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What is Triller - All You Know about this TikTok Alternative

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions


Well, I am sure you know about TikTok, the popular video-sharing app created by taking over in August 2018 by ByteDance of China. Being a short app that allows users to create a video of 15 seconds, it attracted millions of users worldwide because of its broader scope, reaction feature, and social media sharing. The Indian government recently banned it, along with some of the popular apps like PUBG. In August, this year 2020, President Trump of "The United States" threatened to ban the use of TikTok in the US, putting TikTok under pressure and in an uncertain situation.

While a plan to create a new ownership structure is in prevalence by TikTok, Triller has now taken this chance and is seated as the top app as per rankings on the store that can surpass the condition and treat the music fans TikTok. If you want to understand what a Triller app is, you are on the right page.

What is Triller?

Triller is a music video-making application introduced in 2015 by app developers David Lieberman and Sammy Rubin. Like TikTok, the Triller app allows you to create videos showcasing their talents relating to music, especially the Hip-hop style. The users can film several takes of them like rapping to the song, dancing to the beat, editing them with the AI technology in-built in Triller, sharing those clips to socials, and watching the engagement skyrocket!

What Is Triller

Triller is a platform where “you do you” create, share, and connect to people worldwide. With millions of songs at the fingertip, 120MM downloads, 100+ video filters, flawless editing in just seconds, one can show off their unique talent on the floor of Triller and get themselves one among the stars’ use Triller as well.

Some of the notable Triller partners are Spotify, Atlantic, Sony Music, and Epic. Being one of the intriguing packages in the app store market that focuses on music subject, Triller has gained more than 29 million users globally that still grows day-by-day!

Triller vs. TikTok: Which One to Choose

Without a doubt, the Triller app overtook TikTok and rose to the No.1 position as it is in usage in more than 85 countries as per the survey, but yet if you are wondering what makes them different and alike, this part can be helpful.

Triller Vs Tiktok

For a clearer and better understanding, we have made a comparative analysis over technologies, functions each application possesses put together in the form of a table.

Metrics Triller Tiktok
Streaming industry Social video-editing app Social video-editing app
Social network sharing Allows users to download videos and share them to social media networks. Allows users to download videos and share them to social media networks.
Users 30M active monthly users 850M monthly users
Downloads 120MM total downloads 1.5 Billion downloads
Music track Users can listen to a full track of music or song. Users can listen to 15 seconds of the music track.
Music availability Users can make use of in-built music in Triller or from Apple Music or Spotify too. Users can only embed the music that is already available in the music store.
Page discover Leaderboards, trending hashtags, Categorized genus charts, Promoted campaigns. Promoted Campaigns, Trending hashtags
Relevance Triller algorithm suggests new videos based on their favorite artist accounts, which are trending ones. The suggested videos of TikTok may be off the interest at times but trending in nature.
Editing phenomenon Triller edits the video on the user’s behalf. Users can edit the video as per their wish.
Editing effects You get excellent video effects, overlays, text addition, and speed. Fast/ Slow motion AI actions, text, and overlays.
AI capabilities Triller employs Artificial Intelligence technology in the phase of video-editing. TikTok has AI functionality in personalized search.
Major focus Triller has a significant focus on EDM and hip-hop. TikTok doesn’t errand any particular type.
Popular stars Post Malone, Marshmello Josh Richards

Thus, with a detailed evaluation of Triller and TikTok, we can conclude that Triller is the best choice to prefer.

How to Use Triller?

So, as of now, you have come to know what is Triller. Let’s have a look at a step-by-step guide or manual on how you can make your lip-syncing video in Triller hassle-free.

Step 1: Download and launch the Triller application.

Download the triller application from the Google Playstore or iOS App Store, and install it on your smartphone.

Launch the application and create an account on Triller with username and password else; you can log in with other options. Ensure that your username is stylish and trending, as it is a vital factor in grabbing viewers and followers.

Step 2:Open the Triller app, and choose the option you need

Open the triller application, and hit the “Plus” icon on the bottom.

Open Triller App

You will now get two options like “Music Video” and “Vlog” (social post). Tap the “Music Video” option to proceed.

Tap Music Video Triller

Step 3:Choose the song and part to use

You will get directed to the song page to choose one from the trending ones based on your idea.

Select the part of the clip you want to include to feature the video or click on the “Film” option from the right corner to record your video.

Choose Song Triller

Step 4: Edit the video and publish it.

If you are over with recording, you can edit it by hitting the “shuffle” button on the top right corner.

One can add the pictures or pre-recorded videos by clicking the “picture” icon on the bottom to select the desired video from the gallery.

Once editing is over, you can publish the video by clicking on the “Finish” button on the top's right corner.

Complete formalities, write a description, choose a category, add a location, and hit on the “Post & Save” option from the top right corner to get your video posted to the public.

How to Monetize on Triller?

Triller is not just only for fun, but one could monetize from Triller as well. From our side, we would like to offer you three tips that would help you.

#Tip 1: Make use of the Monetization feature

Triller offers a monetization feature, with which one can raise money or attain purpose-driven goals. For example, an influencer named Lea Elui, who is 17-years old, created videos in Triller and raised $50,000 from the 3,000 supports that helped her pay her college fee.

#Tip 2: Get more likes, followers, and fans

Build up an extensive network of fans, followers, and likes towards your video as Triller has its currency in the form of gems and gold that can be exchanged within fans to support artists. You can donate it for a cause too.

#Tip 3: Get in contact with advertisers, and partnerships

When you post your video, make it a tool to advertise products or services and create business accounts partnerships. By doing such music labeling, you can raise money as well.


Are you a music fan who is a user of TikTok? If you are missing TikTok, never worry as the Triller is here to fill the space up. I hope you now understood what is Triller, what is Triller app, and how it works. With useful tips to monetize on Triller and depict some of the similarities and differences between TikTok and Triller, it's now time for our final verdict! Although both platforms are poles apart, music is what binds them together, and you are just a single-step ahead in the milestone of this entertainment crossover that you need to give a try! 


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