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Design Power of Neon Color in 2024

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Different types of lights leave a sense of composure on the people and their surroundings. Neon lights are considered icing on the cake as they illuminate and dazzle the world like magic. Neon lights are used for extravagant events, top-class parties, graduation ceremonies, traffic signs, and eateries to develop a cozy environment.

However, the choice of a neon color palette is a tricky business as it depicts the events, purpose, and vibe. Therefore, it is mandatory to make the selection carefully. The article reflects upon typical types of neon color, how to design with them and what colors go with it.

So, without delaying this any further, let us comprehend the Design Power of Neon Colors.

Part 1. What Is Neon Color?

Before we get into the article's depth, let us understand what neon colors are and their history and origin. Neon colors are basically bright and vivid colors that glow and illuminate the surrounding. Their loud tone is used to capture people,s attention and enhance visibility where needed.

Fluorescent colors, being bright and intense, may not be people,s first choice if they prefer muted tones to develop an intellectual impression. However, neon colors take upon the psychological attributes of the colors they are made with. For instance, neon blue color sets up a stage for tranquility and peacefulness in the environment, while neon pink color establishes a fun and interesting tone for the event.

what is neon color

However, some neon colors go entirely against the traits of the corresponding color, often due to artificiality and lack of originality. For example, the green color displays growth and life, whereby the neon green color does the opposite. These colors are also utilized in traffic signs and dangerous situations because their wavelength is high and can be seen from distances.

As far as the history of Neon Color is concerned, it was invented by Bob Switzer in the 1930s. He was suggested to recover in a dark room from an unfortunate accident where he played with fluorescent minerals in the air. This led to the production of high visibility neon colors that are excessively used to date.

Starting from its usage in night parties, bonfires, and outdoor occasions, neon lights are also responsible for proving their effectiveness in industrial clothing and construction sites.

Part 2: Neon Color Sit on a Color Wheel

The next concern that needs to be addressed is neon color and where they stand on a color wheel. The relationship of neon colors between different colors will be explained in this section.

Fluorescent colors are vivid and bright versions comprising different primary and secondary colors such as red, yellow, blue, and green. As neon colors emit light to create luminescence, this trait lets them stand out from the crowd. Before the 20th century, the traditional color wheels were devoid of neon colors, as those bright pigmentations were developed later. Instead, different chemical methods were used to produce them.

neon colors on a color wheel

To achieve these colors, standard print design ways are required that display their fluorescence and illumination. The specialist pigments like Pantone spot colors do the charm and create colors of neon. As far as digital color wheels are concerned, neon shades are more frequently used as their composition sets perfectly with a light-emitting RGB color model.

Part 3. Typical Types of Neon Color

The section covers the typical types of neon colors. Keeping in view their formation and combination, the colors of neon are created from noble gases. The combination varies extensively that gives unique shades to neon colors thus, enhancing illumination and glare. Let us introduce you to those noble gasses and the shades they generate:

  • Neon gas produces red-orange light.
  • Argon generates violet to pale blue light.
  • Krypton brings yellow, off-white, and green light.
  • Xenon gas creates green, blue, off-white, and gray.
  • Radon produces yellow light.
  • Helium gives pink, red, and shade of orange to light pink.

Moving on, there exists an ultra-bright version of every primary and secondary color. For instance,

  • Green - Electric Lime, Neon Green, Fluorescent Green
  • Red - Electric Red, Bright Red, Electric Orange, Fluorescent Red
  • Blue - Electric Cyan, Electric Blue, Neon Blue
  • Pink - Neon Magenta, Neon Pink, Fluorescent Pink
  • Purple - Bright Purple, Neon Purple, Electric Flamingo
  • Yellow - Absinthe, Neon Yellow, Electric Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow

Part 4. How to Design with Neon

Designing with anything is an art, and it requires careful analysis of components and elements involved. The same situation is designing with neon. The vigilant use of a neon color palette, appropriate use of space, and effective play with walls, curtains, and even plants are needed. The section under study provides a detailed outlook for users who love neon color but have little experience designing.

