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10 Final Cut Pro-Plug-Ins

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Are you looking for some video editing tools that could enhance your work and make it more desirable and engaging to watch by the viewers? But, from a wide plethora of choices available on the internet to download for video editing, you could be confused regarding which one would be the best for you. That is why here in this article, we will talk about final-cut pro-plug-ins that can be downloaded from the internet free of cost or by paying.

If you are not aware of what plug-ins for final cut pro are. Then, let us take a brief look at them: - Third-party add-ons, called plug-ins, are tools used to enhance videos in final cut pro X. They can add new features to your final cut pro software that original developers didn't include. Most plug-ins are created by ordinary people to enhance their work and are sometimes shared on the internet for free or at a fee.

In this article
    1. Fx factory pro
    2. mLUT
    3. Color Finale 2.0
    4. NewBlueFX
    5. Movie Pop
    6. Free XEffects Matrix Plugin
    7. Motion blur plug-in
    8. Free data pop
    9. Distortion effects
    10. Shutter shock FCPX plug-in
  1. Part 2. How to Use Plug-ins in Final Cut Pro?

Part 1. Best Final Cut Pro Plug-Ins

1. Fx factory pro

Fx factory pro is one of the best final cut pro plug ins that users can try for free to access if the plug-in is suited to their video editing work. But while using the trials, fx factory pro would watermark the video, although, after purchase, it gets removed. Users can easily download it from the Fx factory website, and its smooth layout will help you quickly navigate its homepage.

fx factory pro

If you are thinking about fx factory pro integration with fcpx plug-ins, you need not worry about that because the coordination between the two is off-charts. Many professionals looking for video editing websites consider Fx factory as their ideal destination for choosing plug-ins for their work.

2. mLUT

Are you not satisfied with final cut pro X color grading software even though you don't necessarily hate it but want to see improvements in it? That's where the mLUT plug-in of motion VFX comes into the picture. Ideally, it is a free plug-in that video editors can use to look up their tables in one place together. One of the eye-catching features of mLUT from Motion VFX would ask your video to be shot in a longer format to get the best out of your color grading capabilities.

mlut plug in

If you want to add more to your video editing, the paid version of mLUT packs offered by Motion VFX will allow you to add a cinematic look to your video efficiently. After all this, you find your video or image not perfect, so make sure you keep using it.

3. Color Finale 2.0

Most people using final cut pro X were somewhat unsatisfied with the internally practical fast color correction tools. It was always about having something that properly allowed video color grading workflow. That is when color finale 2.0, a newer version of the initially released color finale, is known to come in handy. It is a new and more improved version of the previous one, which is optimized for having metal and more color management features such as ACES.

color finale 2 plug in

From the beginning, the color finale was designed as a plug-in for the final cut pro-X. It offers the users two options: go for the standard one or pro to enjoy more features like tangent panel control, group grading, ACES color space, film grain simulation, and mask tracking.

4. NewBlueFX

Suppose you are looking for a compatible video editing program like adobe after effects, premiere pro, and some other software like it. Then, a new blue FX that provides an alternative to critical aspects like framing, masking, and offering necessary plug-ins to improve the videos and eliminate other challenges could be the choice for you.

new blue fx plug in

There are many plug-ins offered in New blue fx, and each has features that push forward for its improvement every day. The zoom effects or auto-pan plug-in could be your solution when adding some still motion or picture into your video. It identifies the significant highs and lows of the video or image, changes the detail, and contrasts automatically whenever or wherever needed.

5. Movie Pop

Do you consider you're a crazy fan of movies, and being a video creator, you are always on the move on how to recreate those famous movie sequences that you watched in movie halls or on your computer? Then, the movie could be the perfect plug-in, ideally serving this kind of situation. It is considered the easiest to recreate those title sequences of the favorite movies you want.

movie pop plug in

If you want something more out of these final cut plug-ins, add your recreation of the title. Then, unfortunately, it won't be able to offer you those because movie pop developed by stupid raisins was made for the above work only and nothing more. It is a free plug-in that editors can download from the internet.

