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Going to Participate in VidCon Anaheim? Learn Some Basic Details

Are you going to participate in VidCon Anaheim? You need to know all the details before becoming part of this annual convention of creators.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jun 19, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

VidCon events are the ultimate gathering for creators, influencers, and enthusiasts worldwide. This vibrant event empowers individuals to showcase their talents. Moreover, you can share your passions and get a chance to see your favorite creator. Furthermore, people from all walks of life take part and learn from the industry's finest.

At VidCon, fun is guaranteed for everyone. You can attend workshops and panels where experts share their secrets and experiences. Moreover, the chance to meet your favorite creators in person can't be missed. You'll also be able to explore the latest technologies and emerging trends. So, mark your calendars for VidCon Anaheim, taking place from June 21st to 24th, 2023.

In this article
  1. Part 1: A Basic Introduction to VidCon Anaheim and Its Importance
  2. Part 2: Track-by-Track Comparison of VidCon Ticket Types
  3. Part 3: Some Rules and Regulations to Keep Check of at VidCon Anaheim
  4. Part 4: What Will Be the Order and Who Will Be the Part of This Event?
  5. Part 5: Wondershare and Its Participation in VidCon Anaheim

Part 1: A Basic Introduction to VidCon Anaheim and Its Importance

VidCon is where the magic happens for influencers and creators like you. It is a massive gathering where people celebrate the world of online video and digital content. Furthermore, this community of individuals shares their stories, talents, and ideas. It is primarily a tech-based annual convention with fun workshops and activities. You can discover the trends in content creation and learn valuable tips and tricks.

In addition, you'll also have the chance to network with fellow creators and new connections. Nevertheless, at this conference, you can even collaborate on exciting projects. VidCon events have gained popularity because it offers an inclusive platform for creators of all backgrounds. This forum welcomes everyone, including YouTubers, TikToker, and aspiring podcasters.

The importance of VidCon lies in its ability to bring people together to create a supportive community. It provides a space for learning and growth and encourages self-expression. Furthermore, it empowers individuals to share their perspectives and ideas. VidCon has helped many aspiring creators to become successful. Moreover, it has opened doors to many opportunities for people around the world, this time in Anaheim.

vidcon anaheim event

Part 2: Track-by-Track Comparison of VidCon Ticket Types

If you want to become a part of VidCon Anaheim, learn what the conference offers. Furthermore, you need to know about each category's ticket types and perks. This part will provide detailed insight into the perks, tickets for VidCon Anaheim, and comparisons.

1. Community Track

Do you like online videos, creators, and the vibrant digital culture? The Community Track at VidCon is perfect for you. In this category, you will have Q&A sessions featuring your favorite creators. Furthermore, you can learn from engaging panel discussions and enjoy live performances. Plus, with VidCon Community Track tickets, you'll gain access to the fantastic Outdoor Festival concerts.

Moreover, you can explore the Expo Hall, where you can discover creator merchandise booths. However, if you want to join in for a single day, you can. Single-Day Community Track tickets are also available.

2. Creator Track

Creator Track at VidCon aspires to creators seeking to build their brand online. It is the place to learn from inspirational creators from different platforms. Similarly, you can learn from industry experts who know the ins and outs of the business. Additionally, you can engage in panels and workshops covering practical and skill-building topics.

Furthermore, you can exchange ideas in the Creator Track Lounges using the VidCon Creator track ticket. Additionally, you can create networks with fellow creators from around the globe.

3. Industry Track

VidCon Industry Track is the ultimate hub for creators and fans. It is where content creators, the media industry, and fans discuss different topics. Moreover, gain access and learn where the industry stands today, what lies ahead, and more. It is also your chance to meet business owners and TV professionals. With this insightful session, you will learn new trends and ever-changing dynamics of tech.

Additionally, discover how to act smartly and swiftly, invest in your brand, and think outside the box. Don't miss the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and insights at VidCon's Industry Track.

We have also focused on the primary benefits offered against each ticket type. Look ahead into the table to know more about what each ticket at VidCon offers:

Track Community Track Creator Track Industry Track
Meet & Greets Access to meet & greets with select featured creators. Ticket availability is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Available in Creator Track. Avail meet and greet with your favorite influencers, creators, and more.
Q&As and Panels Engage with favorite creators through Q&As, panels, and interactive sessions. Attend specially curated workshops and sessions led by top creators and experts. Participate in discussions and sessions led by leading digital media experts.
Expo Hall Explore immersive games, and activities, collect swag, and win prizes. Play games, collect merch, and interact in the Expo Hall. Expand your network, make connections, and more.
Live Performances Enjoy live performances and the closing show. Live performances are included. Have fun with live performances and more.
Creator Lounge Hang out in the Creator Track Lounges and network with other creators. Engage in the Industry Track Lounge, develop innovative strategies, and discuss ideas.
Networking Network with other Industry Track attendees and speakers through the VidCon app.
Additional Perks Learn from leading digital media experts in the Creator Track Mentorship Series. Participate in the Certification Program. Enjoy all the perks included in the Community Track and Creator Track.


