing this is via the use of party games. A lot of amusing videos will undoubtedly be captured by you.

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● Video allows you to celebrate Christmas with friends and family, even if they are unable to be physically there with you. And it takes very little time to make a stunning video that demonstrates your concern. Have trouble deciding on what kind of video to create? We've gathered some ideas for you. Take a look at the above simple ideas to create amazing videos for your holiday celebrations this year.

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