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Batch-Edit or Multi-Clip Editing

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Note: This video tutorial is compatible with Filmora V13 version.

Producers and filmmakers have to edit bulky videos and projects, so they don’t rely on manually editing single clips. They strive for software that can make convenient batch editing of video clips without disturbing the quality. Wondershare Filmora offers batch editing that can edit multiple clips, perform color correction, or align multiple text elements.

It saves you from the time-consuming task of manually editing each video for the same purpose. Delve into the details and explore the process of using the Batch Editing feature of Filmora below.

Set Up the Latest Version of Filmora

Streamline the processes and download the latest version of Filmora out there. Visit the official website of Wondershare Filmora and ensure that you get the Filmora V13. It's available to freely download and launch in your system within simple steps.

Access and Perform Multi-Editing

Start with adding multiple clips in the timeline section after importing them into the media panel. Select all the clips that you wish to edit together and find out the "Video" tab has transformed into "Multiple." This indicates that you can adjust the "Scale," "Position," and "Rotation" of your clips simultaneously. Additionally, you can modify the "Blend Mode" of the selected clips and adjust their audio and colors.

perform multi clip editing on video Perform multi clip editing on video

Multi-Editing on Texts

To perform Multi-Clip Editing on text, select two different elements of text from the timeline. In the settings panel, you will get options to apply changes to both texts. For instance, you can adjust the font size, color, text alignments, presets and even change the animation from the "In," "Out," and "Loop" sections. Multi-clip editing proves useful when you use the "Position" option to align the group of text elements.

multi clip editing on text Multi clip editing on text

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