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VivaCut video editor – Complete Review and Guide 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

VivaCut is probably one of the best video editing apps for Android and iOS nowadays. However, some of its great features require buying a premium subscription. But still, it can help you edit your videos easily. Also, the result of its exported videos is very much better than that of any other video editor on Android and iOS, so you do not have to worry about that what will be the quality of your edited video after exporting it from it.

Advantages Disadvantages
User-friendly interface The free trial of it is very short
Advanced editing features You cannot purchase the app for a lifetime
Android and iOS compatibility  
In this article
  1. What is VivaCut Video Editor App
  2. Key features of the VivaCut Video Editor App
  3. How to use VivaCut Video Editor App
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages of the VivaCut Video Editor App
  5. Best VivaCut App Alternative on Desktop

Part 1. What is VivaCut Video Editor App?

VivaCut is one of the best applications to edit your videos professionally on your mobile. Whether a professional or a beginner, it helps you in all aspects of video editing, even if you want to make a movie or a short video. Its advanced editing features and a user-friendly interface allow users to make their videos look excellent. It allows you to quickly do your video editing and export them to your video gallery using its free version, as most of the basic features are available in it.


You can get the app from the app store by clicking the link below. The device supports the two most popular mobile operating systems: Android | iOS


Even if you haven't bought any premium package, you can still use the VivaCut application and do simple editing for your videos. But the major con of using its free version is that it puts its watermark on the exported video, which may affect your video's look. To remove this watermark from your videos, you must purchase one of their premium packages (monthly or yearly). Moreover, if you want some more professional features, add INS or plugins and effects in it and remove the ads from it, you also have to purchase their premium version.

Part 2. Key features of the VivaCut Video Editor App

As soon as the introduction is over. To learn more about it, let's talk about some of its main characteristics.

1. Various templates:

Its numerous built-in templates help its users to make or edit their videos according to their needs very efficiently. Also, these templates use trending effects and filters in them. So it is very effective to use them for making videos like those trending on the web. Moreover, the look of your videos will become fascinating after using these.

2. Speed Adjustment:

This effect in the VivaCut video editor can help you make your simple sports videos look like scenes of an action film. Using it lets you adjust your video's speed very quickly. Now it's upon you whether you want to represent your video in fast or slow motion to the public. You can also use this feature in your music videos to give them a cinematic look.

3. Voice-Over:

VivaCut also makes it easy for you guys to add voice to your videos. By using its Voice-Over feature, you can do it effectively. This feature allows you to dub or voice over your videos with the help of your mobile's microphone.

4. Split / Merge:

Using this feature, you can split and merge your videos from whichever part you want. This helps you to improve the sequence of the scenes in your film or short video. Moreover, using the transitions feature between these, you can also give a cinematic look to your video scenes.

5. Supports HD Resolution:

Using VivaCut, you guys can make your videos fascinating and export them in higher quality. However, it is upon you whether you want to export your videos in which resolution (higher or lower) as it provides almost all the quality options to you.

6. Social Sharing:

After exporting your video, you can share it directly to any social media platform using the social media sharing feature. This feature can benefit those who want to publish their content to social media after exporting it instantly.

social sharing

Part 3. How to use VivaCut Video Editor App?

Now, after discussing its intro and critical features in the above sections, the question that may be arising in your mind is how you guys can use it. If yes, there is no need to worry because we are here to answer your question and guide you completely about it.


Let's discuss how you can import your videos. So, first of all, you have to grant the VivaCut video editor permission to access your media gallery. Then you can import the videos as much as you want. However, there are a few limitations regarding it if you are using the free version: you can only export videos for up to five minutes.

Primary Editing:

So now, let's move forward using primary or essential editing tools in your videos. As we discussed earlier, you can use almost all the essential editing tools, whether using a free or a premium version. You can quickly get all these tools at the bottom of your mobile's screen. However, some features that need opening through the Canvas menu will not show. You can use these features in your videos by just clicking on them.

Filters and AI effects:

We will discuss how we can apply filters and AI effects to our videos using VivaCut. To use them in your videos, first of all, you have to click on the specific video on which you want to use them from the timeline. A menu will appear at the bottom of your mobile's screen from which you can click on the filters or AI effects option, whatever you want to use. In the free version, you have only access to the limited filters, and AI effects are not available. It would be best to upgrade your plan to get unlimited access to the AI effects and filter library.

Chroma Key:

Chroma Key is another excellent feature in the VivaCut video editor, which you can use to change your video's background easily. To use this feature in your videos, you must click on the video layer and select the Chroma key option from the menu at the bottom. You can also set up its settings according to your requirements from the menu. Also, this feature is available in both (free and premium) versions.


Now at the end, we will discuss how we can export our edited videos from it. So we can do this by clicking on the Export button at the top right corner of our screen. In the next step, it will ask us in which quality we want to export our video. Now it's upon us whether we export it in 720p (HD) or 480p (SD). We can also export our videos in 1080p (FHD), but for this, we have to purchase the premium package of it. Also, as we discussed earlier, we need a premium version to export videos longer than five minutes.

click on export button

Part 4. Advantages and Disadvantages of the VivaCut Video Editor App


Easily understandable interface

One of the biggest pros of VivaCut is that its interface is straightforward to understand for beginners. Even if it is your first video editing experience, you do not face any difficulty or need much time to understand it. So whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can edit or make your videos effectively using it.

Latest editing features

Using VivaCut, you can use the most updated and advanced editing features in your videos. However, some of the highly advanced features are not free, but you can still do much in its free version. So it's upon you whether you want to create a simple video or a cinematic film using it because it has enough features and capabilities to make all of these for you.

High-Quality Exporting

In addition to its advanced editing features, VivaCut provides you with higher-quality exported content than any other video editing application on mobile devices. Using it, you can export your videos in FHD, HD, and SD. However, in the free version, you have only two options HD or SD quality exporting. To unlock the advanced option of FHD quality exporting, you must purchase their premium package.


Export Limit:

The biggest drawback of using the VivaCut video editor is its free version's export limit of up to five minutes. You need to buy their premium package if you want to make a video longer than five minutes. Without it, you may be can edit your video in it but can't be able to export your video to your media gallery or share it to any social media platform.

Premium Editing features and effects:

To use some of the very advanced editing features and unlock various popular filters and effects. You also have to purchase their premium plan. Also, one more disadvantage is that they only offer monthly or yearly premium plans, which means you cannot buy the application for a lifetime.

Watermark for export:

One disadvantage of using its free version is also that they put their watermark on each video. With which may, the quality of your video is affected.

Part 5. Best VivaCut App Alternative on Desktop

The desktop video editing software has more advanced features than any mobile video editing application. Moreover, editing your videos on your desktop or laptop is more convenient than on your mobile's small screen.

So what software should we use for video editing on a PC? The answer is Wondershare Filmora. Yes, Filmora is one of the best video editing software for PC. It has all the advanced and powerful editing tools that need to be in a desktop editor, like FHD editing support, video stabilization, highly advanced text editor, audio mixer and equalizer, color tuning, noise removal, and many more.

Free Download
Free Download


So, in the end, this article concludes that the VivaCut video editor is one of the best options if you want to edit your video professionally on your phone. Still, suppose it comes to a desktop where it is not available. In that case, Filmora is the best alternative to using it. You cannot only edit your video professionally but also export them in 4K quality. We hope that you all find this article helpful and exciting. Thanks for reading it.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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