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The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Vimeo Monetization

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Oct 31, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

Interested in turning your passion into profit as a filmmaker or content creator?  YouTube is your first thought when it comes to sharing your video content. Creators who are hardcore Vimeo fans are also out there. Using Vimeo, creators can share their videos with a global audience. Vimeo allows creators to monetize their videos and generate income.  You can monetize your video content through paid ads, subscriptions, and one-off purchases.

Additionally, Wondershare Filmora enhances your videos for Vimeo monetization. You'll learn about monetizing Vimeo videos in this article. Including tips on maximizing exposure and revenue for your content.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Introduce Vimeo Monetization Options and Explain What It Is
  2. Part 2. Vimeo Video Monetization: Steps to Get Started
  3. Part 3. Monetization of Vimeo VS YouTube: Which Is Most Effective?
  4. Part 4. Unlocking Filmora's Video Editing Tools for Vimeo Content Creators
  5. Conclusion
Vimeo Video Editor
A cross-platform for enhancing your videos for Vimeo monetization!
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Part 1.  Introduce Vimeo Monetization Options and Explain What It Is

Vimeo - what is it?

In 2004, Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein created Vimeo, an American video platform. At first, it was a website that collected funny videos as a spinoff of CollegeHumor. As Vimeo became part of IAC in 2006, it began focusing on high-definition video. The company makes money by providing subscription plans to businesses and content producers. Members have access to everything they need to create, edit, and broadcast videos. Software solutions are also available for corporate clients. Professionals in the video industry use Vimeo to find clients and projects. 

In 2021, Vimeo had more than 230 million users, including 1.6 million paying subscribers. There are about 60 million content creators among its users. Guess what, in May 2021, when Vimeo, a cool video company, started selling its shares, each share was worth $52.08. This meant that they made $96 million that year. The increase is 42% over last year!

vimeo- what is it

The monetization options available on Vimeo   

1. Vimeo On Demand

You can monetize your videos by using Vimeo's On Demand feature. Videos can be either purchased once or rented directly by your audience. Vimeo takes a small commission on sales, so you can set your own price.

2. Vimeo OTT

You can build your own video-on-demand service with Vimeo OTT. Offering exclusive content access to your audience is possible through Vimeo OTT. You will also receive 90% of the revenue from subscribers who set their own price. You need a Pro or Business account to use Vimeo OTT. You can start uploading your content after upgrading your account. You can also brand, color, and logo your website and apps.

3. Vimeo Ads

Vimeo video ads allow you to earn money without selling anything. When you upload videos, ads appear, and you earn money. Using Vimeo Ads requires an upgraded account. Ad revenue can be earned once your account has been upgraded.

4. Vimeo Live

Vimeo Live lets you live stream your performances and events. Your live events can be broadcast and even sold via Vimeo Live to a global audience. Live performances and events can now be monetized by content creators. You need an Enterprise or Premium account to use Vimeo Live. Live streaming your events and performances is possible once you upgrade your account. Ticket sales for live events can also be done.

5. Vimeo Tip Jar

Tip Jars on Vimeo allow your audience to tip you directly for your content. With Vimeo Tip Jar, your audience can leave tips directly on Vimeo. By using this feature, you won't have to sell directly to your viewers. A Plus or Pro account is required to use Vimeo Tip Jar. Start receiving tips from your audience once you've upgraded your account.

vimeo- monetization options available

6. Stock Video Sales

Selling stock footage on Vimeo is another way to make money. Vimeo's stock video marketplace is a great place to upload high-quality clips that are in demand. If someone buys your footage, you will earn royalties.

Part 2. Vimeo Video Monetization: Steps to Get Started

Step 1Pick the right monetization strategy

Choosing the right monetization option for your Vimeo videos is the first step to monetizing them. For one-time monetization, Vimeo On Demand is the best option. If you want to monetize your videos regularly, you can use Vimeo OTT.

Step 2Configure your monetization method

After selecting the monetization option, you need to configure the method. You need to set your payment options, customise settings, and determine your prices.

Step 3Upload the videos

Now upload your videos so everyone can watch them. You should upload engaging, informative videos of high quality. It's important to create quality content for your videos, since they are your product.

vimeo- upload video
Step 4Boost your video's visibility

To make your Vimeo video more visible, start by choosing an engaging title and write a detailed description using relevant keywords. Add tags that describe your content accurately. Share your video on social media and collaborate with influencers to broaden your reach. Interact with your audience by responding to comments and creating discussions. Encourage likes, shares, and subscriptions to boost visibility. You can use paid advertising or Vimeo's promotional tools to reach a larger audience.

Step 5Evaluate your performance

Take a closer look at how your Vimeo video is performing. Analyze the views, likes, and comments to gauge engagement. Analyze audience retention to see when viewers drop off. Review your video's reach and consider if it's meeting your goals. Use this information to fine-tune your content, promote it more effectively, and ultimately enhance its performance for better results.

vimeo- analyze your performance

Data storage limits and pricing

The four membership packages on Vimeo are Plus, PRO, Business, and Premium. $7 per month is the minimum fee and $75 per month is the maximum. The maximum storage limit for a free basic package is 500MB per week.

vimeo- pricing plans

Part 3. Monetization of Vimeo vs. YouTube: Which is Most Effective?

