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Best Wedding Video Ideas in 2024

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

A wedding is a beautiful and profound ceremony that ties the knot between two people for an everlasting bond. People usually put a lot of thought into making this event a success and worthwhile. It is because weddings are one-time events and have to be extremely flawless. If you are just about to get married and need ideas for videos, you are precisely at the right spot.

Wedding colors play a solid role in decorating the aisle and giving it a graceful look. In addition, the creative and inspiring aura of the wedding allows the couple and the guests to have the best time of the year. Therefore, it is essential to record and shoot the whole event, which brings us to the best wedding video ideas. With this article, all the singles out there can create a wedding episode that will be too good to be true.

Let us jump right into it, shall we?

Part 1: Top 6 Wedding Video Ideas

Are you about to get married and planning on making your wedding a sight for sore eyes? Did your brother get engaged and look for the best wedding video ideas? Allow us to make this article a source of enlightenment for you. We will be providing you with the top six wedding video ideas in this section so get ready!

wedding video ideas

Idea 1: Emotions and Moments in a Video

The first idea is sure to get you over the edge of your seats. A wedding is an event of emotional roller coaster where things are going up and down. However, this is where you make moments and remember them for the rest of your lives. The first wedding video idea is to make a wedding trailer video that comprises all the special events of the ceremony.

As the bride walks up to the aisle with her father and wedding vows are exchanged, they make up some of the most important flashes of the event. One can create a chronological order and insert wedding video songs to make the video intense and emotional. A wedding trailer can also include the commentary that exhibits what the couple felt in that specific second.

One can also make a wedding collage by taking pictures and videos from all guests and relatives to connect them. This will allow the couple to see the wedding from another's perspective leaving a warm and intense feeling. Moreover, if you want to make funny wedding videos, ask all your exes to express themselves and advise the newlywed. This will add a fun element to your video and make it gullible.

Wondershare Filmstock allows the user to change the wedding video title; you can use the Wedding Title Pack in Filmora video editor.

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Idea 2: Capturing Every Moment

The next wedding video idea has to be our personal favorite one as it permits the wedded couple to watch a live screening of the ceremony. Capturing every moment and keeping it safe in our memories and storage media are the major elements when you are all set to get married. Without these titbits, your wedding would be a sham.

This idea revolves around cameras. For starters, set up around 3 different cameras at different angles to get a vision of every bit of the event. Aisle camera, bride camera, and down the aisle camera works like a charm, and every candid expression can be noted from there. Pretty workable now, don't you agree?

One can establish a lavalier microphone, which plays an important role in recording the audio and capturing every flash of the auspicious occasion. Furthermore, if you are willing to go the extra mile to make your wedding video incomparable, create a slideshow of the bride and groom old pictures and then insert the wedding picture to show how far they have come together.

To make it more exuberant, insert the short clips of people you have lost and pay tribute to them. This gives you a clear chance at thanking them for the part they played in making your life better and your personality better.

Wondershare Filmstock brings about an efficient wedding pack known as Wedding Floral Pack that lets you insert roses into wedding invitation video, titles and beautify the video. You can easily make it in Filmora video edtior.

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Idea 3: Make it Filmy and Witty

Apart from wedding fonts and wedding color schemes, an exciting wedding video constitutes emotions, a speck of drama and wittiness at its best. To make your video funny, a perfect idea is to bring all the wedding fails into one video frame. This will originate laughter and render your pre wedding video an ultimate success.

Furthermore, one can add filminess to the video by bringing all the events that lead to the wedding. This includes the first time they met, the first adventure together, a road trip, or the first time feelings were expressed. So make the video where you have different ways of remembering all the first-timers and bring it under one frame. This will enhance the essence of the wedding and bring emotions.

Bringing a flame of cuteness into the wedding makes your dog the official "ring bearer" of the ceremony. The cameras will capture this moment, and you can insert this beautiful moment into your bridal video. Also, do not forget to slide wedding songs to leave an everlasting effect.

Another wedding pack offered by Wondershare Filmstock is Wedding Gold Pack. You can add gold effects to your video and bring a graceful element to the wedding frame videos.

Idea 4: Recap of the Previous and Next Events in Store

The best idea so far is creating a wedding video that constitutes all the past and future events of the wedding. This is an effective way of bringing all moments under one video frame and reminiscing them whenever we feel like it.

You may have recorded the proposal when you asked your lady the magic question. It is time to make it handy now. Apart from this, your bachelorette party, bridal shower, save the date, engagement party, and rehearsal dinner all events recording will be framed in one video to bring excitement and surprise. Moreover, it speaks of how far the couple has come together.

After the wedding, events will also be included in the video that leaves an everlasting impact on everyone who watches it. The wedding vows, best man video, bridesmaid intro, throwing wedding bouquet, honeymoon, and whatnot. The collection of previous and future events makes that one video an extraordinary attempt to feel all of it again. Following this idea will never disappoint you.

