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2024 Updated | Best 9 Reels Maker Apps for Instagram in 2024

Gianni Originally published Jun 29, 24, updated Jul 12, 24

"I've been using Instagram's built-in reel editing app to create and post my reels, but I feel it's quite a limited tool. Is there an automatic reel maker for Instagram I could use without breaking the bank?" Yes, there is! Normally, Instagram Reels makers allow creators to create, edit, and share video clips, they are richer in transitions, stickers, animated texts, and effects, compared to the built-in reel editing app. They also provide extensive features like Text-to-speech, voice changer, auto highlights, and convert texts to videos, etc.

But there are so many Instagram Reels makers, which one can meet my requirements? You may ask. Here's our handpicked selection of the best Instagram Reel makers you should keep on your radar in 2024.

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    1. Best Instagram Reels Maker for PC - Wondershare Filmora
    2. 6 Best Online Instagram Reels Makers
    3. Best Apps for Making Instagram Reels

What Is Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are short video clips social media users can effortlessly create and share with their followers on popular online platforms. These videos help you connect with your friends, family, and acquaintances.

With reels, you can share your insights with online communities, boost engagement among your followers, convey important information in an entertaining and modern way, and become part of a community aligned with your interests.

This Instagram feature allows you to create, edit, and upload short clips for up to 90 seconds. You can apply video effects, and add sound dubs before sharing on Instagram. Reels let you share your videos for fun or to market your brand, showcase your personality, and publish creative content to engage with the target audience.

Top 9 Instagram Reels Makers

Here's our comprehensive list of the nine best reel-maker apps for Instagram you should check out in 2024. Learn more about their performance capabilities and key features.

Best Instagram Reels Maker for PC - Wondershare Filmora

"Work Smarter, Not Harder", Wondershare Filmora is one of the best reel editing apps with many AI features to realize your ideas no matter your skill level. You can use it for free to create, edit, enhance, and publish your short clips on networks like Instagram. With Filmora's AI video editor, you can streamline video editing and boost your storytelling with stock footage, AI capabilities, and an extensive selection of creative assets.

Key features
  • More than 17 powerful AI features to create stunning instagram reels.
  • It can automatically extract highlights from your videos.
  • Creating an attractive thumbnail by the thumbnail creator.
  • AI text-to-video helps transform text into dynamic visual instagram stories.
  • Customize music to properly tell your stories by AI music generator.
  • Rich in video templates to create videos easily.
  • Cut, trim, split, and rotate reels;
  • Pan, zoom, color tunning, motion tracking;
  • Add titles, background music, and filters;
  • Dynamic text animations;
  • Multiple video exporting options (MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MKV,. etc.);
  • Direct share to YouTube and Vimeo.

It works not only on desktop but also supports mobile versions, download Wondershare Filmora Now to create your Instagram Reels soon!

Free Download
Free Download

6 Best Online Instagram Reels Makers:

If you don't want to bother downloading and installing Instagram Reels software, check out our selection of the top 6 online Instagram Reels makers:

1. Online Instagram Reel Maker

online instagram reels maker is a simple, easy-to-use online Instagram reel maker with powerful and advanced video editing features. The online tool allows you to turn basic video clips into refined, engaging, and effective video content for social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. It only takes three simple steps to create an Instagram Reel, also, you can customize the aspect ratio according to your needs.

In addition to making and editing reels, offers top-grade AI tools such as object remover, background remover, auto subtitles, video enhancer, YouTube-to-text converter, text-to-speech, and more.


free instagram reels maker is an AI-powered automatic free online Instagram Reels maker with access to tons of useful features. You can use it to generate reels automatically and create social media content, including YouTube Shorts, carousels, TikToks, single images, voiceovers, hashtags, product ads, banners, etc. It provides stunning reel templates for every occasion. To make an instagram reel, you only need to type one line to Predis, it will automatically analyze your input to generate customized Reels and Shorts. You can choose from 5,000+ multimedia options or upload your video to make the reel more engaging.


instagram reels maker vizard is the right online reel maker with AI features, fully optimized for sharing on online streaming platforms and social media networks like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.

