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Best Websites To Download A YouTube Ringtone

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 13, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

YouTube celebrates a large-scale viewership due to plenty of web series, shows, ringtones, movies, and other content. This video streaming platform is also an excellent resource for many users to find and download the latest and greatest ringtones created from various soundtracks and songs.

In this article, we’ll discuss two most notable and go-to websites for downloading YouTube ringtones and a method to convert YouTube videos to MP3 and customize them as ringtones afterward.

Let’s get on with our article without any further ado!


We resolutely oppose all forms of copyright-infringing downloads. This tutorial is only for downloading YouTube videos/audio materials from your own channel.

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  1. Convert YouTube Video To MP3 Format
  2. Bonus: How to Personalize Ringtones for Your Android or iPhone?

Websites for Downloading YouTube Ringtones

In this part, we chose two websites with rich YouTube ringtone resource for you. Please read further to find what they are and what they can exactly provide for you.


There’s nothing better than YouTube itself for downloading ringtones. The platform has a vast library of tones in every world language. More than 50,000 channels are creating ringtones and uploading them here daily. Every YouTube ringtone has a short description written with it that describes the tune’s theme.

youtube ringtones

Various genres of ringtones are available on the YouTube ringtone page in HD quality. The rich categories of the platform range from sad, funny, and romantic to hard-rock and pop, which can be accessed using the search bar or by voice search.

Moreover, you can use YouTube to listen to and share the ringtones and leave your valuable feedback in the comment section. Hit like, subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon if you enjoyed the content with a dislike option as well.

However, you’ll have to officially subscribe to YouTube Premium to download ringtones and other content.


MoboCup is a brilliant and free site to download soothing, peaceful, and high-definition YouTube ringtones in MP3 format. The site accommodates every operating system and provides easy-to-use controls with fewer ads.

mobocup youtube ringtones

Richness & Categories

The site is user-friendly due to easy navigation and a legible interface. There is an option to share the content with your friends or family using a variety of social media channels. You can also “Favorite” the most-liked YouTube ringtones to download later.

If you want to show your creativity to others, you can even upload your personalized YouTube content on the site. Following are the best categories to download YouTube ringtones:

  • Mix
  • Love
  • French Bella Ciao
  • Instrumental
  • Instagram Reels
  • YouTube Shorts & More.

Convert YouTube Video To MP3 Format

If the resources mentioned above aren’t good enough to find quality YouTube ringtones, you can convert any other YouTube video to MP3 format to make it your next phone ringtone using Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a user-friendly video editor with various features, including Audio Detach, Audio Ducking, Silence Detection and so on. They can help you attain your best audio file from a video clip. Let’s see how Filmora can help you:

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download its latest version. Then, launch the software and locate the “Import” option on the main dashboard. Click it to add two videos you downloaded from YouTube Premium to create a custom MP3 ringtone.

Step2 Drag the YouTube videos to the “Timeline Panel” at the bottom. Next, right-click the videos and select “Detach Audio” to extract audio from YouTube videos. Now, the audio files will show on the audio track.

detach audio filmora

Step3 In this step, right-click only that particular audio file whose silent parts you want to delete. Now, select “Silence Detection,” and a window will open up, having three parameters; “Threshold,” “Minimum Silence,” and “Buffer,” which you can adjust using the slider.

Moving on, you can click “Start” to initiate automatic silence detection, deleting all the silent parts.

silence detection parameters filmora

Step4 Now, emphasize one song over the other. For this, right-click a particular audio and select “Adjust Audio.” Then, check the “Audio Ducking” feature and click “OK” to make changes to the file. You can also adjust the intensity of the “Audio Ducking” feature by moving the slider.

audio ducking filmora

Step5 The next step is to trim the length of the file to reduce its size. To do this, click on the file, and a double arrow will appear. Drag the double arrow to select a part that you want to trim. Next, click “Split” to delete that part successfully.

Step6 In the last step, click “Create” and hit the “Export” button to save the converted MP3 YouTube ringtone to your PC. Finally, transfer the file to your phone using a USB cable or any cloud service like Google Drive to sync it to your phone.

export youtube ringtone filmora

If you want to know more about Filmora’s features, please watch this video below to see how creative Filmora is!

Bonus: How to Personalize Ringtones for Your Android or iPhone?

Now that you’ve created a personalized ringtone by converting your favourite YouTube video to MP3 using Wondershare Filmora, the next step is to set it as a customized ringtone on your Android phone or iPhone.

Please read the article below to know how to customize ringtones on iPhone or Android:

Customize the Ringtone on iPhone:

A Detailed Guidance: How To Change Or Customize Your Ringtone On An iPhone

Customize the Ringtone on Android:

A Detailed Guidance: How To Change Or Customize Your Ringtone On An iPhone


In this comprehensive article, we discussed two top-of-the-line websites to download YouTube ringtones for incoming calls.

We also mentioned a quick and effective method to convert any YouTube video to MP3 format using the powerful editor Wondershare Filmora in case you want to enhance the tones by adding your own touch!

Hopefully, this article helped you a lot, and you can now easily convert any video to MP3 like a pro and set it as a ringtone on your Android phone or iPhone!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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