Beautiful Wedding Pack offered by Wondershare Filmstock is responsible for adding an amazing collection of effects to your videos and lets you add text wherever you want to in the Filmora video editor.

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Idea 5: Filming the Start and End of Wedding Day

Another exciting and workable wedding video idea reflects the effort one is willing to put into making that one video profound and thoughtful. If you consider filming every bit of your wedding dance video, this is the best idea you will ever have.

For starters, the bride and groom can record themselves separately while they are still in their beds. The recording can be a type of vlogging that covers all the processes from getting ready to reaching the altar. Then, after the wedding, the vlog can continue where the bride and groom are officially wife and husband and going to their honeymoon destination.

Both sides of the video can be collected into one and generate fun, laughter, and feelings of closure—a pretty amazing idea.

Wondershare Filmstock provides Rustic Pack to the users to let give a countryside effect to their weddings. They can insert wood, lace, and mason jars to beautify the wedding video.

Idea 6: Recording reactions and expressions

This idea is prone to get you and your loved ones into tears and trust us while we say this, it might be the last idea of the lot but not the least one. However, if you record the reaction and expressions of all your relatives while they look at the most exquisite events of the wedding, you are winning.

There is a wide range of moments in the wedding where expressions of your loved one need to be captured. Sadly, you can not look at all of them so, and there comes this amazing idea. You can have a wedding photographer in charge of capturing every reaction and expression. For instance, how the couple looks, the groom's first glance at his bride, parents' reaction when they see the couple exchanging vows, how the groom reacts to the best man's speech, and others.

Another wonderful wedding pack is Sparkle Pack, which lets newlywed couples insert glitter and starlight into their wedding videos to turn them into fairy tale weddings.

Part 2: 6 Romantic Wedding Video Songs

Wedding video songs are a crucial part of any wedding, and without them, the event will be boring and non-interesting. Incorporating them in the videos helps create an everlasting impact on the couple and our loved ones. The section will spin around the top six romantic wedding video songs, and you can choose them based on your wedding theme and vibe.

Allow me to introduce you to Wondershare Filmstock, which has expertise in editing videos, inserting transitions and effects, edit images, and whatnot. This software also brings you exciting wedding songs and brings their description as well.

The Wedding Moment

This amazing song titled "The Wedding Moment" is a warm and romantic track played with piano, a background voice, and strings. It is considered quite suitable if you want a sentimental vibe to the wedding and is ideal for wedding dances and family montages.

Piano and Strings Wedding

This song "Piano and Strings Wedding" is considered an ideal fit for versatile reasons, including commercials, documentaries, weddings, and valentines. With a background track of orchestral strings and orchestral piano, this song has to be your first choice to give your video a touch of intensity as well as calmness.

Happy Wedding Upbeat

"Happy Wedding Upbeat" is another romantic wedding song perfect for cinematic openers and romantic projects. It is often incorporated in wedding videos with mellow and light sensual strings to give off love vibes.

Wedding Love Piano

The song "Wedding Love Piano" works like a charm if your wedding is based on heartwarming and inspirational events. This elegant piano song is sure to keep you off the hook.


An intense and emotional track, allow me to introduce you to "Fantasy", which has to be an ideal song for your wedding video. With piano, strings, and celeste, it will keep you on the edge of your seats and complement the event moments.

Green Grass

The last romantic wedding video song is "Green Grass", which is extremely workable if your wedding was filled with emotional and intense moments.


The article did justice by bringing the top six wedding video ideas under one article. The brief idea of the best romantic wedding songs is also covered by this article successfully. Do not forget to be thankful to us if you apply one of our ideas and impress your wife.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do you make a good wedding video?

You can make a good wedding video by communicating with the stakeholders involved, such as the bride, groom and knowing everything about the venue. It is also important to shoot the important events from every angle and cover every bit of the ceremony as you can.

2. What should a wedding video include?

The cake cutting, groom at the altar, first dance, vow recital, bouquet toss, and bride entrance should be a part of the wedding video.

3. How do you shoot a wedding solo video?

Shooting a wedding solo video can be effortless with the right amount of gear. Apart from this, one has to plant one camera while moving with the other. It is often said to shoot with two cameras at once and get as creative as you can. Moreover, always be ready to record and shoot and keep your mind awake.

4. What are the years of the anniversary?

The years of the anniversary vary in different countries. However, it is common in most nations. For instance, the 5th anniversary calls for Wood, the 10th anniversary as Tin, and on the 15th anniversary, it is Crystal. Moving on, 20th anniversary as China, 25th anniversary as Silver, and 30th anniversary as Pearl. Moreover, it is Gold for the 50th anniversary and 70th year to be Platinum.

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