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Best Online Wedding Invitation Video Maker

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Announcing the big wedding day through a perfect and stylish customized wedding invitation video comes at the top of our bucket list, don’t you agree? A wide range of video makers has brightened up the market to choose according to wedding themes and style. These video makers make the wedding invitation fun and excite our loved ones.

This article will introduce you to ten online wedding invitation video makers to help you through the process. These online tools come up with cool templates, appealing visuals, and filters that allow the user to insert photos, videos, music and make it worth their while!

Part 1: Best Free Online Wedding Invitation Video Makers

The online wedding invitation video makers offer unique templates and filters to help make an ideal wedding invitation video. Let us review ten of these amazing video makers and play with magic like a pro.

1. Inviter

The first wedding invitation video maker online free is Inviter which, as the name suggests, lets you send video invitations of all sorts. This cost-effective, interactive, and unique video maker sends the message across whilst using videos that people easily connect with.

You can unleash your creativity by recording, personalizing, and then sharing them online for free. Inviter video maker is the only solution to keep your loved ones in a loop for an astonishing wedding video invite. Follow the guidelines below to learn the process.

 Inviter wedding slideshow maker

  1. For starters, visit first and then sign up. You will then see the video templates screen, from here select Wedding from the By Category tab, and select the desired template.
  2. Hit the “Select & Edit” video option. From there, you need to upload images or audios to Inviter, and change the in-built texts with your own. But pay attention to the duration of the background music when uploading, since the templates have a duration requirement.

 Inviter wedding slideshow maker templates

  1. Click on “Preview” and Inviter will generate the wedding invitation video automatically.
  2. If you are satisfied with the preview result, click Pay and Download HD Video to save it to local devices. If you want to get rid of the watermark, you might have to pay for it.

Note: If you clicked the download button, then you can’t edit it again.

2. Animaker

The next wedding invitation video maker online free is Animaker. If you are looking for an appealing wedding slideshow using unique templates, Animaker has got you. Acknowledged and trusted by renowned brands like Nokia, Amazon, and Philips, Animaker lets you start with a simple canvas, customize the slideshow with your taste, and share it with your loved ones for free.

You can convert the horizontal slideshow into vertical orientation with just a mere click. With more than 10,000,000 users worldwide and more than 100 royalty tracks, Animaker brings flexibility, sophistication, and creativity under one roof. Have a look at the steps below:

 Animaker wedding slideshow maker

  1. For starters, pick out a wedding invitation template. Upload the pictures, photos, and videos.
  2. You can incorporate charts, maps, backgrounds, filters, transitions, anything to make it fun to watch.
  3. Now, share it to Facebook and YouTube. You can even download it directly.

3. Adobe Spark

The next online wedding invitation video maker that sparks up your imagination and relieves stress throughout the process is Adobe Spark. With a wide range of professionally designed wedding templates and easy-to-use functions, this video maker is sure to make your wedding preparation an ultimate success!

Starting from beautiful typography, iconic imagery, and design elements to offering flexibility and simplification to the wedding invites, Adobe Spark knows how to ignite your imagination and creativity. Let us have a look at the steps below to carry out the process flawlessly.

 Adobe Spark wedding slideshow maker

  1. Choose the size for your wedding invitation based on how big you want to go. Now, pick out the wedding theme that grabs people’s attention like a storm.
  2. Now, pull out your pictures and videos to be included in the wedding invitation. Add filters and transitions according to your taste.
  3. Click on your favorite font and conclude the video. Afterward, you can directly share it on social websites, download it, or send it to a printer.

4. Invideo

Invideo is another profound wedding invitation maker with 98% happy customers. The video maker allows the user to insert power transitions, multiple layers, smart frames, and multilingual texts to the wedding invitation video to make it look engaging and alluring.

Along with this, the free wedding invitation templates can be created without needing any technical skills. With the drag and drop button tool, the process is stress-free and flawless. You can also insert your own design templates and soundtrack. Have a glance at the steps below:

 Invideo wedding slideshow maker

  1. For starters, sign in to your Invideo account and scroll through free wedding invitation templates, and choose any one of them.
  2. Now, insert a couple of photos, videos, and relevant stuff to make the wedding invitation fun. You can also alter color, fonts, transitions, filters, and whatnot.
  3. Watch the video and then download it to share it with your loved ones.

5. Lightmv

Rocking the world of wedding invitation video maker online free, Lightmv pretty much takes the lead. With an exhaustive set of professional wedding templates, this video maker allows you to customize the content, type, style, color, font, and the ratio of templates.

Apart from this, you can crop photos, rotate images, and videos, change aspect ratio, alter the duration of wedding invitation video, insert soft country music, trim the audio tracks, and insert text as much as you want to. It feels like a dream come true, don’t you think? Let us have a look at the complete procedure given below:

 Lightmv wedding slideshow maker

  1. For starters, create a video task by choosing the perfect template and hit "Create Now." Afterward, establish the on-screen collage templates by altering the scene effect, timing, and order.
  2. Now, work on flexible and fixed templates to customize the wedding invitation video. Add background music and trim it according to your liking.
  3. After is video is created, download it, and export it to your potential guests. Moreover, you can also merge one or more videos to give it an extravagant touch.

