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Note: This video tutorial is compatible with Filmora V13 version.

Attractive video thumbnails are essential to make the audience curious to watch the video. However, creating a thumbnail is a time-consuming process and requires various software to get an engaging thumbnail. Wondershare Filmora’s newer version makes this task simpler with its AI Thumbnail Editor feature. It has the ability to recognize the best screenshot from the video and contains other editing tools for perfect thumbnails.

Now, let's delve into details and learn the process of creating thumbnails with Filmora AI Thumbnail Editors. By knowing that you will be able to instantly create an eye-catching thumbnail of video:

Setup and Access the AI Thumbnail Editor in Filmora V13

Firstly, ensure that you have the latest version of Filmora, which is V13, that is available on its official website for free. Then, double-tap and start editing your project in Filmora. After that, proceed to the "Export" button and navigate to another window. In the next window of export, click on the "Edit" option and get the top thumbnail choices presented by AI. Select the desired thumbnail or click on the "Edit" option to further customize it.

proceed to edit thumbnail Proceed to edit thumbnail

Edit the Selected Thumbnail

In the editing interface, you can add text to the thumbnail using the "Text" tool at the top. Additionally, you have the option to import relevant images with the import image option. After importing, the "Crop" tool allows you to adjust the image as required.

add text or image to thumbnail Add text or image to thumbnail

Get Pre-Assembled Video Templates and Edit Them

Filmora V13 also offers to choose predesigned video templates such as food, vlog, music, and much more. Pick a template that aligns with your needs, and the text will get automatically added to your thumbnail. You can further refine the thumbnail with the "Scale," "Position," "Rotation," and "Flip" options. With the "Remove Background" option, you can eliminate the background from the image.

include template and perform other customizations Include template and perform other customizations

Import Thumbnail From Your Device

If you prefer to import your thumbnail from your device, choose the "From Local" option and click the "+" icon to import the image. You can click on "Edit" to customize the image with text or in your unique style. When you are satisfied with the video, click the "Save" and "Export" options to get the thumbnail next to your video in the system.

add thumbnail from device Add thumbnail from device

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