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How to Put Multiple Pictures on Insta Story - a Simple Guide

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

There is no such platform as a social media network that could be of great assistance to bloggers, storytellers, creative spectators, artists, event managers, organizers, and business experts who wish to express their ideas and creativity. Notably, Facebook and Instagram play a vital role in it. They help in the exciting broadcast of content, audio, creative self-built videos, branded products, and artwork to the public, intending to gather fans and potential customers towards your business.

Put Multiple Pictures on Insta Stories

Instagram stories have gained attention and popularity while one doesn't need to roll the camera to capture a shot and upload it. Those days have gone for now as uploading multiple pictures on the Instagram story is now just a piece of cake. This article is all about a simple guide on how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story.

How to Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to put more than one picture on Instagram's story without the aid of any third-party software.

Step 1: Sign in to your Instagram account if not logged in already.

Step 2: By clicking on the Camera icon present on the top left corner of the screen, you will get directed to the stories page. If you don't have any active stories, the "+" sign on the screen's bottom can do the task.

Doing so will lead to the page where you come across the image uploading. Click on the Image icon present on the left corner to open up the phone's camera roll. If you wish to take a fresh shot, you can click on the camera option too.

Step 3: Now, you can select the images you wish to upload to the Instagram story. Click on the "Select Multiple" option from the top corner.

The images or photos stored in the gallery will appear on the screen and get marked by numbers based on your selection. You can reorder them if needed.

Step 4: Instagram allows you to add crazy stickers, emoji, drawings, text, location tags, gifs, and other accounts to your story that could improve your personality, enhance chances of reach, and boost engagement. You can also add music to your Instagram Story to attract viewers.

If you are okay with the editing and happy with the final look, it's now time to gets it published by clicking on the "Next" button present on the bottom of the screen. Your story is now live, that would last for 24 hours.

Congratulations, the task is now over, and this is how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story.

There is another way to put more than one picture on the Instagram story and here are the steps of a photo sticker feature.

Step 1: Log into your Instagram account.

Step 2: Take a fresh shot with the camera icon or just upload the images from the camera roll using the "+" symbol.

Step 3: Select the photo sticker option.

Step 4: Now, add more photos to your Instagram story with the "image select" option. Such action results in many photos on a single Instagram story like a collage.

Note: The photo sticker may not be available in everyone's account.

Add Multiple Images to Your Instagram Story using Filmora

If you are looking for more than just adding multiple images on your Instagram Story, you will need a video editing software to help. We would like to recommend Filmora for you. You don't need to be an expert to use Filmora. With its features like Green Screen, Motion Tracking, Color Matching, Audio Ducking and numerous of effects, you can easily create an impressive YouTube video. Learn more about Filmora and try it out yourself!

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Creative Instagram Story Ideas to Engage Your Audience

I hope you have now learned how to put multiple pictures on the Instagram story at ease, but are you sure that your followers would find them attractive? Are you a blogger or a business expert looking out for ideas to engage and create a wow factor around your audience on Instagram? Here are top ideas picked exclusively for your reach that is creative as well as breathtaking.

1. Go live

The first and foremost idea to engage conversation and get involved with followers is to go on a live video in Insta. While live videos involve real-time facilities, it allows one to directly interact with questions, answers, comments, and other ideas from the user side.

Instagram Livestreaming

2. Giveaways and contests

The best option to go with event organizers or brand promoters is the idea of contests and giveaways. Without a doubt, it will turbocharge the engagement numbers leading to excitement and a raise in your follower's club. Like the free trial of service, a sample of the product, you can pick a price for the winner.

Giveaways & Contests

3. Promote Instagram posts

Besides sharing your posts in your Instagram story, try promoting other Insta posts in your story like sharing your posts of any of your followers. It would create fun and close collaboration among your followers.

4. Conduct a poll

How about asking questions to your followers with a survey on your story? Insta offers poll sticker options with which you can ask questions that would engage your viewers. You can promote your brand else have a fun time too.

5. Promote products

You can promote a brand or your product with your Insta stories as well. Is there any product on the market? You can announce its arrival, get feedback, and promote them in turn. Online courses, combo packages of healthy products, and so on, come up in the list.

6. Use IGTV

Ever heard of IGTV (Instagram TV), Instagram's standalone video app launched in 2018 aiding creators to make-up long-form videos? It is an excellent idea of sharing exciting news or video content to your followers in provoking engagement.

7. Share your creative talent

Give a glimpse of creating roses with Saturn ribbons or a tray with newspaper leftover if you are right. Besides sharing videos or products, post a video of building a craft project, making an easy savory recipe that is the best one to grab a wow factor.

Insta stories are the best fun crackers and fan club fillers as well. With the introduction to a simple guide on how to put multiple pictures on the Instagram story, this marks the end of today's article!!

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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