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How to Find Your Own TikTok Stream Key

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 14, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

TikTok is one of the most famous social media platforms that many people use on a daily basis. Due to high traffic on TikTok, you can reach a larger audience instantly. Through TikTok, you can efficiently market and promote your e-commerce products with live streaming. Moreover, if you are holding an event or conference, you can connect with multiple people through TikTok live streaming.

If you are willing to live stream on TikTok through your PC, you would need a TikTok stream key. To know how to get the TikTok stream key, this article will help you.

In this article
  1. What is Stream Key?
  2. How to Get your Own TikTok Stream Key?
    1. Way 1. With OBS
    2. Way 2. With Streamlabs
  3. Bonus Tips: Easily Record and Edit Your Stream with Filmora

Part 1: What is Stream Key?

A stream key is a combination of random letters and numbers which stores the information of your account. It allows different streaming software to live stream your video on your preferred platform. To use streaming software such as OBS Studio for live streaming, the stream key will help you connect with your preferred platform.

If you are using the YouTube platform, its stream key will consist of all the related information, such as login details and permissions. That's why you should keep the streaming key of your platform confidential. Thus, the stream key can prevent you from hassle as you don’t have to sign in with your YouTube account on OBS Studio for live streaming.

Part 2: How to Get your Own TikTok Stream Key?

Before jumping on how to get the TikTok stream key, there are some basic requirements. To check the prerequisites, read the below points:

  • To use the live stream feature on TikTok, you need to have 1,000 followers.
  • There is an age restriction to use this feature. You should be 16 years old or older.
  • To send and receive virtual gifts during your live stream, the age restriction is 18 years old.

Easy Steps to Get TikTok Stream Key Instantly

Do you want to know how to find TikTok stream key? A streaming key can significantly help you to connect with your platform to ensure high-quality live streaming. Check the following instructions to get your TikTok streaming key quickly.

Step1 Go to Live Option

Launch the TikTok app on your iPhone or Android device and tap on the “Plus” icon given below. Now tap on the “Live” option by scrolling right on your screen.

select the option of live
Step2 Copy the Streaming Key

Afterward, tap "Cast/Connect to PC/Mac" and select the "Go Live" button. Now you will be able to see the TikTok Stream Key and Server URL. You can tap on the "Copy" button given adjacent to the stream key and server URL. Make sure to copy both things carefully because they will be used in a later process.

copy server url and stream key

Part 3: How to Go Live on TikTok with your Streaming Key?

Once you have gotten your stream key and server URL, now you can go live on TikTok through different streaming platforms. Read this section to learn how to live stream TikTok using the best streaming software.

Way 1. With OBS

OBS Studio is a famous streaming software that is used by professionals and experts. It is used for high-quality streams with additional features. It has an integrated video encoder that functions with great versatility. Along with producing live content, OBS Studio also offers an efficient screen recorder. Using this software, you can effectively add text and graphics to your video content.

In its clean interface, you have complete freedom to set your hotkeys. Using the hotkeys, you can complete a specific action instantly. While broadcasting your live stream, you can choose your preferred resolution on this software. Hence, it’s a great tool to live stream your TikTok flawlessly.

Instructions to Go Live on TikTok Via OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an advanced broadcasting software offering high-end results. To use OBS for live streaming on TikTok, check the below instructions:

Step1 Navigate to Stream Section

Launch OBS Studio on your PC and click "Settings" under the "Controls" section. On the new window, select “Stream” from the left section.

tap on settings option
Step2 Enter Server URL and the Stream Key

On the Stream window, select “Custom” on the “Service” option. Once done, enter the Server and Stream Key on the given boxes. Now hit the “Apply” button to proceed with the process of getting live on TikTok with OBS.

adjust the stream settings

Way 2. With Streamlabs

Streamlabs is an all-in-one streaming software that produces captivating results in a cost-effective manner. It shows compatibility with mainstream platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Discord, etc. This software consists of professional themes and overlays that you can utilize during live streaming. Furthermore, it supports multi-streaming, through which you can go live on various platforms simultaneously.

Using Streamlabs, you can get customizable alerts during your live stream. This will help you to check the feedback of your supporters quickly. Hence, Streamlabs is an excellent platform through which you can connect and engage with your audience effortlessly.

Instructions to Go Live on TikTok Using Streamlabs

Are you excited to use Streamlabs for conducting live streaming sessions on TikTok? To learn how to go live on TikTok using Streamlabs, here are the simple steps:

Step1 Open Streamlabs Desktop Settings

Download and install Streamlabs Desktop on your PC. Launch its interface and navigate to the “Gear” icon on the left side. It will open the settings of this tool. From the settings menu, choose “Stream” from the left side.

click on gear icon
Step2 Add Streaming Key

On the Stream menu, select “Custom Streaming Service” as Stream Type. Afterward, add your Server URL and Stream Key on the given spaces. Once done, click on the “Done” button. Now you can easily go live through this streaming software on TikTok.

customize streamlabs stream settings

Bonus Tips: Easily Record and Edit Your Stream with Filmora

Are you interested in recording your live stream on TikTok? The best tool to capture your live streams efficiently on TikTok is Wondershare Filmora. This screen recorder has the ability to screen record your live streams in your desired resolution. Moreover, while recording your screen, you can simultaneously capture your webcam. It also gives you the option to select the recording area, preferably.

filmora screen recorder

Besides screen recording, Filmora also offers a video editor. This editor offers more than 900 video effects that you can easily apply to your screen recording. Furthermore, you can also adjust the speed of your recorded video through this editor. You can also avail of other options to crop, split, resize, and trim the video. Hence, Filmora works efficiently to screen record and edit your live-stream sessions of TikTok. Watch the video below to learn more about Filmora's new features.


Live streaming on TikTok is a new trend that many content creators and entrepreneurs are adopting. To go live on TikTok on your desktop, you would need a stream key. This article has provided clear instructions on how to get the TikTok stream key conveniently. Along with that, we have also highlighted a professional software known as Filmora to screen record and edit your TikTok live streaming.

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Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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