Videos can be uploaded and watched on the YouTube platform. Since its founding in 2005, YouTube has amassed 2 billion users and 51 million channels. In contrast, Vimeo allows businesses to share video content, and hosts and streams video content. In addition to having over 200 million active users, Vimeo hosts 1.5 million videos for a fee.

Options for monetization

● YouTube Monetization

Creators need to meet YouTube's requirements in order to earn money from their videos. Posting content from a monetization-eligible country will help you do this. A minimum of 1,000 subscribers is required. Watched 4,000 hours or more in the previous 12 months. Your videos' ad revenue will be shared with YouTube once you meet the listed parameters. The company splits revenue with creators 45/55 when they meet the requirements.

The content creator will still get money if YouTube Premium subscribers watch videos without ads. YouTube users' earnings decline over time, so income does not remain stable. Creators cannot control this - they can only keep creating and posting videos.

Followers can also support their favorite creators by joining Channel Membership. Exclusive content is available only to subscribers. It is possible for subscribers to conduct live chats and share separate streams.

● Vimeo Monetization

Users of Vimeo can choose from a variety of business models. YouTube does not charge creators to post videos, unlike this platform. With Vimeo, you can rent content, sell it, or pay for Vimeo's Pro plan to allow subscribers. You can also add a paywall with subscriptions or one-time fees on the videos. Creators choose monetization strategies based on their audience and goals. On YouTube, advertisers have no control over advertising.

You'll need a PayPal account to withdraw money from Vimeo. Creators' earnings are determined by tax rates and currencies in their countries. Gross earnings are usually taxed at 10%.

vimeo vs youtube

Model for Revenue Sharing

Both websites are very different in terms of revenue generation. Vimeo offers its users four premium subscription plans. There are currently 30% savings from the usual $75/month price to $7-56/month. There are different subscription plans for data storage, business analytics, personalization, and privacy. Despite the free plan, Vimeo is not designed for business-related uses most people use it for. Membership fees are Vimeo's only source of revenue since it is an ad-free platform.

Ads dominate YouTube, however. You will likely see ads on YouTube before, during, and after watching a video. YouTube generates revenue while advertisers can target virtually any audience. Advertisements shown with video content allow creators to monetize their content. Views need to be in the hundreds of thousands in order to generate anything substantial in ad revenue (55%).

Audience Reach and Requirements

You need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on your channel to become a YouTube Partner. Channel memberships and ad revenue are then available. It can be challenging to stand out on YouTube due to its vast audience reach.

It's easier to be flexible with Vimeo. A percentage of your revenue is deducted from their fee. YouTube's audience is also smaller, but Vimeo's is typically more engaged. Quality over quantity makes it a good choice for creators. It's about balancing audience size with potential earnings.

Benefits and Drawbacks of YouTube and Vimeo

Benefits of YouTube

  • YouTube boasts a massive user base, making it a go-to platform for maximum exposure.
  • It offers ad revenue sharing, sponsorships, and merchandise shelf options.
  • Creators can improve their content strategies with YouTube's detailed analytics.
  • Platforms like YouTube are easy to use, well-known, and offer an extensive Creator Academy.


  • Subscribing to and standing out among the many creators can be difficult.
  • It's not easy to get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in 12 months.

Benefits of Vimeo

  • High-quality content and a more professional audience are the hallmarks of Vimeo.
  • Vimeo takes a percentage of the revenue from creators, regardless of their following.
  • Vimeo allows for more branding and design customization of your video player and channel
  • Both creators and viewers will appreciate Vimeo's ad-free experience.


  • Compared to YouTube, Vimeo is likely to reach fewer people.
  • Vimeo takes a percentage of your earnings instead of YouTube.

Part 4. Unlocking Filmora's Video Editing Tools for Vimeo Content Creators

Creating monetizable and engaging content on platforms like Vimeo requires video editing. Wondershare Filmora is a fantastic tool for creators looking to enhance their videos. Using the following Filmora features, you can edit your videos in an easy and intuitive manner. You can earn more on Vimeo and increase your chances of earning.

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1. Add Text to Video

 With Filmora, you can easily add text, subtitles, and captions to your videos. The font style, color, effects, and animations can be customized to make your messages stand out. Engaging your viewers, clarifying points, and telling stories requires this feature. Using Filmora, you can create videos that are informative and visually appealing. Increasing the likelihood of your content being viewed and monetized.

2. Speed Ramping

With keyframe adjustments, you can precisely control your video's speed. By increasing or decreasing the speed at specific points in your video, you can create cinematic effects. Add dramatic impact, enhance storytelling, or simply add a layer of creativity with this feature.

3. Video Background Remover

Remove the background from any video with Filmora's AI tool. This tool preserves video quality while making the background transparent. In terms of overlaying videos onto different backgrounds, it's a game-changer. Use traditional methods without the hassle of creating stunning visual effects.


In conclusion, we've learned how Vimeo can help you earn money with your videos. We explored various ways to monetize on Vimeo, such as selling videos and hosting live events. We also compared Vimeo to YouTube, understanding their different requirements and audience sizes. Vimeo's smaller but engaged community can be a great choice for creators.

To make your Vimeo videos even more appealing, you can use Wondershare Filmora. This video editing tool has cool features like adding text to videos, and more. Your videos can stand out and grab the attention of your audience with these features.

You should explore Vimeo and Filmora if you are a content creator. Share your creativity with the world and turn your passion into profit.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Jul 22, 24
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