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Useful Tips to Help You Make Creative Design

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Creative design is not everybody's forte. Not all people can be creative when they are designing. Whereas, on the other hand, few people are talented that whatever they design is unique. They are God-gifted that what they design always stands out. They don't have to put in much effort to create something worth watching. Such people are blessed with extraordinary brains and magical hands.

On the contrary, few people work hard and work day and night to create something that shines, but sadly, they don't reach the demanded level of creativity. People always think about ways to improve their work, be more creative, improve the quality of their design, etc. The article under study is a complete guidance package with tips that will add creativity to your work.

Part 1. 10 Useful Tips to Help You Make Creative Design

A person who is stressed or is preoccupied with other thoughts can never generate creative designs. Designing is such a field that demands a stress-free environment and a tension-free mind to work. People are struggling with designs because the ability to create new and creative graphic designs gradually fades away.

Designers then take inspiration from old work. Hence, the element of uniqueness is lost in the designs. Questioning your talent and ability to design is not the right thing to do. Instead, it would help if you asked how to be more creative or make attractive designs. Let us be the helping hand in this situation and provide you with tips to make innovative designs.

1. Sketch the Thought

Every designer knows very well that designing is not just a 'one-step' process. You can never get the best result from the first attempt of design. Of course, you think over and over what could be added to the design, but it's not necessary that something is immediately added to the design whenever you think of something. Hence the best practice is to sketch your thoughts.

sketch your ideas

Keep a small pocket-sized diary with you, always. Then, whenever any thought pops into your mind, sketch it. Always compose your thoughts because they are the key to creativity and uniqueness. This not only helps you with a particular design, but you can take guidance from these sketches for any design. This is the best tip for designers struggling with creativity, as none of your thought is wasted.

2. Color Combinations

Not every color goes with every other color. Having good knowledge of colors and their harmony will automatically make your design shine and stand out among others. Colors are used differently in every design. Few designs focus on color combination just for the background but, few designers prefer colored text and colored background. This is where you need to show your skill that you can play with colors.

color combinations

The knowledge of colors and the sense of combinations can be improved by observing your surroundings. Nature is full of colors and beautiful combinations. Most designers take inspiration from the colors nature offers.

3. Choose the Correct Font

The font might seem the easiest choice to make, but it can either make or break your design in actuality. For example, suppose all the text is in the same font that will never attract the user, neither will the client like it. Therefore, it is suggested and encouraged that you use different fonts. This way, the design will instantly look attractive.

choose the correct font

Different fonts are yet limiting the number to 2 or 3, not more than that. Play with different fonts to check whether they work together and contrast or not. Not only font, but you can also adjust the size and height of the text to get the perfect design. Also, placing the text so that the fonts and sizes complement each other is essential to focus on.

4. Simplicity

Someone said, and I quote, 'Simple yet graceful.' Simplicity has its own beauty and grace. Even a layman can produce a creative flyer design if they stick to simplicity. Keeping the design simple doesn't mean that it will not look attractive. Keeping it simple means attracting the viewer by grace and elegance. The element of sharpness is missing, yet the subtleness of the design makes it beautiful.


The designs speak. They depict a whole mood and environment. Simple design means that you control the colors and the visuals. The amount of text and fonts being used should be minimum. Let the simplicity speak for itself and catch everyone's attention.

5. Add Icons

Adding icons to your design will make it look different. Generally, people follow the old style but follow the new trends if you want to stand out. For example, you are adding transparent icons in the background. Images and icons explain your design in a better way.

add icons

It doesn't matter if you have a colorful background or background with an image. You can still do experiments with the icons. For example, you can try this by placing it on multiple positions and whatsoever suits them best; fix the icon there.

6. Space to Breathe

Letters, words do need space because they also breathe. Your words will only convey the right message if given the proper space they need to breathe. It would help if you planned wisely because letter spacing is an essential element that people generally ignore.

space to breathe

If the letters or words don't have reasonable space, the reader will never understand your message. To convey what you are saying, take care of the spaces so that the words can breathe. You can adjust the letter spacing by practicing it a few times.

7. The Platform

Every designer needs to know about the platform they are designing for. Knowing the platform means you know the audience and understanding the audience is essential for creative poster design. You design accordingly if you know the audience and the platform and the design hits the target audience.

the platform and audience

Designing blindly for platform and audience without knowing them means you are wasting both your time and energy. On the other hand, once you have enough knowledge about the audience and the platform, the design's creativity is spontaneous.

8. Organizing and Structuring

When designing something, the structure matters a lot. The way designers structure and organize the text, headings, images, and icons can either make or break your design. Throwing everything at once with no proper setting and organization will definitely break the design.

organizing and structuring

Your color scheme, fonts, and icons won't matter at all if you don't focus on properly structuring and arranging things. For example, aligning the text, adding images to break the text, adding icons to attract the reader, and whatnot. This all is a part of organizing and structuring your design to make it more readable and presentable.

9. Be Aesthetic

Creativity can be achieved by being a little aesthetic. While designing, you should choose the colors, the fonts, the images that look and vibe aesthetic. Always make your design consistent. The design should be good enough that it reflects a whole mood, a whole vibe.

be aesthetic

The design should be aesthetically pleasing and equally attractive. A calm and pleasing vibe is what the client and viewer both demand for.

10. Practice in a Healthy Environment

Practice makes a man perfect. If you aim to be a creative designer, then you should practice daily. Design whatever you want to. Just open your mind and let the thoughts make their own way to the paper or the screen. This will increase your thinking capacity, and you will challenge your own ideas. Think out of the box to get the uniqueness. It will automatically improve your work.

be creative


The article has discussed several tips that will help beginners and professional designers improve their work and add creativity to their designs. But, if you want to take designing to another level, let's talk about Wondershare Filmstock. The website offers you a whole new world of creativity. You can create whatever you want to by using the huge library they have.

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The massive library has millions of assets, and they are still growing. They offer you so many different animated packs, video effects, and whatnot. The brilliant website allows you to use anything without any attribution. You can also easily apply all these resources in Filmora video editor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I make my design powerful?

Attractive designs are essential, and the client also demands uniqueness, but how can someone make a powerful design? Knowing the brand is very important. You can automatically be creative if you know what you are doing. Picking good colors and planning them wisely is also a key element. Selecting reasonable font is also essential.

2. How do you practice visual design?

Practicing visual design helps you improve your work. The more you practice, the more your work gets better. The initial step is to improve your designs is to work on the color palettes. You should know what color combinations look good, when you should use dark shades and when to use subtle shades. Also, what font size should be used.

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