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How to Make 80s Style Videos?

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

If you keep a close eye on the design trends that consume the media industry, you will know that retro is the style that never goes out of trend. Everyone from our grandparents to Gen-Z kids love the vintage 80s look. The feeling of intense nostalgia and belonging that the 80s filter gives off has been highly successful in the marketing and design industry.

Have you been scratching your heads over how to add the perfect retro vintage look in your videos? Then fret no more, dear friend, because you have landed at the right place. Here you will be bestowed with plentiful insight on how to get an 80s photo effect. Glance down and submerge in the world of 80s vintage look.

Part 1: How to Create 80s Retro Effects in Premium Pro?

If you are a video content creator, chances are, you have probably heard of Adobe Premium Pro. For people who are unaware, Premium Pro is a video editing software developed by Adobe. The timeline-based tool allows users to edit high-quality videos on Windows or Mac computers.

Premium Pro is a great place to add the 80s filter to your video or footage. If you have access to Premium Pro, simply import your video into the application. Then, proceed with the steps mentioned below, and you will get the 80s vintage look in your footage.

Step 1: To begin with, add an adjustment layer on top of your video so you can apply effects indirectly on the layer rather than on the video and compare the proceedings. To do this, go to the "Project Panel." From there, select the icon of "New Item" and choose "Adjustment Layer." Now simply drag this layer on your video from the Project Panel.

tap on adjustment layer

Step 2: Select the adjustment layer on the timeline and click on the "Window" tab present at the top of the screen. From here, choose "Lumetri Color" to adjust the color of your video.

Step 3: You will need to increase the exposure of your video to around 1.5 and increase the contrast to about 30 to get the vintage 80s look. Remember to also darken the shadows a bit and expose the highlights.

adjust the colors of the video

Step 4: Under the "Lumetri Color" panel, go to the "Creative" tab. Here, adjust the "Faded Film" to around 70, and decrease the "Sharpen" and "Vibrance" of your video. This will help you achieve the dull, washed-out, old-school look.

adjust the faded film, sharpen and vibrance

Step 5: Now go to "Vignette" and decrease "Amount" to -1.5 and increase "Feather" to 100.

increase and decrease the amount of vignette and feather as instructed

Step 6: Next, navigate to the "Effects" panel and drag the "Noise" effect on top of the adjustment layer. Now increase the noise to 20% or more in the "Effects Control" panel to add grain to your video.

set the noise effect

Step 7: Search for the "Wave Warp" effect in the "Effects" panel and drag it on your adjustment layer. Now adjust the "Wave Type" to "Square" and "Wave Width" to 1000. Set the "Wave Speed" to -0.1 and the direction to 0. Lastly, from the Pinning menu, select "All Edges."

customize wave type, wave width and wave speed

Step 8: Again, drag the "Ramp" effect on your video layer in the Effects panel. Add an orange gradient by clicking on the "Start Color" box while keeping the bottom color white. Set the "Blend with Original" to about 80%.

blend with original color

Step 9: Now go to the "Essential Graphics" window and choose "Type." Tap on the "Program Monitor" and add a date in a retro or VCR font style.

add date in the video

Step 10: Next, adjust the position of your text at the bottom right corner of the "Program Monitor" using the "Selection" tool. Now bring this text layer under the adjustment layer to see the applied effects on the text layer.

Step 11: The last step is to use the "Posterize Time" effect from the "Effects" panel and change the "Frame Rate" to 16.

use posterize time effect

Part 2: 10 Popular 80s Retro Video Effects

Another easy and preferable method that you can use to add the 80s filter to your videos is using the effects from Wondershare Filmstock. Below are some noteworthy effects that Wondershare Filmora offers in terms of the 80s filter.

1. Retro Game Intro Pack

Wondering how to get an 80's look for your gaming video? The Retro Game Intro pack has all the answers for you. This pack features 7 elements with 10 titles and 4 overlays and transitions to provide you with the complete package based on the special effects applied on game intros. The pack is compatible with Filmora 9.6 or above versions.

