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How to Create Amazing Showreel or Slideshow?

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Marketing your content is incredibly important, and getting new clients and work is even more important. Presenting your work in the best possible form can put some serious pressure on the nerves. That is where a showreel or a video slideshow comes along.

Thinking of the best way to do it? The article below provides apt information on how to make an interesting video slideshow or showreel. You can also take a look at some amazing effects for slideshows by Wondershare Filmstock.

Part 1: How to Make a Slideshow or Showreel?

Are you unaware of the term and want to know what a showreel is? A showreel is a short video clip that highlights a person's past work experiences. Video slideshows and showreels are used by people involved in filmmaking and also other industries, including actors, models, editors, and animators.

To make a slideshow or showreel, you will need the assistance of video editing software. The easiest way to achieve it is using Wondershare Filmora. It is a professional-level video editing software that contains several attractive features with a user-friendly interface and powerful tools to make your editing process fun and stress-free.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

To make a showreel or video slideshow, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Import the videos

Drag or add your favorite clips to the Filmora interface. Then you will have a base for the video slideshow.

importing files

Step 2: Add the titles or openers

In order to make your videos look greater, you can add customized titles to your videos. Or you can find so many titles or openers templates from Filmora Titles part. For example, if you want to make a concise style slideshow, you can simply choose basic titles then add a black background. Double click the text to change the text content. You can also create an animation to text too.

add titles or openers

Step 3: Advanced Setting

If you want to adjust the animation of the text, you can go to the advanced setting to set where the text animation begins to appear closer to the end. Then click the play button to preview.

advanced setting to the text

Step 4: Add the fade transition effect

Next is to make the fade transition effect to the text and video. Go to the Transitions part and search “fade”. Then choose one transition to drag to the clips. Preview the effect by clicking the play button.

fade transition

Step 5: Apply the beat and music

Now go to the audio part and select the music you like. Of course, you can import your favorite music to Filmora. After that, drag the music to the video timeline.

beat and music

Step 6: Background blur

Sometimes, the different clips may have different sizes. No worry, there’re 2 ways to solve this problem. Firstly, you can double-click the video, then adjust the size of the clip. Or you can simply add the blur bars to your videos.

blur bars

Step 7:Transition between different clips

Go to the Transitions part to choose different transition effects. Drag these transition effects among every clip. This step will make your video look smoother.

transitions to make video slideshow

Step 8: Film grain filters

If you would like to create a vintage video slideshow. Using the film grain filters is a good idea. The step is very easy. Go to the Filters folder under the Effects part, search film or grain, drag the filter above the timeline. It’s done.

add filters to your slideshow

Or you're looking for something special, see more tips about how to make a live slideshow by adding animation here.

Part 2: 11 Amazing Video Effects for Slideshow or Showreel Idea

After knowing how to make a showreel, there is still one step left. How will you know if your video slideshow is good enough? Luckily, with Wondershare Filmstock, you do not have to worry about that.

Filmstock by Wondershare is a resource library. As a filmmaker or video creator, you will need plenty of top-notch elements in your video. Getting the right visual effects, royalty-free soundtracks, stock footage, and other elements is not easy. Fortunately, Filmstock provides all of that quite effortlessly.

Filmstock works in association with Filmora, which is a prestigious video editing software. You can access the subscription-based services of Wondershare Filmstock with Filmora.

Here are a few examples of some marvelous video effects by Filmstock for your video or photo slideshow or showreel idea.

1. Anaglyph Motion Slideshow

The Anaglyph Motion Slideshow is an after-effects template provided by Filmstock. The modern-themed video slideshow template is capable of bringing your shots to life. You can also customize the template. The Anaglyph Motion Slideshow can be used for making travel slideshows, video intros, promos, trailers and movies, social media posts, marketing, and much more.

2. Glass Parallax Slideshow

Filmstock's Glass Parallax Slideshow is a perfect tool for movie openers and showreels. Containing 25 incredible title templates also features cinematic color screens that give off a moving glass vibe.

3. Urban Life Pack

Revolving around the urban life theme, the Urban Life Pack carries some bold and exciting video slideshow effects suitable for showing an urban hustle around the city. You can see some splendid shots of the world's biggest cities. The pack can be used for video openers or for an impressive showreel too.

4. Viewfinder Pack

Inspired by travel and nature themes, the Viewfinder Pack is all about the marvels of nature. The template includes 12 title templates and 1 overlay. The Viewfinder Pack features some splendid shots of landscapes all around the world, including mighty mountains, flowing streams, forests, and beautiful skies.

5. Real-Time Typing Pack

The Real-Time Typing Pack is best for an artistic theme. It is an after-effects template with full HD quality that features some marvelous artistic shots of all time. The type-in video slideshow template is minimal and clean, which can be easily customized.

6. Photo Stack Pack

The Photo Stack Pack of Filmstock is themed to be a pictorial memoir, which is perfect for sharing your most treasurable memories. The polaroid and images will give a personal touch to your showreel.

7. Bold Addition Pack

Best suited for a business-related theme, the Bold Addition Pack features modern textures and clean templates as the slideshow background. The elegant and contemporary designs are sure to make your movie slideshow more appealing and engaging.

8. Take a Photo

Take a Photo after effects template revolves around the travel photography theme. You can use it for your slideshows and showreels, displaying your capturing skills. It can be customized for your travel vlogs, vacation video, and more.

9. Wedding Floral Pack

As the name suggests, Filmstock's Wedding Floral Pack can be used in your wedding slideshow. The intimate template features various floral elements and transitions, which provide you an innovative wedding slideshow idea.

10. Birthday Pack

This one's to create the perfect surprise birthday slideshow for your loved ones. The Birthday Pack contains everything from balloons and cakes to fireworks and colorful confetti to make the birthday theme more fitting.

11. Awards Ceremony Pack

Make your awards ceremony more exciting and memorable with this pack. The shining gold elements from the template are perfect for celebrating your excellence in any field. You can easily make a graduation slideshow from the title templates and elements.

The Bottom Line

The world has come a long way from stiff presentations and boring appearances. In today's world, creators can give you some tough competition in terms of innovation and originality. That is why it is vital to stay ahead.

You can now easily make a video slideshow or showreel using Wondershare Filmora. To add an extra charm to your showreels, you can try the remarkable effects from Filmstock.

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