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Play M4A Audio Files on Android Devices

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

In this article, we will introduce some good apps that support playing M4A music on your Android phones, and recommend some of the best M4A converters which you can utilize to convert them to MP3 so that you can easily listen to them by using any default players on your smartphones.

Part1: Android Apps That Can Play .M4A Music Files

So, what android app can play .m4a music files? We have tried a number of alternative apps and narrowed down the list to what we considered as the best 4, covering free and paid options. These apps play M4A songs flawlessly and do even more!

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#1. Equalizer Music Player (Free)

Equalizer Music Player is a free video and audio player which comes with a few tools that can be used to enhance sound quality. It supports a vast range of music and video formats including .m4a, .mp3, .mp4 etc. You can edit your playlist, delete songs etc. This app is considered as the best free audio and music file player for Android by many of its users. It is totally free, you can download it from Google play.


#2. Player dreams (Free)

This is also a free audio player which comes with a built-in tag editor. Apart from the common features you may find in other similar players such as skin customization, equalizer, and automatic pause during phone call etc., it’s also able to be used to split files. Quite a good choice if you have some editing requirements on your M4A files.


#3. PowerAMP ($5.18)

PowerAMP is an app that costs $5.18. It’s considered as the most powerful music player that plays almost all kind of audio files including M4A, and can also be used to organize your music library. The most amazing thing about PowerAMP is the themes support. There are quite a lot of themes available for you to download via Google play, covering free and paid options. You can apply a theme easily that makes it look at hot an trendy as you want to. What’s more, the player can automatically search and download missing album art so you can easily optimize your music library on your Android. The app is available for download from Google play or their official website.


#4. PlayerPro ($4)

PlayerPro is a paid app which much resembles PowerAMP with a lot of similar features, such as finding missing album art information, play M4A audio files by artists, playlists, folders etc., organize media library on Android. A good alternative to PowerAMP if you want to go for paid ones.


Part2: Convert M4A to popular Audio formats to enjoy it on your Android phones.

M4A is certainly not the best when it comes to compatibility. If you don’t want to waste your time finding a power app that supports playing m4a files on Android devices, a perfect alternative solution is to convert your M4A music files to commonly seen music format, such as MP3 before enjoying it on your portable devices. MP3 is a rather more popular music format that is supported by most default Android players. Here we will show you how to convert M4A to MP3 by using Filmora audio editor for free. You can download a free version below:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step1: Lauch Filmora and choose “Full Feature Mode”.

Step2: Import your M4A music to the media panel, and then drag to the audio track on the timeline below.

Step3: You can edit your M4A files before conversion, such as trimming off unwanted parts, adding some sound effects, merging with other music files, edit speed/pitch, fading in and fading out etc.

Step4: Click “Export”, and choose “MP3” as the output format under the “Format” Tab.

There you go! Transfer your converted M4A songs to your Android to enjoy them on the go!

Part3: About M4A format

M4A is a kind of audio format that could produce a better audio quality compared to MP3. At the same time, it also takes up lesser space in your hard disk. Although the M4A is a famous type of audio format, there are still a lot of media players which do not support this kind of audio files. You will need to refer to M4A Player apps that support playing M4A if you want to enjoy it on your Android devices. Another solution to this issue is that you can convert the M4A files to commonly seen audio files with Filmora, such as MP3 which is supported by most, if not all kinds of Android players to enjoy it on your Android phones. Try it now.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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