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Chinese New Year Craft and Art Projects in 2024

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 19, 22, updated May 20, 24
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It's almost time for the Chinese New Year, welcoming luck and prosperity into the coming year. It's a time to honor your ancestors and spend time with your family. There is no better way to do so than with Chinese New Year art activities. This Chinese New Year, craft activities can take center stage in your family's celebrations.

You've probably seen streets decked out with beautiful paper decorations. Why not decorate your home in the same spirit with Chinese New Year art projects? There can be no sweeter experience than celebrating the Lunar New Year art projects you make.

Let’s check out some of the interesting and best Chinese New Year crafts and activity ideas!

Part 1. Chinese New Year Craft for Preschoolers

One way to start the spring festival on the right foot is through Chinese New Year craft for preschoolers. You can help your impressionable tots learn immersively by creating easy-to-make crafts with them. One such opportunity is through making Chinese New Year arts and crafts for preschool-aged children. Chinese New Year art for preschool needs simple instructions and must be easy to follow. It can even take the form of Chinese New Year preschool art.

Chinese Paper Lantern:

chinese paper lantern

You can make the lunar new year crafts for preschoolers' edition of the red lantern. It's a popular idea for decoration. It's relatively simple to make. This Chinese New Year craft idea for preschoolers involves minimal fuss and a lot of fun. This is the perfect Chinese New Year craft for 2-year-olds and over.

Candle Holder:

chinese candle holder

This is a Chinese New Year project preschool kids can do in class or at home. All it takes is a glass jar and some acrylic paint. This CNY crafts for preschoolers is sure to delight them with many hours of fun. They can paint their own patterns and designs on them.

Colored Play Dough:

colored play dough

If your child is a tactile learner, this red and gold dyed dough can be perfect. You can purchase red food dye and gold accessories for them. You can simply knead flour into dough and add red food coloring. The dough can be a way for them to experiment and play. They can learn to fold the dough themselves as a fun Chinese New Year art for preschool kids.

Colorful Paper Dragons:

chinese paper dragons

For a more challenging project, let's make a preschool Chinese dragon craft edition.

It might seem challenging to make Chinese New Year dragon craft for preschoolers. You can make a paper plate dragon twirler. There are many Chinese dragon craft ideas. You can make dragon corner bookmarks for your children.

You can even make pop-up dragon crafts. This is a spin on the Chinese New Year dragon art project. It isn't challenging to make Chinese dragon crafts for preschoolers. You can easily make Chinese crafts for preschoolers and up with some internet instruction.

Part 2. Chinese New Year Crafts for Adults

Adults are caught up in keeping their spaces clean and stressing over visiting relatives to enjoy themselves all too often. These Chinese New Year crafts for adults is to help them kick back and find joy again.

Chinese Knot Making:

chinese knot making

Chinese hand-knotting is a decorative artwork passed down over generations. You can decorate the walls of your home with some festive knotwork. You can make bracelets. You can create your own Chinese good luck knots to ward off misfortune. It's meant to help you find a long life free of ill luck.

Thumbprint Chinese Zodiac Craft:

chinese zodiac craft

You can make a cardboard Chinese zodiac wheel. It can feature the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. You can use a thumbprint as the basis of the artwork. Take your time drawing in the details and coloring the animal. Remember to draw in a yin-yang symbol for the center of the chart.

Making Ice Cream Stick Puzzles:

ice cream stick puzzles

With this craft stick puzzle, you may learn the essential Chinese New Year greeting "恭喜发财." Cover ice cream sticks with a bright red color. You can use a black marker to write the greeting characters. Rearrange the ice cream sticks to teach your kids to read and write greetings. You can also change the words in this puzzle!

Practice Calligraphy:

chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is a stunning and skilled form of writing with a high cultural value in China. You can practice writing using magic water calligraphy, a reusable and environmentally friendly method. Using a calligraphy mat is suited to both children and adults.

Part 3. Chinese New Year Craft for Kindergarten

This section can look into Chinese New Year crafts for kindergarten kids. It's a good time to use children's craft ideas for the Chinese New Year. It can keep your kids occupied with fun activities while you make preparations. You could also spend some time making children's crafts for the Chinese New Year with them.

