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How to Add/Change/Edit Background in CapCut

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May 06, 2022• Proven solutions

Are you one of the users who wish to add an attractive background to your videos? You are at the right place. Here you will find details about the CapCut video editing app that supports beautiful background support for your videos. CapCut video editing app was the most downloaded app in the world in May 2021. You can use the CapCut background in your videos to replace the green background with a background of your choice. CapCut makes it very easy to do these changes with ease. You can also find different steps to modify or add the location using CapCut.

what is capcut

Part 1: How to Add a Background in CapCut?

When you record a video, you will come across a stage wherein the background of the video needs to be changed as you may not be able to visit the location or place you have in mind. It is when you record the video with a pale green background. After the recording gets over, you will want to add a suitable background. So, here’s how to add a background in the CapCut app.

Step 1: Install the CapCut app

First, install the CapCut application on your Android mobile and open the same application. To begin, click on the “New Project” icon in the center of the screen.

how to add a background in capcut - New Project

Before selecting the video, select first the image to display on the background of the video.

add video background - choose background image

Step 2: Select video through the Overlay option

Now, tap on the “Overlay” option at the bottom of the screen, which opens the page with displays the “Add Overlay” option. Then, select the video with green screen background from the gallery of your Android and click on the “Add” tab.

add video background using capcut - add overlay

Step 3: Use Chroma Key to change the background

Tap on the Chroma Key option from the bottom of the application. From the page that opens, choose “Color Picker” and select the “Green” color background of the video.

how to add video background - color picker

Then, select the “Intensity” and the “Shadow” option to make the changes made to the video more realistic. Finally, click on the tick option to finish the Chroma Key editing feature. Now you will have the video with the desired background to download on your Android.

how to change video background - shadow

Now, you know all about how to add the background in CapCut. We have also provided two more methods for you. Check them as well!

You can watch the video tutorial below to find out more details about using green screen on CapCut.

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Part 2: How to Change the Background in CapCut?

There may be a situation where you want to change the background of the video before uploading it online because you don’t like it. However, you can change the video’s background even if not taken in front of a green screen. Amazing right! The CapCut background app can do that for you! So, here’s how to change the background in CapCut with another photo/video:

Step 1: Install the CapCut application

From the Play Store, install the CapCut application on your Android mobile device and open the application. From the display page, tap the “New Project” and select the background photo/video you want to insert from the Gallery page that opens.

how to change background in capcut - select background video

Step 2: Choose Overlay and select the video

To choose another video, select the “Overlay” option from the bottom and tap on “Add Overlay” on the screen and choose the video to which you need to change the background and click “Add.”

Step 3: Remove Background Option

Now, from the list of options at the bottom, choose “Remove Background.” This option will automatically remove the overlaid background of the video.

how to change background in capcut- remove background

Lastly, wait until the removal process gets over and then download the video after previewing it.

Thus, we explained how to change the background in CapCut using the “Remove Background” option in detail.

Part 3: How to Edit Background in CapCut?

CapCut application offers a Chroma Key feature that can combine two videos in the same screen or frame. Two videos on the same screen will attract more audiences on your social media and make your video eye-catching applicable when the overlay video has a green screen background. So, avail this feature in CapCut to create a stunning video. Here’s how to edit the background in CapCut using the Chroma key feature.

Step 1: Install and create a new project in CapCut

Download the “CapCut” application on your Android device, and launch the same. On the page that opens, click “New Project” and choose the video you want to place the green screen video. After selecting, click “Add.”

Step 2: Tap Overlay to add another video

Now, to add the video with a green background, tap on the “Overlay” option. Then from the next page, click on the “Add Overlay” option, select the video with a green background, and click “Add.”

Step 3: Chroma Key to blend two videos

After selecting the second video, tap on the “Chroma Key” option at the bottom. Now, under the “Color Picker” option, choose the green color or any solid color you need to remove.

how to edit background in capcut - color picker green

Step 4: Intensity and Overlay in Chroma Key

Under the “Intensity” menu, drag the “Reset” slide bar until the chosen color becomes invisible. Note that you shouldn’t set it to 100% because it may affect the objects on the video.

how to edit background in capcut - intensity reset

Now, under the “Shadow” menu, you could slide the slider to a maximum count so that it’ll not look as if it was blended with the video behind.

After applying all these effects, click on the tick mark on the top to save the changes made. So, now you know how to edit background in CapCut.


Thus you know well about the ways to change the background using CapCut background changer. Also, we have given you the steps to add, change, and edit the video scene. So, edit the videos with/without green background using CapCut.

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