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Best And Creative Decorations for Chinese New Year

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 19, 22, updated Jul 17, 24
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The Chinese New Year 2022 is on 1st February 2022. The date changes every year as it follows the lunar cycle. It marks the end of winters and the onset of spring. The sixteen-day celebration has lots of feasts, decorations, and festivals.

happy chinese New Year 2022

Each year has a unique zodiac sign with distinguished attributes. For Example, 2022 is a year of Tiger, and people born this year are predicted to be brave, competitive, and unpredictable. So, celebrate the lunar year with lots of decorations and welcoming decorations. So, keep reading to catch all the unique creative decoration ideas for the Chinese New Year.

Part 1. Chinese New Year Classroom Decorations

The gratitude for last year and welcome of the New Year with good practices are practiced in the classrooms. The CNY celebration in classrooms becomes more attractive with cute decorations. The students clean the classroom, organize their stuff, decorate the class and learn the importance of the celebration. So, let's look at some CNY classroom room decoration ideas.

1. Ang pow Decoration Ideas

ang pow decoration

The ang pow, also known as red papers, are used to create pretty decor items. Red is the prominent color of the celebration, and these cute red appearances can turn into lanterns and exciting shoes. All you need :

  • Red packets
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stapler

Now, you can make flower lanterns, basic lanterns, and more. Hang them on the classroom ceiling, hooks to create a perfect festive atmosphere.

2. Chinese New Year Bulletin Board Ideas

Revamp the bulletin board of the classroom with these ideas:

chinese New Year classroom decoration

  • Hang Tiger shape cutouts.
  • Mount customized greetings with Tiger, red colors, and customized wishes.
  • You can hang a giant dragon cut out along the top of the bulletin board.
  • Frame the bulletin board with cute CNY zodiac animals to learn the significance of each.

Part 2. CNY Home Decoration Ideas

The homes must dive into the feels of the CNY decoration. The long feasting and celebrations start with home. So, let's have a look at all the home decoration ideas for this spring festival.

1. Hang Large Chinese red Lanterns

chinese New Year lantern decoration

The large Chinese red lanterns are the fundamental element of any decoration. You can hang them out at your entrance or spread them throughout the home. Get them from markets or DIY lanterns for the CNY celebration. The red lanterns with golden borders depict the beginning of the following year and many happy times.

2. Kumquat Trees

kumquat tree for chinese New Year

The "Kumquat" signifies "gold" and "good luck." So, decorate the home with these lovely trees. They are trendy and bring wealth and luck with the coming year. So, get this symbol of prosperity at home and decorate it attractively.

3. Decorate the Doors

couplets on door

The door couplets are the symbol of love, health, and prosperity. Hang the door couplets with tiger cutouts to signify your excitement for the Chinese New Year. The red banner with black ink and couplets looks impressive. The couplets like poetry have interesting words or lines. It's exhilarating to read all the couplets. Generally, people express gratitude and welcome love and prosperity through their writings.

4. Paper Cuttings on Door and Windows

Paste paper cutting on glass windows and doors. It can have a tiger cut out or some good wishes written in red.

Part 3. Chinese New Year Decoration Idea for Office

Bring the feels of the New Year in your office with Chinese New Year decoration ideas for the office. Of course, the professional place must mark the New Year with fun activities, cleaning, and good food. Some tips are:

1. Bring the red Light for the Tremendous Welcome

Set the mood of the spring festival with red string lights. You can decorate the office entrance cubicles with red lights. Hang red lanterns with light from the roof. The light will help you dive into the mood of celebration. It represents longevity and looks very festive.

2. Incorporate the Zodiac Sign

decorate with zodiac signs

Yes, incorporate the tiger year with unique ideas. For Example, you can place decorative tigers on shelves and welcome the New Year with great zest.

3. Tie Chinese Knots to the Indoor Plants

decorative chinese knots

You can tie colorful Chinese knots to the indoor plants of your office. It looks brilliant and has enormous significance.

