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8 Best Free TikTok Video Editing Apps/Website on Mac

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Apr 08, 2022• Proven solutions

TikTok has achieved immense prominence in the last few years, and if you haven't hopped on the trend yet, you're still not too late. As you might already notice, almost all of the videos on this viral video site are few moments but cool. Both newcomers and advanced TikTokers use some of the TikTok video editing software to modify their videos before posting. 

TikTok is a lip-syncing application dedicated to creating quick video clips, like dancing, music, sequence, and many more. Utilizing TikTok, you can make your TikTok video for up to one minute. The videos you make can be modified using the editing features of the TikTok app.

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TikTok allows people to view other clips, make short clips, and introduce several effects. That being said, there are some occasions where you'll have to erase watermarks or unused parts, distort some bits of the video, take a video, and much more. The most fanciful, glamorous, and fascinating your TikTok is, the more viewers will watch them. So if you'd like to draw people to your TikTok content, you'll have to choose some of the TikTok video editing apps/ websites to edit your videos.

There are some famous video editing applications that you can customize and edit your TikTok videos. Let's talk out more about the most excellent Mac video editors for TikTok below:

1. Online Video Editor online video editor

Although TikTok has risen to enormous notoriety in recent years, it is still not too late to join the trend. If you haven't already, you may do so here. Both newbies and expert users use the TikTok video editing software to tweak their films before sharing them, and is a fantastic tool for all of this!

If you want to generate entertaining or humorous films that you want to submit to TikTok, provides you with the tools you need to do so. You may use these tools to edit your TikTok videos. Using this online video editing service for both Mac and PC platforms, you may edit movies captured with film cameras, smartphones, DSLR cameras, and other digital camera systems.

A few of the various functions available in include video trimming and extraction, creating a video soundtrack, and setting a job resolution and aspect ratio. Because you may choose to save the video locally or publish it on Tiktok or YouTube, the video editor's exporting capabilities are excellent. You can choose to upload videos up to 1080p in a 9:16 aspect ratio without leaving a watermark in the video editor. online video editor for TikTok

2.    Magisto 

Magisto is a Vimeo video production and editing application. With Magisto, it's simple to capture any form of video you want just by selecting the editing style you want and inserting your videos and images. Then Magisto's AI will make a video easily for you.


Magisto emphasizes letting you share your stories in moments in the video clips, making several of the functionality that Magisto provides fast and straightforward to use. You can easily import your current videos to the app, introduce a range of features to make them appear fantastic, and upload the modified file to wherever you like on your Mac.

You can also import your music collection to the application, making it much easier to apply music to your videos. You also can attach filters and subtitles and share videos. It does, however, arrive with an irritating sales banner con.

3.    Adobe Rush 

It's unnecessary to have a trained video editor to capture and edit TikTok videos, as Adobe Rush software makes it possible to produce quick social media clips. Altering the frame's aspect ratio, adding color grading filters, or using any of the motion graphics models of the app is only a couple of the many choices you'll get if you download this TikTok video editor application.

adobe rush interface

You can also change Exposure, Saturation, or Highlights in all video clips you add to the project you built-in Adobe Rush. That being said, the free edition of the software has restricted features, and you should choose for a monthly or yearly membership model if you wish to extend your online storage capacity or export an infinite amount of videos per month.

4.    BeeCut 

BeeCut is a powerful and free video editor for both Windows and Mac devices. Not only does it have a user-friendly interface, but also it arrives with powerful video editing features. You can use it to edit TikTok videos with fun, and thrilling filters, transformations, layouts, objects, PIP features, names, as well as other TikTok effects.


If you've no background or skill with using an application, you can leverage it to create a lovely video in about a few moments! BeeCut also provides versatile features that are ideally built to render beautiful videos. The software offers numerous aspect ratios, like 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, 3:4, and so on, that you can use on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and so forth.

5.    Vivavideo

Vivavideo has the best interference to consider. If you don't know several innovative tactics, you can make use of VivaVideo with comfort. Here you can make quite a several changes with your TikTok video. The most comprehensive options involve 50+ built-in designs and effects.


You can also add background music from your music library and even customized audio. You can get the video blurred, too. You also can combine two videos with your TikTok video, as this is one of the famous TikTok video editing trends. You can download up to 4k video using Viva video, without any variation or difference in your TikTok videos' quality.

6.    Kapwing

Kapwing is a website-based TikTok video editor that helps you make awesome videos in only a few straightforward measures. Just add your video clips to the video editor project and modify them, like separating, trimming, resizing, inserting text and audio, changing tempo, and much more.


The great thing about Kapwing editor is that it doesn't add watermarks to your videos. However, the disadvantage associated with this TikTok editor is its slow export speed.

7.   Wondershare Filmora X (Highly Recommended)

Filmora X gives you the ability to edit your TikTok videos using tools you'll require to make entertainment or humor videos that you'd like to upload with TikTok. This Mac and PC editing app allows you to edit videos shot with film cameras, phones, DSLR cameras, and other such forms of digital camera systems.

editing interface

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Trimming or extracting videos, making a video soundtrack, or selecting a task resolution and aspect ratio are only a couple of the many features you can perform in Filmora X. The video editor's exporting capabilities are entirely fantastic, as you can decide whether to download the video locally or post it on Tiktok or Youtube.

8.    FlexClip 

FlexClip is a free TikTok video creator and TikTok video editor that everyone can make use of. With the wealthy video editing tools, you can create entertaining TikTok videos with no trouble. To enable you to locate the media resource you want quickly, FlexClip also offers you a broad media library where you can check for videos, sounds, and images you like by keywords. 

flexclip interface


Tiktok Video content is undoubtedly entertaining, and social media is beginning to overtake. While shooting and editing used to be prohibitively expensive, nowadays, all you require is a phone, application, and a desire to explore. These are the most famous Tiktok video editors you can utilize to bring some flavor to your TikTok videos.

With its vast tools collection, Filmora X is undoubtedly the perfect app to edit your TikTok videos. No matter what TikTok video editing apps you want to use, making calm, personalized videos can boost your TikTok fans' user engagement, attract further fans, and much more chances to be a successful TikTok influencer. Filmora X is an entirely free app and does not require registration before using it. It's a perfect tool for making awesome videos on your Mac devices.

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