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Top 10 Tiktok Analytics Tools to Improve Account Performance

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Feb 08, 22, updated May 20, 24
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Analytics is beneficial to determine or understand the performance of your videos. Social media is a powerful tool to get your message to the public. One of the youngest social media platforms is TikTok, proving to be a contender in the social media world. Not only did users around the world download TikTok but they use it. As a TikTok influencer, one of the first steps before launching a marketing campaign is to set goals and measure if you have ultimately reached your campaign goal. You will need TikTok viewer analytics tool.

This TikTok analytic tool will collect all the data you need to measure your success and help you modify your TikTok being so that it will be easier to reach your goal. This article will provide a guide on how to check TikTok analytics quickly.

Part 1: What is TikTok Analytics Tool?

TikTok is music and video-sharing social media platform. At the same time, the TikTok follower analytic tool is a feature that allows you to measure your video viewers, followers, and other vital data that influence the popularity of your profile. The TikTok account analytic tool is vital for a successful TikTok marketing strategy and provides how to see TikTok analytics. Here are some of the critical benefits of these TikTok Analytics tools:

tiktok analytics tool

  • TikTok analytics tool helps you to understand the performance of your TikTok content
  • TikTok analytics tool allows you to identify the kind of content that your audience will love
  • TikTok user analytics will enable you to know the best time to post on your TikTok account for maximum engagement

Part 2: Top 10 Effective TikTok Analytics Tools

Have you recently looked at your TikTok analytics? How many comments, likes, and shares do you have on your videos? What is your average engagement rate? Location of your TikTok followers watching your videos? If you don't know the answers to this question, now is the time for you to start tracking your TikTok account analytics. This article will reveal ten effective tools on how to check analytics on TikTok:


This analytic tool allows you to look at all aspects of campaign reporting and provides an easy-to-digest graph with all the needed information to knock out content strategy. It is one of the most comprehensive analytics tools with in-depth analysis of your competitors, influenza demographic authenticity, influenza optimization. With this two, you can search with a hashtag or profile name, and it can also be for Instagram. Choose any TikTok hashtag or account, and a detailed overview appears with key metrics presented at the top. Scroll down to get an in-depth analysis of the performance based on; Average Engagement, Average Likes, Comments per Post, most used hashtags, most used caption words, tags, mentions, etc. You may also export data to CSV or PDF for further research.

tiktok analytics tool analisa


This analytic tool offers a user-friendly and slick interface for a better TikTok social listening experience and provides a monitoring platform for influencers and agencies. This platform can check out the top hashtag TikTok influences every day and discover the content creator based on keywords and ratings. Marketers and agencies can easily track the process of videos and TikTok influencers in real-time and identify the most effective ads that are working.

tiktok analytics tool tikbuddy


This is a new tool used for analyzing the TikTok account with the most impressive features and design, a fully-featured tool used by social media managers and any inspiring TikTok star. This TikTok interface has five tabs: analytics, trends, hashtag, comparison, and accounts.

  • In the account tab, you can add a TikTok account and analyze it immediately or over any period. You can see statistics like likes, views, followers, etc. For the past 24 hours.
  • In the analytics, you get a deeper insight into the account and see the video data working best with detailed statistics on comments, shares, views, and reactions. You may download a CSV file of all videos for further analysis.
  • On the trends tab, you'll get what is trending based on the country of the filter by views or video. Use the description to search and find niche topics that are trending so you can use them for your campaign.
  • The hashtag tab allows you to track your favorite videos and get statistics.
  • The comparison tab compares TikTok accounts for over 30 criteria and downloads multiple comparisons to CSV format for further investigation, or you can import into another software.

tiktok analytics tool tiklog


This is a TikTok analytic tool used by influencers, digital agencies, marketers, and social media managers. This tool will help you get insight on any account video or profile and build a campaign strategy based on your competitor or similar accounts' success. This is a powerful tool with the nicest-looking user interfaces and a fast search button.

tiktok analytics tool exolyt


This campaign monitoring tool allows users to use hashtags, songs, videos, and profiles to analyze their campaign strategy. One of the top significant disadvantages of this tool is the lack of real-time updates, which only refresh itself once a day.


This is a tool used by influencers and social media managers to analyze captions, hashtags, and profiles on 12 different platforms and does not require registering to use. It offers free reports and basic statistics like comments, likes, and shares for the past year. It also allows you to learn what posts attract visitors and sort them by length, popularity, and engagement with access to six sections of the matrix that includes engagement rate per hour and day.

7.Melody Socials

This analytic tool is specifically for TikTok profiles used by agencies labels and top influencers to provide detailed reports in real-time. It allows you to use hashtags, filter by location, and find similar profiles.

8.Clout Meter

This platform offers to analyzeTikTok profiles and offers growth statistics to identify the authenticity of the influencer. One of the basic features of this platform is that it provides day-to-day growth statistics on follower count, which is a great way to identify the authenticity of the profile.

tiktok analytics tool clout meter


This mobile application analytics tool helps influencers identify, forecast, and track TikTok trends by category and location. Some key features include personalized trends suggestions, using AI to predict trends, and analytics on new, rising, and falling movements.

tiktok analytics tool trendtok


It is a popular analytic tool among marketing agencies, social media managers, and brands that offer an easy-to-read dashboard to share with companies and clients. Critical features are automated reports, followers count, and over 400 metrics.

Part 3: Bonus Tip - Make TikTok Videos with Ease

You can create video directly on TikTok and use Filmora in editing TikTok video using its auto reframe feature that allows you to automatically convert horizontal videos into vertical videos.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmora box

Here is how to create a new TikTok video so that you can track the TikTok video analytics using any of the tools listed in the article:

Step 1: Tap the + button located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Use your device Library to Upload content or use the TikTok camera.

Step 3: Add Sounds, Effects, Filters, or other camera tools to the video.

Step 4: Start recording your video by pressing the Record button to record your content.

Step 5: Click the checkmark and make additional edits on the posting page.

Now, open Filmora and edit the video as per your requirement; using Autoframe, you can convert horizontal video into Vertical Video so that you would be able to share it on the TikTok account easily.

In addition, you can use Filmora for other editing purposes such as:

  • You can trim, cut, add effects to videos
  • Adjust the aspect ratio
  • Split, speeding, reverse ordering
  • Background, stickers, and a lot more.


TikTok is today the most popular social media platforms and will not disappear anytime soon. Therefore digital agencies, corporations, and small businesses must use this social media platform effectively to maximize the profitability of their business. This article breaks down how to see analytics on TikTok Using the best analytic tool to get conversions. The report also recommends Filmora edit TikTok videos quickly. Finally, the article also provides a guide on checking TikTok profile analytics.

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