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AndroVid Video Editor – Complete Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

AndroVid App provides users with an excellent collection of tools to make great edits to their videos. There are a few advanced features that require switching to AndroVid Pro App. However, it’s overall an easy-to-use app with not many ads in the free version too.

Advantages Disadvantages
User-Friendly Interface Some features only available in AndroVid Pro
All essential editing tools Watermark
Remove Watermark by watching ads (some cases only) 7 Days free trial only
In this article
  1. What is AndroVid App
  2. Key features of AndroVid Video Editor & Maker
  3. How to use AndroVid Video Editor & Maker
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages of AndroVid Video Editor & Maker
  5. The best AndroVid App Alternative on Desktop

Part 1. What is AndroVid App?

It is one of the best apps available to edit videos easily on Android more quickly and conveniently. It contains a wide range of basic video editing and enhancing features. There are two versions of the AndroVid App, a free one and a paid one known as AndroVid Pro.

Download: You can download Android from Google Play.

Price: As discussed before, you can use AndroVid for free. There aren’t many limitations in the features, almost all the components are available in the free version, but there are ads. When it comes to Watermark, there is one in the free version. You must purchase the AndroVid Pro monthly or yearly subscriptions to remove it. Some simple tools, such as merge, covert, compress, etc., do not have a watermark, though. AndroVid doesn't have any premium plugins either, but it does include an online asset shop for music, fonts, and other items that you can access more of by upgrading to Pro.

Part 2. Key features of AndroVid Video Editor & Maker

Now, look into some killing features of the AndroVid App:

Magic Brush:

This tool helps you in making drawings over your videos. It’s much easier to draw shapes on video using this tool. Moreover, you can adjust the brush size, transparency, and colors. You can use it in the free version too.

magic brush in androvid


Watermark tools allow you to add your custom watermarks over edited videos. You can change the opacity and position it more efficiently too. However, this feature is one of the few that requires an AndroVid Pro subscription.

watermark in androvid


This tool is not available in the majority of android editing apps. You can convert your video to various formats, resolutions, and qualities.

photo converter in androvid

Collage Maker:

You can make different collages using the AndroVid app. You can customize the borders, like changing colors, radius, etc., and add filters or effects. But this feature needs a Pro Membership to remove the Watermark from the collage.

collage maker in androvid

Asset Store:

It is a built-in online store to download different stickers, fonts, and filters, and then you can use them in your videos.

asset store in androvid

Part 3. How to use AndroVid Video Editor & Maker?

Let’s discuss how you can use AndroVid Editor:

1. Import

In the very first step, we will import the media. You need to click the videos or photos option and select the video or image files. AndroVid will show you its built-in gallery, but you can also choose from the phone gallery by clicking the file button. AndroVid app allows you to select multiple videos or images at once.

2. Essential Tools

AndroVid has a variety of options for basic editing. We can use options like trim, merge, crop, brush, etc. These all can surely help you in some fun editing. You can also add up audio or music to the video. Just click the tool you want to use.

edit photos in androvid

3. Filters and Stickers

You can also add different filters and stickers to your video using AndroVid. There is a good variety available inside the app. However, you can still add up more using the built-in assets store. Tap the filter or sticker button and then select to add.

add filters and stickers in androvid

4. Export

AndroVid allows users to export their work in High Quality. You can select different resolution options, ranging from 240p to 1080p. Once selected, the video will start saving to your device.

export video in androvid

Part 4. Advantages and Disadvantages of AndroVid Video Editor & Maker

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using AndroVid Video Editor:


1. Easy To Use

One of the best benefits of using AndroVid Video Editor is its easy use. All the essential editing tools can be accessed and used with ease. Moreover, the less quantity of ads in the free version makes the interface simpler.

2. High-Quality Output

You can save your edited content in high quality no matter which version you use; this option is the same for all users.


1. Watermark

The Watermark is the only significant drawback of the AndroVid app. It appears on almost every edit you make. While sometimes it can be removed by watching ads but in some cases, it is unresolvable until you manage to get a purchased plan.

2. Paid Features and assets

Some features and a full assortment of Assets Store in the AndroVid App require the premium package. This is also another drawback.

Part 5. The best AndroVid App Alternative on Desktop

There is no doubt that AndroVid App offers you a lot to edit on mobile devices. But this doesn’t affect the fact that editing on any desktop software is comparatively more fantastic than on mobile. There are various alternatives to AndroVid for desktops, but the best recommendation is Wondershare Filmora.

Filmora will give you all the best editing tools with killing features like motion tracking, green screen, etc., which no other desktop app offers.

Free Download
Free Download


The article concludes that AndroVid is a helpful app for android users to turn a simple video into a fabulous masterpiece. What makes it unique is its free version with limitations is still far better than any other android app. However, you can surely switch to AndroVid pro for a more advanced experience. But when you want some editing alternative for AndroVid on desktop, then Wondershare Filmora is highly recommended. Thanks for reading.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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