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Best 15 Unboxing YouTube Channels 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 08, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

When a YouTuber unpacks products of the highest niches to show them to viewers, it is categorized as an unboxing video. Over the past few years, the trend of unboxing videos is increasing drastically. People are eager to watch more and more of the best unboxing videos of the day. However, there is a particular niche for each product, and unboxing videos are not limited to technology.

Many unboxing channels focus on unpacking a variety of products like cosmetics, clothes, toys, and more. You can find the unboxing video of your favorite product on one of the biggest video platforms in the world, known as YouTube. Millions of users and YouTubers dedicate part of their days to these amusing unboxing videos.

They are not only created for amusement but are also used to present the minute detailing and other types of specs of the products with them. There are uncountable unboxing YouTube channels; however, users sometimes fail to find the best. That is why this article will give you a review of the best 15 unboxing YouTube channels of 2024.

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In this article
  1. Category 1: Mystery Box
  2. Category 2: Beauty & Makeup
  3. Category 3: Technology
  4. Category 4: Games
  5. Category 5: Fashion

Category 1: Mystery Box

Many best unboxing channels work on mystery box unpacking. A mystery box is filled with surprising products of a particular brand or theme. It is also very interesting because sometimes you buy a box for $30 and receive products worth about $60. Some of the best channels that unbox mystery boxes are listed here:

Harrison Nevel – Sneaker

Total Subscribers 1.91M
Total Videos 629

Are you a sneaker lover? Do you love to watch the best unboxing videos of sneakers? Then this channel is a perfect fit for you. Harrison Nevel never fails to amaze sneaker lovers with its unboxing videos. On this channel, he uploads videos like buying the best 5 sneakers in the world and unboxing the $5000 Louis Vuitton mystery box.

Moreover, brand lovers can also watch videos here because all the sneakers are from genuine brands. Most of the unboxing videos here are 11 minutes long on average. Thus, you can watch the best sneaker unboxing videos without spending hours. Other than this, you can also learn about genuine shops for buying sneakers without quality issues from this channel.

harrison nevel youtube channel

SarahGrace – Tech

Total Subscribers 1.78M
Total Videos 337

If you are looking for an unboxing channel where you can watch the unboxing of tech products, you should go for SarahGrace. With 1.78M subscribers, SarahGrace stands above the list of unboxing mystery box channels. Here, you can see the unpacking of popular tech products like the iPhone and iPad. If you are curious about Apple products on Amazon, you can satisfy your curiosities here.

In her one unboxing video, she also talks about a Facebook marketplace that defrauded her. Moreover, there are also unboxing videos on tech accessories like iPhone cases. You can also find the gadgets below $5 here. In short, before purchasing a tech box, look for its unboxing video on SarahGrace.

sarah grace youtube channel

Cupcake Squad – Toys

Total Subscribers 1.88M
Total Videos 791

Toy unboxing videos are one of the trendiest and biggest niches of ages. Children love to watch these types of unboxing videos in their spare time. However, these videos are so engaging that even teens and adults are obsessed with them. Cupcake Squad is a mystery unboxing channel that dedicated its products to toys. From Gabby's Dollhouse to mini-Food, you can find every unboxing video here.

This channel also helps you learn DIY jewelry making, which is very productive for kids. There are also many slime videos here, so you can watch them to calm your mind. Moreover, if you want to buy slimes, you can also watch the slime shop reviews for a better experience. With unlimited videos of Mermaids, Barbies, Disney Princesses, and Bratz, you can never get bored here.

cupcake squad youtube channel

Lorien’s Toy Box – Toys

Total Subscribers 91k
Total Videos 1332

Lorien’s Toy Box provides the best unboxing videos on toys. There are many videos of toy mystery boxes that are both entertaining and suspenseful. You can also find videos on McDonald's Lucky Bag so you can solve your queries without spending much time. The Lucky Bag categories are not just targeted to McDonald’s as their videos on many types of Lucky Bags like Pop Mart, Disney store, Toys”R”Us, and more.

