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How to Get Snapchat on Mac? [Easy Guide]

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Mar 08, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

It is the right place to know how to get Snapchat on Mac 2021. Being not officially available on the Mac App Store, users tend to find different ways of using Snapchat on Mac computers. And these different ways may include both reliable as well as non-reliable methods. However, the use of non-reliable methods won’t take you anywhere. Thus, we’d like to recommend our readers in simple ways only.

Before you dive into the article, let’s take a quick look at some interesting Snapchat facts!

  • The Snap Camera by Snapchat is officially available for Mac users in different applications.

  • Many successful brands, including Snapchat, Microsoft, and Apple, have already mentioned that they will be launching their apps in the Mac App Store very soon.

  • People are currently obsessed and happy with using two favorite ways to install Snapchat on a Mac, i.e., the Nox and BlueStacks.

And, we’re here to provide you with a step-by-step guide on both ways. So, let’s begin with how to download Snapchat on Mac with BlueStacks.

Part 1: How to Download Snapchat on Mac with BlueStacks?

The BlueStacks is nothing but an Android Emulator for your Windows and Mac PC. It generally provides the means to run Android applications on a PC. So, it is similar to an Android phone inside your PC. Well, BlueStacks delivers one of the best ways how to use Snapchat on Mac.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Snapchat on Mac

Step 1: Download the BlueStacks Android Emulator

Go to and click the Download BlueStacks tab to proceed.

Proceed for installation by selecting the Allow button.

Open the .dmg file and allow the prompts and instructions on the screen.

Click the Open > Install Now button afterward, as shown below on your Mac.

Step 2: Set Initial Boot

After you finish installing BlueStacks, know how to get Snapchat on Mac by following the instructions and setting it for initial boot. Then, you are required to allow all the permissions within the app.

Make sure to unblock BlueStacks if you are using the newer versions of macOS. Go to Security & Privacy > General > Allow and proceed.

Step 3: Link Your Google Account

Now, you need to sign in with your Google account to download apps from Play Store.

Step 4: Download Snapchat

Lookup for Snapchat in the Google Play Store and hit the Install button to download.

Once the installation is over, open the Snapchat app and start using it.

With the steps above, you can easily access Snapchat via BlueStacks. So, you will need to open the BlueStacks first every time!

Part 2: How to Download Snapchat on Mac without BlueStacks?

The Nox Player is another free Android Emulator for Mac and PC operating systems. So, let’s check out how to use Snapchat on Mac without BlueStacks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Snapchat on Mac without BlueStacks

Step 1: Download Nox Player

Go to and hit the Download button to proceed.

Click on Agree after you complete installing the Nox Player application.

Step 2: Start the Nox Player Application

Drag the Nox Player to the Applications folder and double-click the icon to start.

Then, you need to click Open to start the Nox Player.

Step 3: Fix the Virtual Box Issue

The Nox Player will not start properly if you also get the following message.

Step 4: Install Virtual Box

Go to and hit the Download button.

Then, you need to click the OS X Hosts to start downloading the Virtual Box.

Now, double-click the Virtual Box icon to start installing.

You will need to enter the Apple password to finish the installation.

Step 5: Restart Nox Player

Restart Nox Player after the installation of the Virtual Box application.

Sign in to your Google Account and check all the permissions. So, you need to click on the Play Store first.

After you complete all the Sign In procedure, you can open the Play Store and search for Snapchat.

So, this is how to get Snapchat on Mac without BlueStacks. Well, both the methods are pretty definitive and need the software to primarily open to access Snapchat.

Do you have more queries? Scroll to the section below to find more FAQs related to more on how to use Snapchat on Mac.

Part 3: FAQs about Using Snapchat on Mac

1. Is it possible to get Snapchat on a Mac?

Yes. Officially, it is not possible to use Snapchat on Mac without using any Android Emulator. Thus, we have mentioned how to use Snapchat on Mac with BlueStacks and Nox Player.

2. How do I log into Snapchat on my Mac?

You can log into Snapchat on Mac only after you’ve installed it over your Mac computer. And, we all know that the Snapchat app is not officially available for Mac. So, you need to primarily download the Android Emulator and then install Snapchat from the Google Play Store via the Emulator itself.

3. How can I use Snapchat on my Mac without BlueStacks?

There isn’t the best and free Android Emulator than the Nox Player if you want to replace BlueStacks.

4. Is BlueStacks Mac safe?

Yes, the BlueStacks is entirely safe for any operating system, regardless of Mac. It is legal as well.

5. Is Nox better than BlueStacks?

Both are Android Emulators and have their corresponding benefits. However, the Nox is said to be quick and smooth running software than BlueStacks. But then, there is no need to download software like Virtual Box on BlueStacks. So, each software comes with its merits and demerits.


Hopefully, you got how to get Snapchat on Mac via the different Android Emulators. You should consider using any of the emulator if you can’t resist using the all-time favorite Snapchat app. Also, check out the FAQs section for more clarity.

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