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Best 10 TikTok Video Editors to Make a TikTok Video [Online/Windows/PC]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

TikTok is one of the widely used video platforms all over the world, especially in Asia by people of all age groups. It is a platform that allows people to display their skills to a huge audience and gain popularity, even to a celebrity level.

Tiktok User Growth

TikTok allows its users to create videos of them and share them to gain popularity. Since TikTok is a popular platform, there any many TikTok video editors in the market to create attractive videos.

These TikTok video editors have a lot of features that can help you make TikTok videos that stand out among the crowd and even allow you to edit TikTok videos. You can create a unique video that displays your skills beautifully using these TikTok video editing apps.

A well-edited TikTok video is found to be more appealing and can gather more likes which in turn will help to boost your popularity. So here we will discuss some of the best TikTok video editing apps in the market that can help you bring out the best TikTok videos to the platform.

Best 10 TikTok Video Editors to Make a TikTok Video

There are a lot of TikTok video editing apps in the market and it can often be confusing which one to choose to make a TikTok video. A good video editor is one that provides you with a number of quality editing features that can boost both the appearance and quality of your video. Here we will be discussing 10 such TikTok video editors so that it is easy for you to choose.

1.Wondershare Filmora – Windows and Mac

Wondershare Filmora is one of the widely used TikTok video editors that gives its users access to a large number of editing features and options to create the best music and comedy videos. It allows to edit and create wonderful videos whether it be captured using DSLRs, action cameras, smartphone cameras, or any other digital cameras.

Filmora Tiktok Video Editor

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Filmora secure download Secure Download

Free Download

For macOS 10.12 or later

Filmora secure download Secure Download


  • Unlimited free trial
  • Provides different plans for individuals, education, and busines

Key Features

  • Supports editing of 4K videos
  • Provides a large number of audio options, colorful visual effects, and transitions
  • Editing tools for both audio and videos
  • Noise removal, color tuning, advanced text editor, etc.
  • Slow-motion, backward motion, and other video features

2.LightMV - Online

LightMV is an online video maker that can be used to make TikTok videos that are so cool to be missed. It allows to mix photos and video and create an appealing video. This tool has a number of templates to choose from and is compatible with any devices including android and iOS phones.


  • $29 for downloading 5 videos
  • $39 for downloading 30 videos
  • $299 fordownloading 365 videos

Key Features

  • A regular update of video templates that are designed professionally
  • Unlimited HD video creation technology
  • Occasion based themes for easy video editing
  • No annoying watermarks while saving the video

3.Renderforest - Online

Renderforest is an all in one video editing toolkit that can help you bring out some amazing TikTok videos. It is an application that is being used by some of the world-famous companies for video editing purposes.

Renderforest Online


  • Free
  • Amateur version - $59 per month
  • Pro version - $89per month
  • Business version - $119per month
  • Enterprise version - $299per month

Key Features

  • Many visual templates to choose from depending on the category of videos you are creating
  • Simple and easy to use user interface
  • A clean pack of typography that makes the TikTok video stand out
  • Unique animation effects and modern feel transitions

4.VSDC Video Editor – Windows and Mac

VSDC Video Editor is an application that brings together a set of interesting tools for video and audio editing apt for creating an amazing TikTok video. This application has about 5 million users around the world and can edit TikTok videos to a simple as well as to a complicated level.

VSDC video editor


  • Free
  • Pro version - $19.99

Key Features

  • Offers a large number of trendy video transitions, effects, and filters
  • Incorporate tools like zoom, color correction, 360 video editing, etc.
  • A feature of the Powerful Chroma Key, that can be used to remove green background
  • Supports most of the popular video formats and codecs

5.Windows Movie Maker - Windows

Windows movie maker is one of the simplest and widely used video editing application for a long time. It offers a lot of simple but standard editing features and allows you to create and edit TikTok videos in a short time.

windows movie maker


  • Free
  • Lifetime license for $39.95

Key Features

  • Add Music, Effects, Text, Animations, and Mosaic to the videos
  • Cut, crop, join and rotate the videos
  • Easy mixing of video and photos with music

6.Adobe Premiere Pro – Windows and Mac

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the widely used video editing applications all over the world by armatures as well as professionals alike. Its extensive video editing features make it capable of editing any type of videos, ranging from small TikTok videos to movies.


  • Free trial
  • $19.99 per month, for an annual term

Key Features

  • Creative tools that help to create polished videos and films
  • Adobe Sensei powered automated tools that help to save editing time
  • Edit videos from any camera, in any format, and for any platforms

7.Cyberlink PowerDirector – Windows and Mac

Cyberlink PowerDirector is a video editing application that offers powerful tools, infinite possibilities, and inspirations. Its intuitive user interface along with the editing features makes it one of the best tools for creating TikTok videos.


  • Free
  • PowerDirector 19 Ultra - $99.99 (lifetime)
  • PowerDirector 19 Ultimate - $139.99 (lifetime)
  • PowerDirector 365 - $51.99 per year

Key Features

  • New advanced mask tools that allow to cut and combine images from clips
  • Motion graphic tiles that are customizable
  • Animated sketch templates
  • Intuitive motion tracking in videos

8.iMovie - Mac

iMovie is an apple device exclusive video editing application that has intuitive editing features and a streamlined design, which makes it perfect to be used as a TikTok video editor. It allows you to edit videos in 4K resolution and can be used across all Apple devices, i.e. u can finish editing the video on your Mac which you started on an iPhone or iPad.

imovie video editing


  • Free

Key Features

  • 29 trailer templates with awesome graphics
  • Animated drop zones that help to select the best photos and videos
  • Allows to enhance videos by adding titles, transitions, travel maps, and 3D globes
  • Allows to create cool soundtracks using sound effects, built-in music, & the iTunes library

9.Final Cut Pro X (Windows and Mac)

Final Cut Po X is a very user-friendly video editing application that provides a lot of basic as well as pro-level video editing features. This application is preferred by many people as it offers all the needed editing tools under one roof, to make TikTok videos.


  • Free trial
  • One time purchase - $299.99

Key Features

  • Motion graphics, editing audio, and delivery
  • Advanced HDR support, color grading, and ProRes RAW
  • VR headset playback and 360° video editing
  • An accelerated post product that ensures fast delivery of the final video

10.Openshot - Windows and Mac

Openshot is an incredibly simple and powerful application that can be used to create awesome TikTok videos appealing to people. It is an open-sourced application that is easy to use, quick to learn, and yields the expected results.

openshot video editing


  • Free

Key Features

  • Quick trimming and cropping of videos from any position
  • Availability of wonderful animations and keyframes
  • Unlimited audio tracks and layers for mixing with the video
  • Allows to visualize audio files as waveforms


TikTok is a media platform that allows its users to display their skills and gain popularity by uploading unique videos into one’s profile. So the quality of the videos is equally important as the skills displayed. This is why we have listed the best TikTok video editors in the market that can make wonderful TikTok videos.

These TikTok video editing apps have all the features and functions needed to make TikTok videos stand out among the crowd, as well as edit a TikTok video to make it more appealing. Better the video, the larger the audience.

You can use any of these TikTok video editors to create TikTok videos on your own within a short time. We hope our suggestion will help you create outstanding TikTok videos in the future. Please leave feedback about our suggestions in the comment box below. Thank you

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