If you are a kawaii lover, you can explore this unboxing channel without worries. There are special videos on Japanese kawaii products for you. One of the most interesting things about this channel is it also has videos on Gachapons. Thus, you can find your favorite character dolls without any issues here. Furthermore, unboxing videos on blind bags related to anime can also be found here.

loriens toy box youtube channel

ConnorTV – Fashion

Total Subscribers 896K
Total Videos 746

If you want to be a fashion icon in the future, then you should watch unboxing videos related to fashion to expand your knowledge. It expands your knowledge and guides you about the expenses and trends. Now many of you think that fashion is just limited to clothing and jewelry, but it's not true. The latest cars, modern houses, high-tech gaming devices, and sneakers are also part of fashion.

In ConnorTV, you can watch unboxing videos related to Tesla, PS5, and more. This unboxing channel also has videos on mystery box unboxing from reputable brands like Louis Vuitton. Some drastic challenges like surviving on chocolate and Pokémon cards for 24 hours are also part of it. Subsequently, this channel has one of the most entertaining and fun videos.

connortv unboxing youtube channel

Category 2: Beauty & Makeup

Beauty & Makeup is a compulsory part of every girl's life. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, everyone has a special feeling when it comes to makeup products. The unboxing videos of makeup are very common and preferable niches. If you also love to watch the unboxing of your favorite makeup products, you can watch these videos in the best quality on the channels listed here:

Kelly Strack

Total Subscribers 982K
Total Videos 1,092

Kelly Strack got all makeup lovers covered with her mesmerizing and best unboxing videos. This channel, loaded with beauty, can guide you about the best makeup products. You can also see testing of makeup products from several brands like Rare Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, and more in this one place. Moreover, if you love to haul dollar shops, then this channel can entertain you for an unlimited time.

Don't worry if you don't know how to doll up because Kelly Strack also guides you about doing your makeup. Thus, before buying any makeup product from Sephora and other stores, watch unboxing videos for a better buying experience. Unboxing mystery boxes from Amazon is also a part of this beautiful channel.

kelly strack unboxing youtube channel

Leah Janae

Total Subscribers 119K
Total Videos 1,119

With over 1,119 uploads, Leah Janae is a subtly amazing YouTube unboxing channel. You can see the unboxing of products related to makeup and beauty here. The latest updates on new items in Walmart are best to watch when getting bored. If you are going to be a makeup artist, never cease to watch the makeup video on this channel.

She carefully explained all the products and tips regarding makeup and beauty for the viewer’s convenience. From makeup palettes to lip gloss that matches your complexion, you can learn many things here. Leah Janae has one of the most remarkable collections of unboxing videos themed to makeup. Several hauls of reputable and entertaining videos on her channel can keep you safe from boredom.  

leah janae unboxing youtube channel


Total Subscribers 1.05M
Total Videos 887

If you are looking for a YouTube channel that can teach you how to do makeup and have the best unboxing video also, the answer is Juicyjas. You can find videos like Amazon must have, Target shopping, and testing of makeup products here. Makeup unboxing videos are also a part of this channel. If your best friend's birthday is coming next week, you can also learn about makeup gift sets here.

From ULTA to Sephora, there are unboxing videos on almost every popular store for the ease of users. However, you can also learn about the basics of makeup from Juicyjas for free. TikTok lovers can also watch a recreation of viral TikTok for entertainment. Girls going abroad can watch videos on travel makeup essentials so they can doll up in every part of the world.

juicyjas unboxing youtube channel

Category 3: Technology

In this digital transformational world, who doesn't love to watch unboxing videos of technical products? The unboxing videos that can provide both information and entertainment are indeed a blessing. That is why this section will cover the best unboxing channels regarding technology. You can see them below:


Total Subscribers 3.51M
Total Videos 1,496

With 3.51 million subscribers, this channel stands high in the list of tech unboxing channels. No matter if you want to watch episodes of setup wars or gaming monitors, it got you covered. You can also learn to build the gaming PC of your dreams here. Some videos show unboxing videos of cool tech products under $50.

The interesting furniture for the gamer's room is also a part of this high-end tech channel. You can also see the unboxing videos of the products that are required for dream setups. Simply put, you can see tech products to full setup in this one channel with ease.

techsource unboxing youtube channel


Total Subscribers 3.22M
Total Videos 1,086

Do you want to know about trendy smart rings? Are you looking for the best Apple accessories replacements? Worry no more because you can find a wide range of implementable information in that very channel. UrAvgConsumer also covers massive tech unboxing for those who love unboxing videos. It also helps you in finding the most reliable tech products.