6. Free XEffects Matrix Plugin

If you are a big fan of the matrix trilogy and want to add a specific green cascading effect into your video, then the free X effects matrix plug-in will offer you that. Instead, searching from numerous plug-ins available on the internet for adding this special effect matrix plug-in will ensure the work is done for you as per your need.

free xeffects matrix plugin

It would specifically save a lot of time and energy for you that can be used for some other purposes that are in more of its need. The process is also quite simple:

  • Entering the main title text
  • Adjusting the color density according to your specification
  • The text's speed and ideal position

After completing these above steps, your plug-in will be built automatically.

7. Motion blur plug-in

The motion blur plug-in is free and can easily download from the internet as per your choice. If you want to add motion blur to your motion graphic or some subject in the film, no other plug-in was made for this situation than motion blur plug-in. After downloading, you may notice the plug taking some time to settle your final cut pro X, so keep close to its working through effective monitoring.

motion blur plug in

This motion blur plug-in is considered perfect for adding time-lapses, quick-moving graphics, and a certain chaotic feeling to your movie or a specific shot in your video through some slick editing. Some varying levels of unique motion blur are available, ranging from minimal to maximal and extreme levels.

8. Free data pop

Free data pop plug-in could be perfect if your video needs some specific editing that involves adding varying levels of charts and graphs into the shots. Data pop is said to have 22 customizable professional quality free final cut pro X graphic styles or designs from which you can choose one according to your requirement. Moreover, this mainly includes different types of charts, graphs, and pie charts on it.

free data pop plug in

Let the data speak for itself; if you are looking for this kind of tone in your movie or video scene, free data pop will help you achieve that. The top-notch professional graphics offered by the accessible data pop plug-in would throw out the old conventional charts and bring in or introduce new modern charts to your scenes.

9. Distortion effects

Do you want to add some classic distortion effects to the video or musical? For that distortion effect, plug-ins in your final cut pro X could be the ideal solution. There are four unique effects that you can choose to add to your final cut pro X and modify upon it through some adjusting of its parameters.

distortion effects plug in

The black hole feature offered would drag your video image to a single location or point, and the Bulge feature would add an inward or outward bulge to the image. Next would be the circular zig-zag, a ripple-type effect that doubles the amount of refraction on the image. And lastly, the twirl effect twists your clip to a certain degree to move it from subtle to extreme points.

10. Shutter shock FCPX plug-in

Finally, the last one on our list is the shutter shock FCPX plug-in, which needed to be included, or the list would be considered incomplete for starters. This application allows you to inject or source royalty-free footage or images in your video project to add more flare to your work without leaving the application.

shutter shock fcpx plug in

While using the other plug-ins, users often needed to visit the respective site to preview the clip they edited. But, in the shutter shock FCPX plug-in, you can directly drop your work, and your clients will be able to preview them easily. After all these steps, when you consider the work done, purchasing the plug-in from the site will let your footage appear directly on your timeline without any watermark.

Part 2. How to Use Plug-ins in Final Cut Pro?

Now, let us now look at how to install these plug-ins in your final cut pro for an added enhancement and versatility to your video editing software by following some simple steps: -

use plug ins
  • First step: After you have downloaded the plug-in you choose, double-click on the file, next, an installer window will pop up asking permission to initiate a license agreement.
  • Second step: Click on the accept button and double-click on the package installer, which should open a new window. Following these simple directions, the plug-in would automatically be located in your final cut pro.
  • Third step: Another method you need to remember for installing your plug-in final cut pro X if the plug-in developers don't offer an installation package. Then, a manual installation using zip files must be opted for. Drag your plug-ins and put them inside your zip file. Now, restart your computer to add the respective plug-ins to their browsers.


Using the various plug-ins into your final cut pro X will enhance your video quality and offer more options for you to choose from to give a perfect look and appearance to your hard work. And hopefully, after reading the above article on the list of best plug-ins, you can input your final cut pro X for free, or at some cost, you can choose one per your requirement.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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