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Want to Send Snaps from Camera Roll? See How it is Done!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 11, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Snapchat enables you to communicate with your friends in an engaging way. To send a normal snap to your friends, you need to take a live photo or video from the Snapchat camera. This may be out of your comfort zone to send normal live snaps every time.

This article will explain how to send a picture from your memories or camera roll as a normal snap. By using our recommended apps and methods, you can also hide that the sent picture is from the camera roll. Let's dive into the details to learn how to send snaps from the camera roll.

In this article
  1. How to Send a Snap from Memories/Camera Roll as a Snap
    1. Method 1: Using a Snapchat Filter
    2. Method 2: Using a Sticker
    3. Method 3: Using the LMK App
    4. Method 4: Casper APK for Android
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How to Send a Snap from Memories/Camera Roll as a Snap

Are you tired of sending your live selfies as snaps to your friends? In this section, you can learn how to send snaps from the camera roll without capturing a live snap. For this, we will explain some manual methods as well as some reliable apps in a detailed manner.

Method 1: Using a Snapchat Filter

Snapchat allows you to apply its filters on any of your camera roll's pictures. By selecting a particular photo or video from your memories or snap, you can instantly add a filter to them. Afterward, you can send the filtered image to your friends as a regular snap. However, this solution has a significant drawback that you must know. The limitation is that the receiver of the snap would be able to see that the sent picture is from the camera roll.

Step1 Open your Snapchat and swipe up to open the 'Memories'. Go to your Camera Roll and select any particular picture from there.

access camera roll tab

Step2 After choosing a particular photo, tap on the "Edit" icon at the bottom left corner. You can apply filters to the photo by swiping from right to left. Keep swiping until you can find your preferred filter.

tap on edit option

Step1 Once you have applied the filter to the photo, touch on the "Send To" button. Choose any Snapchat friend to whom you want to send the picture. Next, hit the "Send" icon again to send the photo successfully.

tap on send to button

Method 2: Using a Sticker

If you want to make your camera roll picture funny and entertaining, you can add stickers to it. Through Snapchat, you can make your customized sticker of any interesting face or object. Moreover, Snapchat also offers a huge variety of built-in stickers. If you don't want to create a customized sticker, you can easily add the built-in sticker with a single tap.

Step1 Once you have opened your Snapchat, go to Memories. From there, you can access and select any picture from the Camera Roll.

choose camera roll option

Step2 After selecting a specific picture from Camera Roll, tap on the "Pencil" icon at the bottom left corner to edit the photo. Afterward, select the "Scissor" icon from the right section. Using the Snapchat Scissor, you can create a sticker of any face or object you find interesting. Just select any area of the photo using your finger.

create your sticker

Step3 Now close the picture opened for creating the sticker. Once done, take a snap from your Snapchat to proceed. Now from the right section, tap on the "Sticker" icon. Here, you can choose the built-in stickers easily. Or you can navigate to the "Scissor" icon to select your created sticker.

access the created stickers

Step4 Once done with adding and adjusting the sticker, hit the "Send To" button. Choose your preferred contact and tap on the "Send" icon again.

hit the send to button

Method 3: Using the LMK App

Another efficient way to send a camera roll picture as a regular snap is by using a third-party app. LMK is a reliable social media platform that enables you to communicate with friends having similar interests. You can craft your profile by adding your interests and hobbies.

It helps people to create a safe and healthy community for enhanced communication. In this solution, we will guide you on how to send snaps from the camera roll using the LMK app. Through this app, you can send snaps to your friends without mentioning the camera roll.

Step1 Open your Snapchat either from your Android or iOS device. Proceed to the Memories section and select Camera Roll. Here, tap on any picture that you want to send.

choose picture from camera roll

Step2 Now hit the "Arrow" button to share the selected snap. From the displayed options, tap on the "Download" icon to save the picture on your device gallery.

download the selected photo

Step3 Now head to your Play Store or App Store according to the OS of your mobile device. From there, download the LMK app. After its complete installation, open this app using your Snapchat login.

download and install lmk app

Step4 On the LMK app, tap on the "Plus" icon to proceed. Afterward, tap on "Post" and hit the "Camera" icon from the bottom left side. Now choose the photo that you have recently saved in your gallery.

tap on camera icon

Step5 After choosing the photo from the gallery, tap "Post to Snapchat." By doing so, you will be redirected to your Snapchat. From your image, remove the added stickers of the LMK app. You can drag the sticker to the trash bin icon. Afterward, tap on the "Paper Clip" icon to remove the added attachment.

remove the sticker and link

Step6 Once done with removing the sticker and attached link, hit the "Send" button. Now choose a Snapchat contact and hit the "Send" button.

send snap using lmk app

Method 4: Casper APK for Android

Casper is an excellent alternative for Snapchat users. Using this app, you can instantly add stickers and filters to the captured snaps. You can also save and forward snaps using this app to other platforms. However, Casper is not available on the Play Store. You can download the Casper APK from your web browser easily. Before installing it, you should alter some settings from your phone, as described below:

Step1 Open Settings from your phone and tap "Apps." Afterward, select "Manage Apps" to proceed.

open manage apps settings

Step2 Once done, locate the "Google Chrome" option and turn on the toggle of "Install from unknown sources."

enable install unknown apps toggle

Once you are done with installing Casper APK, you can take help from the following steps:

Step1 Sign out from your Snapchat account to initiate. Open Casper and sign into your Snapchat account.

Step2 Hit the "Plus" icon and tap on "Choose from Gallery." After selecting a picture from your phone's gallery, press the "Send" button.

Step3 Choose your preferred contact to whom you want to send the picture. For confirmation, tap on the "Send" button again.


Many youngsters are addicted to Snapchat to provide daily updates to their friends. You can utilize the offered filters, lenses, and stickers on Snapchat to make your snaps vibrant. However, this article has guided you on how to send snaps from the camera roll as a regular snap. You can send everyday snaps to your friends without mentioning the camera roll picture. For this, you can rely upon our recommended solutions and applications.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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