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7 Best TikTok Emojis and How to Discover TikTok Secret Emojis

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Feb 15, 22, updated May 20, 24

People often use emojis with words such as emoticon or emotion. Of course, this view is quite fitting since they tend to bring out various emotions. Generally, the term emoji is a Japanese word where 'e' means picture while "Moji" refers to a character.

If you are a TikTok user, then TikTok emojis are things you often use for your videos or come across in different people's videos. The application also features secret TikTok emojis. In this case, this piece is quite important as we walk on a journey of discovering various emojis.

tiktok emojis

Take this journey with us and discover all TikTok logo emojis, including the TikTok secret emojis and how to explore them. Check it out!

Part 1: How to Unlock Secret TikTok Emojis?

What makes TikTok an entertaining and popular application is that it offers you a platform for everything. It is an application that accounts for everything. For instance, you can share videos, collaborate with other users and engage in the TikTok community. And currently, we need emojis to communicate effectively.

TikTok includes the secret language that requires you to unlock TikTok hidden emojis. It requires you to have unique codes to gain access to them. These emojis are special, while others are similar in various social media applications.

Are you new to TikTok, or are you exploring the emojis section? Whatever the reason, this section will reveal the simplest way to unlock various emojis such as the cool TikTok emoji, hehe TikTok emoji, Proud TikTok emoji, and many more.

TikTok has a place for everyone; hence the process is simple and convenient. When typing a comment or post, all you need is to type out the secret code inside the Square Bracket, and the secret TikTok emoji for the code will appear, or in other words, the secret code within the square bracket will turn into secret TikTok emoji. In most cases, there are multiple TikTok emojis to represent the emotion; hence you can settle as per your taste and preference.

unlock secret tiktok emoji

TikTok is quite advanced in emojis; hence, it is unlikely to miss one that fits a specific context. For example, if you are looking for an emoji to fit the joyful mood, you must find the hehe TikTok emoji.

secret tiktok emoji code

Part 2: 7 Popular TikTok Hidden Emojis

TikTok is a unique platform that never runs out of ideas to ensure that the users have a good time. An adventurer's application includes TikTok emojis that require a secret code to unlock. Some Hidden TikTok emojis are available in other applications, but it is easy to discover which one suits a specific area with the code.

So, this section explores some of the popular TikTok hidden emojis that are popular in the app. Read on!

1. Proud TikTok Emoji

Our first emoji is the Proud TikTok emoji. As the same suggests, it is an emoji that you can use to show a proud moment in a video or post. It is a pretty popular emoji with multiple users. Besides, when you wish to access it, all you need to do is type in the [Proud] secret code, and it will show up.

proud tiktok emoji

2. Hehe TikTok Emoji

If you wish to depict a joyful mood in a comment or video, then the hehe TikTok emoji is the ultimate choice. The emoji looks quite simple, but it translates the important spirit you wish to communicate in the community.

hehe tiktok emoji

3.TikTok Cry Emoji

As the name suggests, this emoji represents a sad environment where you wish to show people your frustrations. It is one of the popular emojis in TikTok.

cry tiktok emoji

4.Loveface TikTok Emoji

Since the introduction of emojis, conversations are never complete without the ‘Loveface’ TikTok emoji. In most cases, people use emojis to create a friendly environment when conversing in the community. There are several emojis that can represent this mood.

loveface tiktok emoji

5.Flushed Secret Emoji

This emoji is the ultimate choice if you wish to depict a flushed, greedy or funny environment in a conversation.

flushed secret emoji

6. Thinking Secret Emoji

If you wish to give away the idea that you are thinking hard about something, this emoji is the ultimate choice.

thinking tiktok emoji

7. Joyful TikTok Emoji

This emoji is often misunderstood with the laughing emoji. Unlike the image, the secret emoji shows that you like conversing with someone.

joyful tiktok emoji

In addition to the above-mentioned TikTok emojis, there are several other hidden TikTok logo emojis such as [shock], [speechless], [yummy], [surprised], [nap], and a lot more. You need to explore the world of TikTok emojis with fun and surprises.

Part 3: How to Add Emojis to TikTok Videos Easily?

As much as people often have conversations in TikTok, it is no secret that TikTok is primarily famous as a video-sharing application. With that said, can you use TikTok emojis in TikTok videos? Yes. You can add emojis to your video depending on the content you wish to deliver to your followers. This section will cover adding the emoji in TikTok videos; hence ensure you check the step-to-step guide.

Note that the video recording process is the standard one, and then you add the TikTok emojis in the post-production phase. It works the same way you would include stickers. Besides, adding emojis isn't tricky, but knowing where to add specific emojis is. Let's scroll through the step guidelines here:

1. Open your TikTok application

Since we wish to add emojis to TikTok videos, the first step includes opening your application.

2. Create your video

You can create your video and identify where you wish to place various emojis using the Plus symbol.

add emoji to tiktok video

3. Select the emoji tab and view the list

Select an emoji you wish to add to your video and then drag the emoji where you want it to appear on your video.

Part 4: Use Filmora Video Editor to Make Stunning TikTok Videos

Undoubtedly, TikTok is an excellent video-sharing platform to add more value to your videos, possibly with Filmora video editor. The video editor is quite popular, with millions of TikTok users. Also, the platform includes unique TikTok emojis effects that make your experience using the app better. There are several Filmora TikTok emojis' effects you need to know.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmora box

It features the animated emoji pack. It includes many emojis, which you can use to express your mood in a video. The video editing platform features the message bubble pack that includes emojis and exceptional texting graphics to tell various messages. There is an exciting cartoon emoji pack that you can utilize to tell multiple messages.

Therefore, if you are a TikTok user and are yet to explore the Filmora video editor, we recommend trying it. After all, we have almost all the popular TikTok users in the Filmora family.


You can comfortably crown TikTok as one of the most popular social media platforms to date. The application has millions of users from various geographical locations. As a result, the management has added the TikTok emojis to increase the fun. Besides, what is a conversation or TikTok video without the necessary emojis? This article explains some facts about emojis, including TikTok secret emojis and how to explore them. Along with the emoji’s filter effect of Filmora gives a due advantage to your TikTok video-sharing journey.

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