Hóngbāo/Red Paper Envelopes

This is a fun option among children's craft activities for the Chinese New Year. You can help them practice their lettering with the envelopes. It's also fun to experience Chinese New Year crafts for elementary students. They can see their hard work rewarded when they receive money in their envelopes.

chinese red paper envelopes

Chinese Coin Tree

Among all the crafts, this one is most likely to be messy. What better way to bring in prosperity and good luck than with their own hands. This is a Chinese New Year art and craft for kindergarten kids. They can do the project while learning about Chinese myths and stories.

chinese coin tree

Paper Plate Goldfish

chinese paper plate goldfish

This is the ideal craft for Chinese New Year crafts kindergarten kids. It's bound to be a massive success as it takes very little effort can be very rewarding. All you need are paper plates, red accessories, and gold paint. As goldfish signifies abundance, it can be a way for kids to understand Chinese culture when making them.

Paper Bag Lion Masks:

paper bag lions

This Chinese New Year craft kindergarten craft is a big hit with older kids. You can not just make a mask but also learn more about the lion dance ritual at the end of the year. This gives the kids a chance to learn more about Chinese mythos. You can explain what the lion stands for and how the dance wards away evil spirits and brings in prosperous times.

Part 4. Simple and Easy Chinese New Year Craft

Let's look at more easy Chinese New Year crafts that you can use to engage your children of any age. This list is oriented towards arts and crafts for children in general instead of a particular target group.

Chinese New Year Drum:

chinese new year drum

The Chinese New Year drum or pellet drum can function as a fun children's toy and ritual. It was used to pay homage to the gods and to dispel evil in the past. The Chinese New Year's drum offers a chance for children to personalize the drum according to their liking. They can use predominantly red, but it leaves room for their own designs and patterns.

Making Paper Blossoms:

making paper blossoms

You can make paper blossoms with pink tissue paper and a painted twig. If you want to create sakura blossoms, you can always go for lighter pink shades. Plum blossoms are also a popular flower to make on CNY. You can also make flowers and wrap them in a neat wreath for bonus decoration ideas.

Painting Wooden Hand Fans

painting wooden hand fans

It has been a long-standing tradition to paint hand fans, going back centuries. The wooden hand fan has long been a symbol of status and wealth. It was also a medium through which mobility would write poetry or paint scenes. You can use this opportunity to paint your wooden hand fans with your favorite colors and designs.

Part 5. Tiger Craft Ideas

The tiger is associated with leadership and acting decisively. It's only appropriate to pay your respects to the king of beasts with some tiger-themed crafts.

Paper Plate Tigers:

paper plate tiger

This craft is perfect for making with your kids. It's easy, and with some paint, you'll be able to help engage even the stalwart holdouts. You can use cardstock or construction paper to cut out the ears and eyes of the tiger. Once put together, this decoration is bound to capture the hearts of all who see it.

Paper Bag Tiger Puppet:

paper bag tiger

Making paper bag puppets are not just for fun Chinese New Year art activities. You can also use the tiger puppet to help them in different ways. They can always play with the puppets, have their streak of tigers with friends. It's wildly entertaining to make and to play with.

Cardboard Tiger Finger Puppet:

cardboard finger puppet tiger

You can make a tiger-shaped finger puppet for this DIY Chinese New Year crafts. Just draw out the outline in a bold black marker. If your children are young, you may need to assist them in cutting out the finger holes, but the coloring can be entirely their responsibility.

Part 6. Chinese New Year DIY Craft

Creating your own Chinese New Year DIY crafts can be immensely satisfying. Here are some ideas you can implement during the spring festival.

Chinese Good Luck Ornament:

You can print out the Chinese character for luck in this tutorial. "Fu" signifies "good fortune," "blessings," and "happiness" in Chinese. This character is frequently seen embellishing residences throughout New Year's celebrations. You can choose to print out this character and let your kids enjoy decorating the ornament. You can paste this good luck sign upside-down on your front door.

Cut Paper Artwork:

Cut paper artwork is a staple of the Chinese New Year and every occasion like weddings, childbirth, and more. So, you can make three-dimensional cutouts of Chinese characters like 'springs for good luck.

Origami Paper Fortune Cookies:

You can welcome the Lunar New Year with all homemade fortune cookies. Spread them out between your friends and family for their good wishes. Also, for added enjoyment, make the fortunes hilarious or personal. It can be a way to express your wishes for their well-being.


On the Lunar New year, houses are traditionally cleaned and adorned with fortunate colors, red and gold. This is an attempt to give the Chinese New Year a fresh start. Chinese lanterns and banners also carry messages of good fortune, happiness, money, and longevity!

You can read Chinese New Yearbooks as a family. You can also share some stories with your kids to commemorate the Chinese New Year. The new year represents a chance at creating fond memories and some lovely crafts. The Chinese New Year art activities and crafts are very enjoyable to do at home or school!

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