Being extra vivid and exuberant, neon colors have an exciting way of attracting the viewer's eye even from large distances. They are capable of setting a room on virtual fire and creating an atmosphere of fun and enlightenment. To make your product outshine or develop a website, neon colors compel people to open the link. One can also make an "Order Now" neon sign just below their application to make it clickable and fascinate the user.

order now in neon

The neon signs go well with interior design that captures the investor's interest at first sight. The urban design can be originated by tailoring neon colors in a fun and playful way. This results in leaving a good and flamboyant effect on people. Moreover, the neon lights can be used in homes behind curtains and ceilings to create an aura of peace and calmness.

Neon blue color can be used under furniture and behind sceneries as well. Not only this, one can incorporate these lights in their homes and restaurants in the form of words and sentences to develop a classy ambiance. These words can be "Welcome," "You Live Only Once," "Good Vibes Only," and inspirational quotes such as "Love Yourself" and "You are exactly where you have to be."

wedding video ideas

With that exciting component, one can create a sense of closure without needing walls. The vertical neon lights can turn any ordinary room into an extraordinary and exciting entertainment unit.

Part 5. How to Create Video with Neon Color Effects

By far, we have explained to the user with pros and specialties of incorporating neon lights in our lives. However, it would not be wrong to say that the neon color plays a vital role in expressing the message out loud and conveying danger if there exists any using its bright fluorescent shades.

This section will introduce some neon color effects from Wondershare Filmstock to help you create a video with neon color effects.

Neon Sticker Pack

These extravagant flashy stickers pack have to be your first choice if you are a blogger or a vlogger. One can insert stickers as in "Like," "Thumbs up," Heart," "High Five," and "On Air" and ensure viewers' attraction to your blog.

Neon Zeon Pack

With cool and amazing signs in this resource pack, it becomes effortless to grab the viewer's attention. With different arrows, exclamation marks, music signs, and whatnot, the video becomes incomparable.

Neon Light Pack

With Neon Light Pack, the user is guaranteed to have dynamic neon-based titles that compel the viewer to click on the video. One can incorporate this in their video introduction and conclusion to make it worthwhile.

The above neon color effects are amazing, right? If you want to have a try for these neon effects, you can firstly download and install Wondershare Filmora video editor. You can find all these nice neon light effects on Filmora too.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

Part 6. What Colors Go with Neon?

Wearing neon colors and acing the look demands careful execution of all the clothing elements involved. If you are wearing these bright and vivid colors, the attention will be all yours. Therefore, it is important to do it perfectly. The section informs people what colors should be worn in contrast with neon to look radiant.

color matching with neon colors

If you are not afraid to look exuberant and bold, go for all neon. All accessories, including shoes and dress, can be as neon pink as you want them to be. However, if you need a balanced look, go for an electric red shirt with khaki trousers. You can also wear fluorescent yellow heels with grey trousers to get attention while leaving an intellectual impression.

You can even dye your hair to electric lime for a funky and edgy hairstyle. The same goes for nail polish and lipsticks. One can dress up all black and wear neon color jewelry to stand up from the crowd. The men's dressing can also be adjusted accordingly. You can go bold and fearless while wearing neon colors and get ready to take upon the world.

men fashion with neon colors


The article brought important information about neon colors, their relationship with other colors on a color wheel, their typical types, methods to design with them, and what colors can be worn. The article also provided some neon video effect packs to make videos with neon color effects. We hope that we were as clear as crystal to help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the brightest neon color?

Aqua and Lime are considered to be the brightest neon colors that exist out there.

  • What color attracts the human eye most?

Our human eye is most sensitive to the light of wavelength 55 nanometers which are of bright green.

  • Is Neon Still in Style 2024?

Yes, Neon is still in style in 2024 as different fashion trends incorporate dark and fluorescent colors creating a statement look by all means.

  • Is RGB or CMYK better for print?

As far as comparison is concerned, CMYK is better for print, while RGB works like a charm for digital work.

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