With this tool, you can simply break longer videos into smaller and shorter clips, it only takes three steps to convert your full-length video into captivating Instagram Reels. Thanks to that, you can transform boring videos into over 30 attention-grabbing, entertaining clips with a single click.

4. Flexclip

make instagram reel videos online free with flexclip

Flexclip is a free online Instagram Reels maker that lets you create, edit, and publish amazing short videos with music, video clips, and images.

The online platform gives you access to top-grade Instagram Reels templates and user-friendly editing features to streamline your video production process. It also provides a wide array of music selections and makes your Instagram Reels video perfect by adding suitable background music. In addition to that, you can enhance your social media clips with stickers, effects, stylish texts, and other fantastic video enhancements.

5. Flowjin

edit reels with flowjin

Unlike most online Instagram Reels makers, Flowjin analyzes your video content using AI to interpret deeper context and generate reels accordingly.

Aside from getting your clips ready for Instagram, Flowjin offers advanced features such as auto-caption, text-based editor, auto-resize, adjustable aspect ratio, and more.


make instagram videos with

Nova is a fantastic online Instagram Reels maker and video editor that lets you create top-class social media video clips with a few clicks. Collide, trim, and cut your videos to adjust them to Instagfram Reels requirements and seamlessly translate your clips, add subtitles, create male or female voiceovers, merge multiple clips into a single video, etc. It provides lots of influential video transitions and effects, even users with no editing experience can create a beautiful instagram video.

Best Apps for Making Instagram Reels

In addition to online and desktop Instagram reel makers, we recommend trying the top two mobile apps for creating and editing your reels, stories, and video shorts.

1. Instagram Reels

free instagram reel maker

Instagram Reels is an in-app reels maker and editor Instagram users can tap into to capture, edit, enhance, watch, and share on the social media app. Aside from letting you film short Instagram clips, the app also allows you to upload videos from your phone's gallery to edit them before publishing.

Its top features include audio effects, AR filters, easy-to-use text, a recording timer, audio/video speed adjustments, video transitions, line-up objects between clips, remix reels, direct sharing to Stories and Messenger, and access to the Instagram music library.

2. Reels Maker for Instagram・BEAT:

beat instagram reels maker app

Beat is a user-friendly mobile Instagram Reels maker and editing app for iOS, Android, and Huawei users. It provides many trendy templates and seamless transitions so you can create TikToks and Reels for Instagram in a second.

Tap into a vast selection of pre-made reel-optimized video templates, sync your clips with trending music, add your photos to create interactive Instagram Reels, and wow your followers with outstanding content.

Bonus Tip: How to Select the Right Reel Maker for Your Needs

An Instagram Reels maker is only as good as the range of features it offers. So, the best tool for you will be the one that can cater to your every need.

With that in mind, here are the key factors you should consider when searching for the right reel maker:

  • User-friendly interface: opt for a reel maker with transparent controls, streamlined navigation, and an intuitive interface to expedite the reel-making and editing process and ensure you receive the desired outcome.
  • Scope of features: while all the tools and apps on our list boast both basic and advanced video creation and editing functionalities, consider the solution that offers the right tools for your Instagram Reels needs.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: some tools are available via web browsers, and others offer both desktop and mobile versions. Each option has its advantages.
  • AI tools: AI text and voice translations, automatic subtitle generators, background and object removers, and beautifiers are critical in streamlining editing and video production processes.
  • Reel-specific templates: expedite your workflows with a rich library of pre-made, Instagram-optimized templates to get your reels published faster without endangering video quality.
  • Direct sharing: a tool like Wondershare Filmora offers integrated direct sharing options for platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Vimeo.


This article outlined the best desktop, mobile, and online Instagram Reels makers and editing apps you should check out in 2024. If you prefer creating reels on your desktop computer, we recommend using solutions like Wondershare Filmora, as it provides lots of video templates, AI-powered features, use friendly interface, and more.

Free Download
Free Download
Gianni Jul 12, 24
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