Now you've learned about the perks offered in each category, it's time to learn about its prices. This section will provide you will the pricing of each VidCon track.

  • Community Track (1 Day): USD 79
  • Community Track (4 Days): USD 165
  • Creator Track(4 Days): USD 229
  • Creator Track with On-Demand Bundle (4 Days): USD 318
  • Industry Track (4 Days): USD 949
  • Industry Track with On-Demand Bundle (4 Days): USD 1038
tickets availability at vidcon anaheim

Part 3: Some Rules and Regulations to Keep Check of at VidCon Anaheim

Please adhere to these rules and regulations to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and respectful environment. Failure to comply may result in removal from the event and further consequences.

1. Attendee Conduct

VidCon has the right to mute, remove, or ban any user or attendee who fails to comply with the terms and rules. Furthermore, without prior warning, the management can remove any attendee. Moreover, the VidCon management holds the right to ban any attendee temporarily or permanently.

2. Respectful Behavior

It is a private event, and mistreatment or disrespect towards others may result in removal from the event. Furthermore, the removed attendee cannot return to the event after removal. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may lead to permanent bans from other VidCon events.

3. Badges and Wristbands

To attend official VidCon events, you must always possess and display a VidCon badge or RFID wristband. Furthermore, ensure to wear badges around the neck, which should always be visible. Failure to comply would lead to the removal of the individual from the event.

4. Disorderly Conduct

Any illegal, discriminatory, or discomforting behavior towards attendees or guests is strictly prohibited. Pranks causing emotional, mental, or physical harm to individuals or property at VidCon are not allowed. It may result in strict actions from the VidCon administration.

5. Prohibited Items

Alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, weapons, and similar items are expressly prohibited. Furthermore, if your part of a costume resembles any weapon is also not allowed. Such items are not allowed at VidCon events.

Part 4: What Will Be the Order and Who Will Be the Part of This Event?

Get ready for an incredible lineup of content creators and influencers at VidCon Anaheim. You can meet with popular digital faces, including Aaron Burriss, Alexandra Botez, and many others. In Community Track, you can connect with Alan Chikin Chow, Fuslie, and others. They'll be there to engage with fans, participate in Q&A sessions, and much more.

If you're interested in the Creator Track, you'll have the opportunity to learn from different creators. Influencers such as Benjamin De Almeida and Kallmekris are taking part in Creator Track. They'll be sharing their expertise and insights during different workshops and sessions.

Furthermore, you can learn from industry leaders like Alan, Sierra, Matpat, and Steph in Industry Track. They will provide insights into the ever-evolving world of digital media. Moreover, you will get a chance to discuss the future of content creation. These are just a few of the incredible individuals who will be participating in VidCon Anaheim.

Part 5: Wondershare and Its Participation in VidCon Anaheim

At first, watch this video to get some information!

Calling creators: Come meet Filmora at VidCon 2023 | Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare has introduced Project Go Viral, an exciting opportunity to participate in VidCon. This event aims to help creators to improve their content creation careers further. Moreover, Wondershare is offering the Go Viral kit, valued at up to $5000, to the winners.

You can be one of the lucky winners, so participate from May 3 to August 3, 2023. Between three lucky winners, Wondershare has already chosen one, which is Jacqueline Ferez. Project Go Viral is open to everyone who has reached the legal age of majority.

Filmora is thrilled to announce its participation in VidCon for the 5th time. Wondershare Filmora will have the privilege of hosting two influential KOLs, NichLmao, and Jensen Tung. You can take part in this insightful discussion, where you can learn from them. When posting any video content, make sure to use the hashtag #FilmoraVidCon and tag @Filmora_editor in your video's caption.

Creators have the opportunity to submit their entries between May 3rd and August 3rd, 2023. The two remaining winners are scheduled for announcement on June 20th through Wondershare's social media accounts. Three total entries will be chosen to receive the Go Viral Kit. However, one of them will also win a fully-sponsored VidCon trip.

Additionally, two more winners will be selected and announced between August 3rd and August 15th. Wondershare will reach out to potential candidates to confirm their eligibility for the prizes. It is essential to understand that Wondershare reserves the right to interpretation for this event.

Valuable Components in the Kit

1. Participants will receive a dedicated landing page for VidCon. It will ensure their online presence and visibility. Furthermore, video creators will get more followers and views on their accounts.

2. Creators can receive financial support of over $1000. You can use this fund to upgrade your filming equipment. It will help you to create more quality content.

3. Access to unlimited video effects through a perpetual license for Filmora. It will allow creators to add more creativity to their video content by adding effects.

4. A social media celebrity will give a shoutout to the channel of one lucky creator. This will provide the lucky winner with additional exposure and recognition.

5. One fortunate creator will have the chance to win a $3000 trip to VidCon. This package includes a ticket to the event, a round-trip flight, and four nights' accommodation.

wondershare at vidcon


VidCon has undoubtedly provided talents and inspired individuals to become influential creators. Furthermore, this event offers many ways to have fun and expand your horizons. Additionally, it provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights about the latest trends. Moreover, you can even connect with potential collaborators and mentors. You can even take part in VidCon Anaheim events this month.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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