2. Retro Tech Pack

The Retro Tech Pack features some flashy neon signs and gradient effects that are best suited to provide your video with a classic retro flair. It contains 9 titles, 7 audios, 5 elements, 6 overlays, and 3 filters, making it the complete retro package compatible with Filmora 9.1 or above.

3. Funky 80s Pack

Containing all the bold and groovy essence of the 80s, the Funky 80s pack template offers a wide range of features to complete your 80s vintage look. You can try any of the 6 music clips, 5 different elements and transitions, and 3 filters for your retro video clip.

4. Vintage Labels Pack

Filmstock's Vintage Labels Pack contains all the rustic label effects to remind you of the 80s retro era. The pack contains 20 different titles featuring a hand-written style that was the trademark of the vintage 80s time. You can use it in your video to exhibit the spirit of retro marketing and advertisements easily.

5. Beauty Retro Pack

The Beauty Retro Pack is all about the glamour and charm that the 80s fashion held in its heart and soul. You will find multiple titles and elements with 2 transitions to add the 80s style in your video footage. The pack is compatible with Filmora version 9.1 or above.

6. Retro Cinema Pack

Compatible with Filmora 9.2 or above, the Retro Cinema Pack is inspired by the old-fashioned movie theaters. With elements that scream the 80s, this pack is well-fitted to give your video an overall vintage 80s look.

7. Retro Vintage Pack

Retro Vintage Pack of Filmstock contains 25 titles, 15 elements, and 4 overlays and transitions. This collection of old and vintage effects will certainly help you achieve the level of classic retrospection that you are looking for in your video.

8. Retro Shapes Pack

Filled with loads of bright and colorful shapes dating back to the 80s and 90s, the Retro Shapes Pack is best to incorporate vivacity and hue to your video while still keeping its vintage essence. You can use the pack for videos in Filmora 9.1 or later versions.

9. Arcade Games Pack

Looking to add the 80s aesthetic filter in your video? Filmstock's Arcade Games Pack features some fun and vibrant gaming elements which will take you back to the 80s' arcade era. Compatible with Filmora 9.6 or above, the pack offers several dynamic elements to remind you of the time you spent as a kid in the arcade lounge.

10. Vintage Film Pack

The Vintage Film Pack by Wondershare Filmstock includes 11 different old-schooled overlays to remind you of simpler times of VCR and DVDs. As a creator, you can incorporate them in your videos to acquire the old 80s vintage look without going through the trouble of manual editing.

Part 3: How to Use 80s Style Video Effects in Wondershare Filmora?

The above-mentioned video effects are all from Filmstock, which are applicable in Wondershare Filmora. Is the vocabulary too puzzling for you? Let's dive further.

Wondershare Technology is a software company that has developed a handful of convenient software in the past. It is also the parent company to both Filmora and Filmstock. Just as Microsoft or Adobe, Wondershare provides users with creative tools to enhance their digital experience.

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software tool with enhanced features which help nourish the creativity of users. With an attractive user interface and pleasant experience, Filmora offers a number of different editing tools and effects.

Filmstock is a library of videos, audio, images, effects, and other resources required to make a high-definition video. It has a wide range of stock resources that users can choose from and download using a subscription.

Filmora and Filmstock go hand-in-hand. You can also get the 80s vintage look in your video footage using the effects from Filmstock and applying them to Filmora.

Wrapping Up

If you have made it this far, kudos to you. You are now capable of adding the 80s filter in your videos. You can try Adobe Premium or Wondershare Filmora to achieve that classic old-school vintage 80s look without lifting a finger.

Trying to add the 80s aesthetic filter in your video effortlessly? Our advice – use the templates from Wondershare Filmstock. Wondershare will never let you down in terms of customer service and satisfaction. Head over to Filmora to try the wonderful retro-themed effects for your video.

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