6. Renderforest

Let us have a look at another wedding invitation maker that has permanently changed our outlook on video makers. Renderforest, as we know it, lets you create, edit, and render videos without needing any software skills.

Like a pro, the user can access unlimited wedding invitation templates and incorporate soothing music from the music library. The customization is as flawless and easy as it can get. With advanced tools, color patterns, font styles, filters, and transitions, the Renderforest online wedding invitation video maker knows how to be exemplary. The guidelines are as below:


  1. Sign in to Renderforest and hit the "Create video" option. From there, choose "Wedding Slideshow" and pick the template of your preference.
  2. After you have made a choice, tap on "Create now" and start making the video. You can also insert scenes by clicking on “Add scenes.”
  3. Upload your own photos and videos using the "Upload" option from the "Edit" bar. Now, move to the "Music" bar, where you can insert your own music.
  4. Preview the slideshow by tapping on “Free Preview” and export it anywhere you wish to.

7. Biteable

It is time to introduce you to the best of the lot- Biteable online wedding invitation video maker. Biteable offers animation, stock footage, and studio-quality results without any stress. It works like a charm for a player with zero experience in the field. With an extensive range of templates of all sorts, Biteable is a quick and ideal tool for your daily grind of work.

Furthermore, Biteable is trusted by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung. If you are not familiar with this application, the process is outlined below:

 Biteable online wedding invitation

  1. Launch Biteable on your system or smartphone and choose the wedding slideshow that matches your taste.
  2. Log in to the account or sign up if you are using it for the first time. Insert your photos, videos, music to make it memorable for you and your guests.
  3. Share it with your family members and download it to your device.


If you are looking for an online wedding invitation maker that does not require any account sign up and is free of cost, Veed has to be your chance. Let your imagination run wild by making the wedding invitation video that touches every heart and soul.

The wedding invitation video can have text with details of your wedding. You can also add subtitles and translate them into different languages to make them understandable for everyone. Moreover, allows the user to change filters, transitions, and annotations. Do not forget to add the music. The process is given below: online wedding invitation video maker

  1. The primary step is to upload the video files using drag and drop options. Afterward, start the editing process.
  2. Edit the video with all your preferences, and then download it. Send it to your guests and have a sigh of relief.

9. Animoto

The next wedding invitation video maker online free is Animoto. With its stock photos, videos, and illustrations, this video maker knows how to honor your wishes. Not only this, but it also lets you create an astonishing wedding invitation video using the advanced tools of Animoto.

For instance, one can change the layout and adjust the background, making it look lively. You can insert text with the wedding venue and time, trim the video, alter the audio tracks, and rotate pictures and videos. Animoto also offers the user a wide range of music to give the video any vibe of your choice. The step by step is sketched below:

 Animoto online wedding invitation video maker

  1. Pick up a wedding invitation template of your liking. Then, upload the photos and videos that will brighten up your video.
  2. Alter the colors, insert music, and type the wedding details.
  3. After the video is created, download it, and share it on your socials.

10. Make Web Video

The last but not the least online wedding video maker is Make Web Video. With its amazing set of traits and qualities, this video maker has got you all covered. It allows the user to create a professional wedding invitation video in minutes without needing any technical skills.

Furthermore, the video-making process is free of cost, and its use is as easy as it can get. This online video maker was the first of its kind to bring editing services to the lot based on Adobe After Effects templates. The videos are delivered in MP4 or WEBM file at a resolution of (1920×1080). If you are not familiar with its interface, have a look at the process below:

 makewebvideo online wedding invitation video maker

  1. Click on “New Video Project” based on your favorite wedding invitation template. Customize it according to your wishes and add text effects with different transitions.
  2. After you have done the editing on your wedding invitation video, the low-quality video will be created. However, if you want to use the video, you might want to buy the full HD version.
  3. After the production is concluded, download the video, and share it wherever you want to.

Part 2: Tips & Ideas to Make a Wedding Invitation Video

Wedding invitation video maker online free has to be used in a certain fashion to make it look gullible, sophisticated, and according to the wedding theme. In this section, we shall discuss some tips and ideas that make the wedding invitation card a “food for thought” for every person out there.

  • It is advised that you use the same filter and light for the complete invitation video. Moreover, soft and romantic country music makes the content more soothing and likable.
  • A wedding invitation video does not always have to be extravagant. You can shoot it from your couch while playing Fortnite or binge-watching a tv show to tell people what your couple is all about.
  • An invitation video reflects upon the theme of your wedding. It has to cover the décor, snippets of team bride and groom, costumes, stage, and whatnot. Stick to the theme to make it look gripping.
  • A slideshow invites with the couple pictures and covering important events to date is always an amazing idea to keep people on the edge of their seats throughout the wedding invitation video.

Here is a video tutorial about how to make a weddig invitation video with Filmora, you should try as well.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version


The article reflected upon some of the best online wedding invitation makers in the market. Each of them brings a new trait to keep the users hooked to the application. With a wide range of templates, you can customize them according to your wedding theme, insert soft and soothing music, and excite your guests to attend your big day.

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