Part 4. Partial Decoration Ideas

1. CNY Table Decor

The CNY table decoration is essential, and the sixteen-day log festival needs feasting. The meals with family and friends must be memorable with good vibes and delicious food. So, some of the ideas are.

chinese New Year table decorations

  • Decorate the table with red color. You can use a red table cloth or red placemats for crockery. Add bright red abundantly for a festive feel.
  • Place Chinese ceramic crockery with pretty illustrations of good luck and prosperity. The Chinese grocery has figures and stories of many ancient tales.
  • Use a red flower vase for the centerpiece. The bright red flower with a bowl full of oranges is a must for table decoration.
  • Use gold highlights like placemats, coasters, and crockery holders. The gold accents on the red color truly depict the Chinese New Year table decorations.
  • The rich bamboo or wooden chopsticks with wooden cutlery also look good.
  • You can hang red lanterns over the table for a complete look.
  • Use red Scented Candles on Golden or Wooden Candle Holders.

The combination of red, golden, beautiful crockery Chinese lanterns, and paper cuts look incredible. The table decoration is incomplete without the delicacies. So, make some scrumptious dumplings, rice cakes, fish, etc., for festive meals.

2. CNY Wall Decoration DIY

chinese New Year 2022 wall deviation ideas

The wall decorations are necessary for layering and texturing the walls. In addition, the wall decor is one of the essential elements of Chinese New Year celebrations. So, let's have a look. The most crucial wall decor is the representation of the zodiac animal. For Example, 2022 is the year of the Tiger, so hang tiger cutouts, cute figures on the wall. But, of course, you can also use canvas or paintings.

3. Ang Pow Decoration Ideas

Ang pow is red paper cuts. You can make lanterns, animals and different figures with it. The art is easy and involves folding paper using a stapler, tape, and scissors. You can hang the red paper cutouts in classrooms, offices, and homes. They are charming Chinese New Year decor ideas.

4. Chinese New Year Bulletin Board Ideas

Yes, you can decorate bulletin boards at the office, classroom, or home with pretty things—pinup customized greetings with couplets. Also, you can make Tiger cutouts. Write personalized greetings and

Part 5. Stylized Decoration Ideas

1. Cute Chinese New Year Decoration

Big diamonds, square-shaped papers like New Year couplets, and sometimes paper cuttings are hung on the doors. They are turned in an inverted position and hold massive significance.

inverted fu door decoration

The fu characters are deliberately inverted. Fu means "good fortune." The upside-down signifies they want the 'good fortune' to "pour out" on them. The right side of the character was initially a pictogram for a jar. So by upturning, nature implies they're "pouring out" the pot of good fortune on those coming through the door!

2. DIY Chinese New Year Decoration

There are so many easy and budget decorations you can do. Let's have a look.

chinese New Year diy decoration

  • Make a Chinese fan with the help of red and golden paper. You need scissors and some folding techniques to create the fan.
  • You can also make balloons and traditional lanterns with the help of basic stationery.
  • Make Chinese square signs with black inks.
  • You can make a giant dragon cut out for the decoration.

3. Easy And Simple Chinese New Year Decorations

The most straightforward Chinese New Year 2022 decorations incorporate lots of red. Red on entrance, living room, and dining area. Use of wall signs and symbols. You can bring in many Chinese New Year plants and decorate everything with lights and red and golden hues.

4. Modern Chinese New Year Decorations

The modern Chinese New Year decor has subtle yet significant elements. Go for a large statement lantern in the living room. Use red on the dining table. Place perfect plants and tire knots on them. For Example, lucky Bamboo, Money tree, and Kumquat tree

5. Chinese New Year Red Decorations

chinese New Year red color decoration

Red is the color of the lunar festival season. So, there is never too much red. Use red fancy lanterns, paper cutouts, couplets. Use red linen on couches with red cushions. Also, red tablecloth and bedroom linens. The red pop looks amazing and


So, get in the perfect festive mood with incredible Chinese New Year decoration ideas. Go through all the pictures and plan a perfect home decoration plan for the New Year. Start the year with festive vibes, meals, and lots of decorations. Follow the custom of ancient traditions and festivities and make your year more welcoming.

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