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VidCon Mexico: Learning More About the Digital Media Event

Are you excited about VidCon, which is happening in Mexico? VidCon Mexico is bringing more excitement and learning opportunities this year.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Jun 19, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

VidCon is an exciting digital media event where you can learn and explore content creation. However, that's not it; you get to learn about new developments and technologies. Furthermore, participants engage in different workshops and Q&A sessions. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts and talented creators.

Moreover, who wants to miss the opportunity to meet their favorite content creator and influencer? This mega meetup offers meet & greet opportunities to fans and creators. Creators get to share their experiences and also get direct feedback from the fans. VidCon is coming to Mexico with even more excitement this year, so read this VidCon Mexico guide.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What is VidCon? What Does It Represent?
  2. Part 2: VidCon Mexico: Overviewing the Digital Event
  3. Part 3: Ticket Comparison of VidCon Mexico
  4. Part 4: Wondershare and Its Contribution to Digital Ecosystem

Part 1: What is VidCon? What Does It Represent?

VidCon is an event that brings creators, fans, and industry professionals together under one roof. It represents a unique platform where people passionate about digital media can connect. Moreover, it provides an amazing opportunity to learn and have a great time. This mega-gathering is packed with live performances, discussions, opportunities, and more.

The VidCon events history started back in 2010 by Hank, John Green, and their friend, Sarah Green. At first, it began as a small gathering of online video enthusiasts but quickly grew into a massive convention. Furthermore, the founders wanted to create a space where creators and fans could meet. The idea was to create a sense of community within the rapidly expanding online video industry.

Since its beginning, this event has evolved into a global phenomenon. It has been successful in attracting thousands of attendees from around the world. The event offers a range of activities, including panels, workshops, and performances. Furthermore, it's where creators can showcase their talents, share their knowledge, and more.

VidCon represents the power and influence of digital media. It recognizes online creators' impact on popular culture and celebrates their content. The event provides the participants with a platform for collaboration, education, and inspiration. Furthermore, this mega gathering is coming to Mexico, and you can also become a part of this event.

vidcon digital event

Part 2: VidCon Mexico: Overviewing the Digital Event

VidCon Mexico is happening from August 11th to 13th, 2023, at the Centro Citi Banamex. This event offers a different range of available tickets. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to explore the world of digital content and connect with creators. In addition to this, the event also offers informative sessions and learning opportunities.

The Community Track offers a fantastic three-day pass from August 11th to 13th, 2023. This track includes panels, interactive sessions, and Q&A sessions. Moreover, you can learn from your favorite creators and industry experts in Community Track. Furthermore, you can explore the Expo Hall, which features exciting exhibits and products. Moreover, you get a chance to participate in meet & greets with creators.

Besides attending the event for three long days, you can get access to a one-day Community Track. If you're short on time, the single-day Saturday or Sunday ticket is perfect for you. Choose either August 12th or 13th, 2023, to enjoy a full day of Q&A and other sessions. Moreover, participants can explore the Expo Hall and take part in different activities.

In addition, the Industry Track is a must-attend event for those in the digital media industry. You'll have access to exclusive benefits that include a welcome reception to meet potential clients. Furthermore, you'll get access to an Industry Track Lounge for networking. Moreover, you can attend dedicated sessions featuring workshops, speeches, and parties. This VidCon Mexico overview will help you know more about the event.

vidcon mexico digital event

Part 3: Ticket Comparison of VidCon Mexico

Join the VidCon Mexico at Centro Citi Banamex this year in August. The event offers ticket options for both the Industry and Community Tracks. You can purchase your tickets for VidCon Mexico from the VidCon website. Take a look at the table below to compare the different ticket types and their perks.

Ticket Type Duration Price Perks
Community Track 3 Days August 11-13 1300 MXN 1. Panels, interactive sessions, and Q&As on August 12 & 13
2. Expo Hall from August 11-13
3. Live presentations and the grand finale show
4. Meet & greets
Community Track 1 Day August 12 500 MXN 1. Q&As, panels, and interactive sessions
August 13 1. Expo Hall
2. Live presentations
Industry Track 3 Days August 11-13 5,500 MXN 1. Welcome Reception for the Industry Track on August 11
2. Industry Track Lounge on August 11
3. Exclusive Industry Track sessions
4. Dedicated networking areas and tools on August 11
5. All benefits included in the Community Track from August 11-13
6. Expo Hall from August 11-13
7. Chance to participate in meet & greets
ticket comparison vidcon mexico

Part 4: Wondershare and Its Contribution to Digital Ecosystem

Wondershare is indeed a trusted companion for creating a better digital ecosystem. It has been participating in VidCon events for the last 5 years. Moreover, it has revolutionized the way content creators and influencers work. Offering different tools and applications has enabled us to create better content. In addition, it has offered many software solutions designed to simplify your digital journey.

Its tools have made content creation easier, from editing to professional demo videos. With Wondershare, you can transform your raw footage into an amazing video. Moreover, if you're a content creator, you can use Wondershare's tools to make engaging content.

Wondershare's commitment to a better digital ecosystem extends beyond its powerful tools. They actively engage with their users, listening to feedback. Moreover, using the latest technology and updates, Wondershare is continuously improving its offerings. Furthermore, their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their user-centric approach.

Click the video to see Wondershare Filmora in Vidcon.

Calling creators: Come meet Filmora at VidCon 2023| Wondershare Filmora

Things to Know About Wondershare's Project Go Viral

Participate in Project Go Viral by Wondershare from May 3 to August 3, 2023. To participate and get a chance to win, submit your entries before the deadline. You need to use the hashtag #FilmoraVidCon and tag @Filmora_editor to participate in the event. Wondershare will announce 3 lucky winners, and one winner has already been selected, named Jaqueline Ferez.

Furthermore, Wondershare is offering $1000 of financial support for content creation to a few lucky ones. If you are one of the lucky winners, you can also get a permanent license for Wondershare Filmora. Additionally, there is an opportunity to win a $3000 trip to VidCon, including tickets and accommodation.

Top Tools Offered by Wondershare That Are Helping Content Creators

If you're a content creator looking for what Wondershare has to offer, you're at the right place. Many products of Wondershare helped digital content creators. Wondershare offers a range of powerful tools that can help you create quality content. Let's explore how these tools can benefit you and enable you to produce better content.

1. Filmora

First up, we have Wondershare Filmora, a professional video editing software. With Filmora, you can edit your videos and bring them to life. This tool is packed with some basic to more advanced features. Moreover, with its latest update now, you will have AI-powered tools that you can use. You can make basic adjustments to more complex and professional edits.

wondershare filmora

2. DemoCreator

Next, Wondershare has a demonstration video maker called DemoCreator. This tool is perfect for creating tutorials and instructional videos. With DemoCreator, you can record your screen and add annotations. Furthermore, you can even include your webcam footage in your tutorial video. Moreover, it offers a range of editing options as well.

wondershare democreator

3. Virbo

Lastly, Wondershare Virbo is a mobile application powered by artificial intelligence. Virbo enables you to create videos using AI avatars. Simply provide a written script, and the app will generate a video with animated avatars speaking your lines. Moreover, this application will help the content creator to create videos using their scripts.

wondershare virbo


In conclusion, VidCon events have proven to be an excellent platform for anyone interested in digital media. Through its panels and creators, VidCon has improved the quality of content in the digital sphere. By attending VidCon, you can learn from creators and industry leaders. Furthermore, you can even connect with fellow enthusiasts and gain valuable insights.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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