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Top 10 Sci-Fi Metaverse Movies Take You to a Brand New World

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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The word 'meta' means beyond, whereas 'verse' has to do with the universe. What is Metaverse? Metaverse refers to a state of technology that transcends the universe. It is a concept on the internet that refers to a combination of virtual reality and a higher level of computerization and technology while still looking like the real world. When we are in the metaverse space, you can perform your daily activities without having to start over, including watching movies about metaverse. You can work, go to school, attend concerts, etc., just like in real life. Metaverse movies usually have their plot set in the tech world and involve technology like AR, VR, etc.

However, the metaverse has been a fictional science representation of the future internet. It does not exist at the moment. Whether you are hearing about the metaverse for the first time or getting to know about it through Facebook's metaverse movie, here is an opportunity to gain more information and be well-equipped.

Part 1: What is a Metaverse Movie?

Movies about metaverse have to do with a film that centers their plot on the metaverse to help people understand and begin to picture what the term means.

If you recall, sci-fi film producers have always been attracted to multi-universe, realms, etc. The latest Marvel and DC movies success and grandeur are a testimony to how much viewers get pulled with fantasy and out-of-the-world imagination.

Below is a list of metaverse movies that can help you understand the concept better.

Part 2: 10 Sci-fi Movies Help You Understand The Metaverse.

These ten movies about the metaverse will give you an insight into what the metaverse means;

  1. Ready Player One
  2. Tron
  3. Minority Report
  4. Doctor Who: Silence In The Library & Forest Of The Dead
  5. Altered Carbon
  6. Person of Interest
  7. Avatar
  8. Smarthouse
  9. Strange Days
  10. Wreck-it, Ralph

1. Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a picture set in 2045 by Stephen Spielberg. In this movie about metaverse, everyone living in a world of 2045 spends their time with a virtual reality headset covering their eyes and oblivion to the real world in a bit to navigate the OASIS, a virtual world. The developer launches an Easter egg which he turns into a treasure hunt, promising that whoever finds it takes control of the OASIS. Wade Watts, a character who is an orphan, joins others in search of this Easter egg. Spielberg in this movie refers to pop culture without losing the movie's futuristic attribute, which makes it a great film. In this movie, the audience or viewer is immersed in reality and virtually. It shows the world's excesses beyond what we can see at the moment. The characters in the movie realize when they take off their headsets that there isn't any distinction between the virtual and the true world. This is the essence of the metaverse, a world where you can have your daily activities in a virtual world with elements of reality.

2. Tron

Tron is another movie about metaverse created in 1982. In the film Tron, a video game developer finds himself in the world of computers, where he encounters Tron. Tron is a security program that fights for the users and helps them defeat the villain, malicious software. This metaverse movie details the virtual world, a world of computers beyond reality.

3. Minority Report

Minority Report is a movie about the metaverse set in 2054. In the film, the police use psychic technology to arrest criminals for crimes they are yet to commit. The computers and technology used in the minority report use augmented reality that is gesture-based. This is an inspiration for creating the type of computer that is keyboard-less. All are elements of the metaverse world.

4. Doctor Who: Silence In The Library & Forest Of The Dead

This 2008 movie, set in the 51st century, shows a doctor and his companion arriving in a library that comprises every piece of information about the universe but is empty. This same metaverse movie also shows the computer's hard drive saved everyone in a virtual paradise.

5. Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon was created in 2018, based on a novel of the same name in 2002 and set in 2384. This reality vs. the metaverse movie details a world where consciousness can transfer between bodies assessing the relationship between memory and Physicality. Human memories are stored on a hard drive and implanted in the back of our necks. This explains metaverse as it is a technology that transcends the reality of our current online space.

6. Person of Interest

Person of Interest is a metaverse movie set in the US. It shows a millionaire who has a computer that can predict who will be killed and when. Comparing reality VS the metaverse movie, Person of Interest, you realize that it is almost unbelievable as it does not exist yet. But that is the essence of the metaverse, an internet realm that goes beyond the universe.

7. Avatar

In this metaverse movie, Avatar places humans in a species capable of things beyond human intelligence. Merely being able to transfer a human's consciousness to another is stunning. Avatar explores virtual and Augmented Reality technology, which are both elements of the metaverse.


Smarthouse introduces a family who wins a competition of which the price is a fully computerized house. Packing into the house, the family meets PAT(Personal Applied Technology). PAT helps them run a check on the house, such as the functioning of the appliances in the home. When Ben reprogrammes PAT to act motherly to stop his father from dating, it begins to take extreme control of the household. This movie opens our minds to the possible future of the internet and technology.

9. Strange Days

This reality vs. metaverse movie shows an illegal technology in which you can record your sensory feel so that other people can experience them. The film relates to the metaverse as it depicts a world of the internet where something that extreme could exist in the computer world. If you saw this movie, you would begin to understand and imagine what the future internet and technology holds for the world. This is only science fiction and is not yet in existence at the time.

10. Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph tries to depict what goes on with video game characters when they are not in play. When the machine is off, the characters assemble in complex cyberspace in artistic representations of zeros and ones. This is a typical reality vs. metaverse movie that explores a world of games beyond reality.


The world is heading for a more advanced form of technology that would go beyond what we are used to. However, comparing reality vs. the metaverse movies available to us now, we would realize that we could adapt as there isn't much difference between both worlds. We could still carry on our daily activities in the metaverse space as if nothing had changed. Thus, in preparation for this future advancement that is almost here, we could also do well to see more metaverse movies like the ones listed above. Besides, as per Mark Zuckerberg, we might even be in for some exciting Facebook metaverse movies soon.

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