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AI Text-Based Editing

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Note: This video tutorial is compatible with Filmora V13 version.

Adding a subtitle to a video was a hectic and time-consuming task in the past. No more with Filmora 13! Now, Filmora AI can automatically detect the voice dialogue in videos and edit the video with text directions. Using the AI Text Clipper tool in Filmora, users can quickly remove unwanted portions from video. It is the same as Silence Detection, which can improve the efficacy of video editing.

This feature is here to assist, especially in the case of adding and modifying text in the video. Without wasting further time, let’s learn how we can utilize the AI Text-Based and Sound-Based Editing features to the maximum.

Access the AI Text Clipper Option

Check out the official website of Wondershare Filmora and ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of Filmora 13. Get the "AI Text Clipper" from the home screen or right-click on your video on the timeline and explore that option from the list. You will get two options: Sound-Based Editing and Text-Based Editing.

open text clipper function Open text clipper function

Remove the Selected Text with Text-Based Editing

Discover "Text-based Editing" and select the video language for transcription. Click "OK" to navigate toward another screen. There, you will find a preview section, text, and timeline section below.

From the text section, select and remove any unwanted text that will automatically be deleted from the video as well. You can search the text by using the search bar above and delete the text one by one. To delete all content from the video, use the "Delete all silent clips" button.

perform text based editing Perform text based editing

Insert and Modify Subtitles

If you want to add or modify subtitles, check the "Subtitle Editor" option below the timeline. Later, click on "Export to Timeline," and your video will start showing subtitles layers.

To edit your subtitles, double-click on the subtitle layer and lead into another window. Now, you can adjust and change the subtitle to define the font size, font alignment, and letter spacing. Adjust the font styles from the font presets, customize color, add an outline, and include a background to your text. Additionally, apply multiple animations to your subtitles.

manage video subtitles Manage video subtitles

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