If you want to gift a tech item to your younger brother, have a look at gift ideas videos on UrAvgConsumer. There are also videos on electric cars for car lovers. It also provides tips and tricks to handle tech products in the best way.

uravgconsumer unboxing youtube channel


Total Subscribers 2.15M
Total Videos 1,135

It is one of the best unboxing YouTube channels to find cool tech gadgets at a minimum cost. From webcams to controllers, you can find every tech product here. All the latest sales of tech products are also covered here. Moreover, you can also analyze reviews of products before purchasing them. It also guides you about the best desk setups for gaming spaces.

Reactions on functionality and performances are also part of this innovative channel. You can also learn how to clean the tech items for higher efficiency. It has 2.15 million subscribers for a valid reason, as there are videos on approximately every tech-related product and topic here.

randomfrankp youtube unboxing channel

Category 4: Games

Games unboxing videos are dedicated to a variety of games. These types of videos include card games, board games, clay, slime, and more. Thus, if you are a game lover and looking for an unboxing channel that has the best unboxing videos, feel free to explore the channels listed underneath:

Phoenix Resale

Total Subscribers 312K
Total Videos 479

Phoenix Resale has more than 479 videos for game lovers. You can watch game videos on this channel with much more amusement and entertainment. There are many fun, factual videos here that never cease to surprise you. You can also watch the unboxing of the latest games, like the Pokémon Fiery Red version.

This channel also has a hunting video on the rarest games that can be a wonderful thing for game lovers. With it, you can also watch the grand openings of video game stores in different areas of the world. However, it covers a vast collection of unboxing videos of games, consoles, and Nintendo Switches.

phoenix resale youtube unboxing channel


Total Subscribers 32K
Total Videos 25

OpenGame is an unboxing YouTube channel that focuses only on the unboxing of games rather than visiting gaming stores and placing gaming setups. It is a perfect channel for those who just want to watch unboxing videos. You can even watch the unboxing of Forza from 2005 to 2024 in an evolutionary manner. It covers the best unboxing videos from the first edition to the latest ones.

There are several unboxing videos here, including God of war, Every Halo, Minecraft, Every GTA Ever, Call of Duty, and more. Some of the videos also have gameplay in them. OpenGame is one of the most recommendable game unboxing channels on YouTube.

opengame youtube unboxing channel

Category 5: Fashion

As the entire world has blossomed around unboxing videos, fashion lovers also want to see their favorite products unboxed. Many popular channels upload unboxing videos of fashion-related products; however, few of them manage to captivate the viewers. The most visually appealing and high-quality unboxing videos related to fashion can be found on the channels listed here:

Maria Draganova

Total Subscribers 157K
Total Videos 471

In this fashionable world, the unboxing phenomenon is a customary part of every product. These videos demonstrate how luxurious companies wrap their goods in a mesmerizing way. The untying ribbons and aesthetically pleasing colors attract viewers to the products positively. Maria Draganova also uploads videos of this type that are very popular among fashion lovers.

You can find everything from luxurious bags from Hermes to Chanel's jewelry. She also enlightens the sales so users can purchase their favorite products in economic amounts. You can find unboxing bags, shoes, jewelry, makeup, clothes, and other goods here.

maria draganova youtube unboxing channel

Jaime Xie

Total Subscribers 159K
Total Videos 73

This channel dedicates its videos to unboxing mostly. Rather than many vlogs of shopping, you can find unboxing videos here with ease. Every latest item from a reputable brand is unboxed in this very channel. You can find unboxing videos of every brand, including Gucci, Balenciaga, Versace, Prada, Chanel, and more.

Analyzing emerging trends of goods and stylings is also part of this channel. It is beneficial for improving the fashion sense of beginners.

jaime xie youtube unboxing channel

The Last Words

Unboxing videos are viral among individuals all around the world. People prefer to watch unboxing videos before buying any product. These videos provide detailed information on products, their quality, price, and packaging. There are many YouTubers that upload unboxing videos on different niches.

The channels mentioned above lie in the categories of best unboxing channels. You can explore them to see the unboxing of the product of your choice. Moreover, the link to channels is also provided so that you can access them without any issues.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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